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Pro Tip: Exporting a Finished Video from Premiere Pro

Par Robbie Janney

Now that your edit is complete and ready for delivery, there's one step left. Exporting a finished video with Premiere Pro is a required skill in any ...

Infinite Laurel & Hardy Hologram

Holotronica are now creating chimera holograms, and we are working in unique ways with the medium. Contact us to find out more:

Cast: Holotronica

Live Paintmapping Ozora 2019 - Microbes & other Shamanic Beings

This is our second Live Paintmapping at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2019 featuring jonathan Ouisse, J-A Dupont, Jumu Monster, ilhack and Wally Pearce. The composition is a tribute to Cesar E. Giraldo Herrera’s book Microbes & other Shamanic Beings.

Cast: Jacques-André Dupont

VJYourself! // Interactive Dance Installation

VJYourself! it’s an interactive dance installation, a magic mirror of the XXIst century or a Eadweard Muybridge crazy live machine. Audience dances with theirselves in the past, repeated, composed and choreographed by time and repetition effects. A real-time software developed with Openframeworks by Playmodes Studio.

Music: Bump by Ramacod.

VJYourself is permanently installed at WNDR Museum in Chicago.

Cast: Playmodes Studio

Tags: playmodes, playmodes studio, installation, interactive, openframeworks, vj, capture, vjyourself and vjyourself!

Digital Distortions

As part of the 2019 San Francisco Design Week, All of it Now invited the SF design community to come to our studio and explore the frontiers of experiential design and interactive motion graphics. Using our expansive knowledge of digital and physical tools, we crafted several installations that highlighted our skills and ambitions as an experiential design studio.

Digital Distortions used a combination of Notch, Kinect, and a simple webcam to create a real-time interactive video display, taking the classic fun-house mirror to the next level.


Club des DA x Les Vandales - Show immersif @l'Atelier des Lumières

Pour sa deuxième année de collaboration avec l’Atelier des Lumières, Les Vandales offrent au Club des Directeurs Artistiques un show immersif dédié au reveal de la nouvelle identité du club.
« Pour cette 50ème cérémonie nous avons pu donner vie à la nouvelle identité du Club à travers un show graphique et immersif. Cette invitation à « vandaliser » l’Atelier des Lumières fut un espace de liberté et d’exigence dont nous nous sommes emparés avec un réel plaisir. »

Cast: Les Vandales

Ultravioletto - Neural Mirror

interactive installation we made for Fondazione Carla Fendi at Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto (30 June - 14 July, 2019). An innovative work about the new technologies that will dominate the future. The project focuses on visual reflection and Artificial Intelligence is the protagonist. The visitor is scanned and transformed into a cloud of points by an algorithm. Sex, physical characteristics, emotional states are all registered: the physical body translates into a flow of information reworked in real time by the AI.

Cast: Ultravioletto

GOGBOT 2017 Aftermovie

GOGBOT festival is the annual showcase for creative technology, electronic music and contemporary art. The festival has been running since 2004 and it lasts for four days and nights. GOGBOT’s mission is to provide an inspiring platform for the most original, the most visionary and the most avant-garde artists active today. Innovation in digital creativity is key and the festival creates a sonic space for this. The festival offers a stimulating rendez-vous for artists, professionals and visitors.

GOGBOT offers a playground of convergence. Drawing participants from all over the world are presented, in order to profit from a context of active discovery. We are proud to present the outstanding talents from the Netherlands, supporting this by having the Awards for the best of art and creative technology graduates.

GOGBOT initiator PLANETART Medialab is expanding with a series of activities beyond the core festival. This includes the GOGBOT Café events, and its other annual 5 day festival, since 2014: TEC ART ROTTERDAM

Wanna shock your senses? Go GOGBOT!

Cast: yolande willink

Tags: art, music, creative technology, festival, enschede, the netherlands and GOGBOT

Status Bar (2019) draft edit

Many Jeju traditional homes had a special gate consisting of three horizontal logs (“jeongnang”) inserted into two vertical stone pillars (“jeongjuseok”). The position of the “jeongnang” was a signal that revealed whether or not the residents were home. The artists of teamVOID created a digital version of this system that provides a status update about their studio in Seoul.

Cast: teamVOID

The Next Page (Venus in Furs)

Pioneering video artist Cheng Ran interprets passages from Chinese punk novelist Wei Wei’s adaptation of Venus in Furs—the landmark nineteenth-century novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch about a nobleman’s desire to be sexually dominated by a woman.

Hedonistic strobe lighting, raging fire and industrial music make for a rapturous assault on the senses in this film that hurtles head-first into an exploration of masochistic desire. “This work contains more than five-hundred clips,” says Ran. “So it’s not just a video but a kind of mood.”

This film features stars of the underground arts scene, including cutting-edge model Seacreep and electronic music producer Guan, who perform in clothes designed by acclaimed Australian-Chinese fashion designer Yang Li.

