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Le palais où le cheval est roi

“Le palais où le cheval est roi”. Un son et lumière, vivant équestre & monumental lors des Journées européennes du patrimoine pour les 300 ans des grandes Ecuries de Chantilly. Holymage réalise la direction artistique du vidéo-mapping de 30 minutes sur plus de 2500 m2 de surface historique.

Production : Les Amis d'Alain Decaux
Conception, scénario et co-direction : Frédéric Nancel
Direction artistique et co-direction : Marie-Alix Doutrebente
Scénario, mise en scène, texte : Bertrand du Fayet
Direction artistique vidéo : Holymage
Musique originale : Alexandre Chaigniau
Création & mixage audio : Elgolive / Loïc Gourbe
Technique : Novelty

Cast: Holymage

Tags: show, video, projection-mapping, design, video-mapping, cheval, chantilly, history, horse, spectacle, culture, holymage and histoire

Ultravioletto - Sonic Arms at RomaEuropa Festival

A dance of robotic arms, lights and images, Sonic Arms is a choreography based on a generative music score in which soundscapes and robots’ movements are inextricably linked.

In this era, in which technological development proceeds at exponential rates, human-machine interaction and its repercussions at a social and ethical level raise a reflection: can human beings understand all aspects of this revolution and guide it? Between experimentation and research, the work by Ultravioletto investigates the wide spectrum of robotics applications in the creative field and the machines’ impact on digital culture.

The studio enhances the robots’ human side to disrupt the antithesis between man and technology: in the industrial setting of a former slaughterhouse (Mattatoio) in Rome, four robotic arms nimbly float, performing an ethereal dance.

The 30-minute performance consists of four overlapping narrative levels: the robots’ bright terminals, the arms that reproduce the choreography, a wall of high-resolution synthetic video images created in real time, and an iridescent backlight that defines the space. Guided by the sound component, the different elements are generated by algorithms that interpret and amplify the original score, giving it new meanings.

Shooting and video production by “So What Pictures”

Cast: Ultravioletto


The city center has always been a place of gathering, celebration, trade and culture.
We wish to pay tribute to these gatherings by evoking the dynamic of convergence towards the central monument of the city : the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Laon.

This show offers a colorful and playful vision of these gatherings, emphasizing their universal and timeless character.

A projection mapping show onto Notre-Dame of Laon Cathedral - France
Duration : 10min

Design and Direction : Holymage
Music : Guillaume Le Dain - Studio Delacroix
Production : Cookies Production

Cast: Holymage

Tags: cathedral, 3d, mapping, laon, projection mapping, light, drone, projection, video design and notre dame

Sonar Flux | Ars Electronica 2019

Sonar Flux by Kaoru Tashiro (Piano) and MONOCOLOR (Visuals) at Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austria.

Filmed by Pippa Parragh and Stepha Farkashazy.


Tags: MONOCOLOR, Ars Electronica, Marian Essl, Sonar Flux, Kaoru Tashiro, 2019, AEC, Ars Electronica Center, Audiovisual, Deep Space 8K, Piano, TouchDesigner and Generative Visuals


Contenidos audiovisuales para piezas del Museo Internacional del Barroco, en esta caso la pieza es:

- Cúpulas del mundo

En colaboración con Oscar Testón.

Cast: Romera Diseño e Infografía S.L

Desert+Desilence _ Sonar 2019

Desert is the duo comprised by Eloi Caballé and Cristina Checa, a pair of Spanish composers/producers who have been slowly picking up attention from across Spain, Europe and USA. Their often complex, but hypnotic sounds are a perfect example of their prospective musical and unique creative universes. They are versatile and magnetic so they are open to participate in different fields such as the audiovisual, videogame or tech sectors.
Desert and Desilence join forces to create an inmersive, otherwordly and inspiring new audiovisual live show. Premiered at this year’s Sonar festival, it is expected to mutate as it spreads.

Cast: Desilence

Tags: livevisuals, sonar, concert and sonar2019

21st century guitar, Ottawa

It has been a pleasure and an honor to contribute with my projections to these amazing contemporary guitar music compositions at the 2019 Ottawa conference. Sorry Christopher Mayo, Craig Visser, Drake Andersen, Derek Cooper, Yu-chun Chien, Max Grafe and Ben Wylie for cutting your pieces appart in this video. :-)

Cast: kurt laurenz theinert

Tags: visual piano, calvilux, Theinert, 21st century, guitar, Dominion-Chalmers, Ottawa, visual music and new music

Decadence system 2017

Decadence system[데카당스 시스템] project Mup X NOVAXP
현대무용과 미디어아트

Cast: novaxp

Tags: dance, Decadence system, projectiomapping, performance, live, show and mapping

Celebrating the Friends 25th Anniversary on the Burj Khalifa

WB Worldwide Television Marketing commissioned BARTKRESA studio to turn the World’s Largest LED Screen on the Burj Khalifa, into a memorable celebration of Friends. BKS wove Warner Bros’ own iconic symbols from the show into a high energy dance back in time, set to the show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There for You,” by the Rembrandts.

Cast: BARTKRESA studio

CONVERGE - Sensitive Installation -

Création Originale
Installation sonore & visuelle
O Cavalié / Insula-prod 2019
Regard atomisé, intérogatif, introspectif, peinture organique d'une époque épique. Converge intérroge, laisse la place … (O Cavalié )


Amoeba AR Apps Showreel

A selection of Seven Augmented Reality experiences made in the studio.


