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17 Free Anamorphic Lens Flares for Your Videos and Motion Graphics

Par Todd Blankenship

These anamorphic lens flares are ready for your video projects and motion graphic design — with everything from subtle flares to bright light hits.

Video Tutorial: An Inside Look at Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Par Jason Boone

While Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 won't be available until later this year, let's take a sneak peek at what Premiere Pro will have to offer.

Understanding the Opacity Blend Modes in Adobe Premiere Pro

Par Caleb Stephens

Opacity blend modes are among the most mysterious features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So, what do they actually do, and why are they in those groups?

15 FREE Lower Thirds for Your Next Project in Premiere Pro

Par Logan Baker

We're giving away 15 free lower thirds templates for Premiere. Download them now and easily customize them to fit any video project.