“These films explore the energy within one of the most exciting, creative countries in the world”
Ran’s esoteric visuals dance alongside extracts from Wei Wei’s text, which is a cross-pollination of Chinese, French and English.

The Next Page (Venus in Furs) forms part of Notes From The Underground, a pair of films curated by Yang Li, which shines a spotlight on China’s subcultures and forms of self-expression. “These films explore the energy within one of the most exciting, creative countries in the world today,” says Li.

“China is both a source and destination for new ideas and the avant-garde,” he continues. “It has leaped from an agricultural country to an economic and creative powerhouse in a matter of thirty years, and this transition has produced a unique, multi-layered, creative ecosystem.”


Tags: Music, Literature, Performance Art and China

Video Mapping almost 360° - Live music (SIM-NEBULA Birth)

This is a one part (Birth) of the project SIM/NEBULA we have done in an international collaboration. It was video mapping for 45 minutes live philharmonic orchestra music done by 12 artists. This part is animated by me, but here are credits for entire project:

Amar Mulabegović / The Macula
Martin Pošta / SIGNAL Festival
Amar Mulabegović, Can Büyükberber, Osman Koç, Federico Eero Pelat Supranutz, Deniz Kader & Candas Sisman from Nohlab, Simon Jones from SR partners, Istvan Chaotic Atmospheres, Jan ‘Slejdy’ Sládečko, Jan Šíma, Petr Foltera, Jakub Zuščín
Conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and Czech philharmonic orchestra
Petr Hozman, Roman Dušek, Cyril Hořánek, Lucia Horňáková, Roman Edr, Nikola Lörinczová
Česka spořitelna
Michal Ureš and Johana Střížková

Cast: Jan Sladecko

Tags: camera, videomapping, show, projection, 360, orhpans, orhpan, music, live, orchestra, philharmonic and simnebula

Latent Space | Fulldome AV Performance | SAT Montréal

Audiovisual Fulldome Performance by MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) at SAT Montréal (Société des arts technologiques).

In Latent Space, fine lines weave virtual spaces around the viewers. The architecture that manifests is highly fragile — the space grows, shrinks, collapses.

Duration: 25 minutes

May 30, 2019 – iX Symposium, SAT Montreal
June 11 – June 15, 2019 – Elektra Festival SAT Montreal

Filmed by Alexandre Eidelvein, Johannes Hucek, Pippa Parragh


Tags: Latent Space, MONOCOLOR, Fulldome, Dome, SAT, Société des arts technologiques and Marian Essl


Over the years, lots has changed at All of it Now. What started as a group of VJs providing visuals for clubs and local events has evolved into a full blown creative agency, crafting custom content and sophisticated system designs for larger and larger clients. We take pride in our humble beginnings, but we’re well past beginning now, and we wanted something to inspire awe in our SF office in the same way we aim to inspire awe with every job we take.

Strata is a large-scale site-specific installation designed and housed at the AOIN studio. Each pane in the triptych was cut using a CNC router and projection mapped with custom animated content.


Laserspace at Western Balkans Summit 2019

Laserspace by Patryk Lichota

Laserflesh by Patryk Lichota
Patryk Lichota - concept, music, programing, design
Maciej Klocek - laser animation, design
Katarzyna Kulmińska - dance
Maciej Mendyka - technical support, dmx hardware (
Jacek Nowaczyk - electrician, design support (Fabryka Wrażeń)

Collegium Maius, Adam Mickiewicz University
Western Balkans Summit 2019, Poznań Poland

thanks to prof. Bogusław Zieliński (UAM)

Cast: Strange Loop


Nataal teamed up with Haig for its first Haig Club House Party in Joburg. They took over The Artivist in Braamfontein for a night of wonder and adventure to preview the second issue of Nataal magazine.

Special guest David Beckham was in attendance alongside some of South Africa’s most talented artists including Rich Mnisi, Thebe Magugu, Petite Noir, Rharha Nembhard, Justice Mukheli, BLK JKS, The Sartists, Ezra Mabengeza, Travys Owen and Lezanne Viviers.

Everyone was first welcomed into a secluded courtyard where bespoke Haig Club cocktails were served and a VJ projection by Inka kendzia took over the walls mixing up visuals from some of Nataal’s favourite imagemakers. Once inside, the gallery area revealed the debut for Nataal’s six-week photography exhibition, ‘Image, Reflection, Abundance’, which includes exclusive works from artists who have contributed to Nataal magazine such as Rudi Geyser, Mous Lamrabat, Harris Elliott and Jamie Morgan.


Cast: Inka Kendzia

Tags: projection art, live visuals, johannesburg, inka kendzia, nataal, Haig Club, art, Projeciton mapping, David Beckham and Manthe Ribane

CORE / Reboot

Core is a sensory and visual journey,
which implements a new technology of music spatialization
with dynamic volumetric light.

More info at

Cast: 1024

How to Upload to YouTube Directly from DaVinci Resolve 16

Par Lewis McGregor

Blackmagic is bringing DaVinci Resolve to online content creation with simplified interfaces and direct upload to YouTube and Vimeo.