Cast: amoeba


“Press Enter” is an abstract story where we dive in a virtual world.
This film explores the notion of digital technology through a network that invades urban space, but also raises the question of artificial intelligence and its impact on reality.

Better with headphone !

Go see the behance project :

Directed by Almir Nago.

Music by GEDEØN.

Cast: Almir Nago

Tags: motion, experimental, graphics, animation, design and 3D

LASERSPACE at Festival Světel Valašsko 2019

Laserspace by Patryk Lichota

Patryk Lichota - concept, music, programing, design
Maciej Klocek - laser animation, design
Hashimotowiksa x Katarzyna Kulmińska - dance
Maciej Mendyka - technical support, dmx hardware (
Jacek Nowaczyk - electrician, design support (Fabryka Wrażeń)

camera & edit - Patryk Lichota

Festival Světel Valašsko 2019
Taneční Centrum, Valašské Meziříčí
Česká Republika

thanks to Leszek Wojaczek

Cast: Strange Loop

Tags: laser show, performance and dance

Showreel Desilence 2019

At the core of Desilence are the love for painting, for the captivating motion, for the beautiful and well thought idea. The diligence to go the last mile to find the balance.
We are obviously passionated about what we do. When we start a new project it is because we really burn for giving our every 100% of energy to it.
Since 2005 we have been carefuly creating by the name ‘Desilence’ -
BIg stage shows, live visuals, visual scenography, musicals, dance performance, installations, our portfolio reaches wide.
We believe in research and careful crafting. But also experimenting and to explore different angles.

Cast: Desilence

Modulo Kinetic features real-time tracking (medium)

Modulo Kinetic now features real-time tracking capabilities.
Watch the video and get a quick overview of what you can achieve (medium version).
More info →


Scelus - Teaser

Teaser pour le spectacle “Scelus” de Solenn Denis.

Mise en scène : Le Denisyak.

Cast: VJ Hieros Gamos

Optimistic - Slow Motion

Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138 4EB is a 1967 social science-fiction short film written and directed by George Lucas[1] while he attended the University of Southern California’s film school. The short was reworked as the 1971 theatrical feature THX 1138.

n an underground city in a dystopian future, the protagonist, whose name is “THX 1138 4EB”, is shown running through passageways and enclosed spaces. It is soon discovered that THX is escaping his community. The government uses computers and cameras to track down THX and attempt to stop him; however, they fail. He escapes by breaking through a door and runs off into the sunset.

The government sends their condolences to YYO 7117, THX’s mate, claiming that THX has destroyed himself.

Cast: Cubadust

Tags: Experimental and Music video

Real-Time Rigged Body

Real-Time Rigged Body using Stype Follower and Stype RedSpy within Unreal Engine 4.
Music By: Waveshaper - Leaving Town


MEMORIES - remake at AMURAL FESTIVAL 2019 / Brasov - Romania

visuals: László Zsolt Bordos
sound: Ondřej Skala / JTNB
title typography: Adam Slowik
laser scanning: Ionut Pascu
pointcloud modeling: Dániel Szalkó
technical director: Silviu Bratosin

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

Video Mapping Festival #2 : LES 14 ÉTAPES 2019 - mars > août 2019

Retour en images sur les 14 étapes du Video Mapping Festival 2019 !
Back to the 14 steps of the Video Mapping Festival 2019 !

Lille (Parcours dans la ville / Video mapping tour in the city) / 29.03
Douaisis Agglo (Arleux, Douai, Roost-Warendin) / 26-27.04
Bailleul (Beffroi) / 04.05
Maubeuge (Salle Sthrau) / 09.05
Bruay-La-Buissière (Cité des Électriciens) / 17-18.05
Anzin (Château et parc Dampierre / Dampierre Castle and park) / 18.05
Béthune (Parcours dans la ville / Video mapping tour in the city) / 25.05
Bours (Donjon / Dungeon) / 15.06
Cassel (Musée de Flandre / Flanders Museum) / 20.06
Château-Thierry (Hôtel de Ville et Hôtel-Dieu / City Hall and Hôtel-Dieu) / 22.06
Seclin (Collégiale Saint-Piat / Saint-Piat Collegiate Church) / Eldorado / lille3000 / 29.06
Saint-Pierre-en-Chastres (Ruines du Prieuré / Priory’s Ruins) / Festival des Forêts - 01.07
Saint-Riquier (Abbaye / Abbey) / Festival de l’Abbaye - 06 > 11.07
Arras (Beffroi) / 31.08


Cast: Rencontres Audiovisuelles

Alessandro Cortini - BATTICUORE

BATTICUORE is taken from the forthcoming studio album VOLUME MASSIMO by Alessandro Cortini,
Released on Mute 27 September 2019.

Directors: Alessandra Leone + Emilie Elizabeth
DoP/Camera: Julian Moser
Colorist: Lutz Forster
Dancers: Maurice Jabar Werner + Darwin Stapel
Wardrobe Consultant: Raki Fernandez
Grooming: Carmen Rachel
Special thanks: Johanna Liebl and UY Studio, HvH Studios


Cast: Alessandra Leone

Tags: alessandro cortini, volume massimo, alessandra leone, direction, batticuore and music video