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Tips for Lighting Different Skin Tones in the Same Shot

Lighting talent is hard enough, but when you have to take into account different skin tones, you need a thorough understanding of how to control light.

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⁣Immersive installation for Maze of Decision.⁣
⁣The maze designed to give an experience of making decision in the maze of life. Each room has a situation and each door has different option to find the way out.⁣
⁣Because every decision will bring a new story. ⁣
⁣#amazeofdecision #youDecide #modulight #artwork #artinspiration #visualart #millumin #lightinstallation #humanexperience #artinstallation

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⁣Ready for a new mapping light show with my new original music written for the Church in Lievin playing this night to Sunday night !!!⁣
⁣Visual Artists : Susie-lou CHETCUTI, Patrick GRANDI, Jules HUVIG @juleshuvig/, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG, Simon LEBON, Hamza MRABET, Aurélien WOJTKO @_aurelien.w/ ⁣
⁣Music & Sound Design : Geraldine Kwik⁣
⁣Technique & Lights : Aurélien WOJTKO⁣
⁣Place : Église Saint-Amé - LIEVIN - FRANCE .⁣
⁣#church #lightshow #lightart #light #lightinstallation #videomapping #loomprod  #originalsountrack #musicforpaintings  #mapping #composer #frenchcomposer #musicscore #ambient #composingmusic #sound #sounddesign #art #visual #millumin #madmapper #motiondesign #aftereffects #design #architecturalmapping #projectionmapping #movingimage #digitalartist #night

How to Key Green Screen Footage in After Effects

When you're ready to key your green screen footage, After Effects will be your go-to. Learn how to use After Effects green screen tools for a seamless ...

FilmLight teams up with ARRI in Paris creative community

  First 2020 Colour Day hosted in Paris on 28 January   LONDON — 23 January 2020: Following the appointment of Matthieu Straub as the company’s technical and operational consultant to France and the Benelux countries in the summer of 2019, FilmLight is delighted to announce that it has now established a permanent presence in ...

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⁣Just teasing you with a short #flashback of some of our shows from Festival of Lights Berlin 2019⁣
⁣#mpstudio #3dmapping #projectionmapping #videomapping #art #3dart #lightfestival #festivaloflights #cinema4d #c4d #octane #ae #adobe #aftereffects #motiondesign #event #best #digitalart #instaart #mappingprojection #3drender #millumin #watchout #catlover #artoftheday #festival #contemporaryart (at Berlin, Germany)

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⁣PRISM - Macao Light Festival 2019⁣
⁣Full video: link in our web site⁣
⁣Not so many countries have so dramatic a history as Macao has had. Though tossed about in churns of historical currents of interventions from other countries, the people have waded through the currents with their flexibility and steeled conviction. This conviction materialized, in December in 2019, in the form of her celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region.⁣
⁣To show our respect for the turning point of the 20th celebration, we created a projection mapping artwork to project to her landmark building, The St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church. This seminary was established by the Jesuits and became the hub of their mission activities in Asia. Its baroque architecture is adorned with the complex structure generating its beauty and diversity, which can tell us in turn a lot about the winding road of her history and culture. In this artwork, we used 20 LED poles and laser beams. Seeing the strength of the harmony emanating from the seemingly chaotic structure of the building, we introduced some uncontrolled random insertions into our artwork on purpose so that these unpredictable insertions will give rise to the chaotic periods of her history and then again be harmonized in due time, and lastly be solidified as one in the picture of the present day of Macao. Our hope and endeavor in this tiny challenge of our artwork may give a little help that Macao will grow in strength and prosperity from now on as well⁣
⁣Many thanks to @althealao for the invitation and the incredible venue, to @nebastudio for their support, and to the best partners in crime @yoshiiketoshiki , @cryo9 (software development ), @makotoshozu (music) , @mplusplus_official (LED equipments)and SOLUMEDIAGE inc (laser equipment )⁣
⁣#millumin #videomapping #projectionmapping #art #artwork ⁣
⁣#indecision #light #laser #landscape #lost #art #stream #nature #sculpture

The Hallmark of Comedy: Making Your Talent Pop with High-Key Lighting

In this video tutorial, we take a look at high-key lighting — what exactly it is, when should you use it, and how you set it up.

How to Create Volumetric Beams of Light Using Haze

Add small, manageable-sized beams of light to your video project with the help of volumetric lighting — also known as "god rays."

RE – TEXTURED Festival

Par : Marco Savo

London, 2 – 4 April 2020

RE-TEXTURED is a multi-venue, multi-sensory festival for London and the UK.

The festival explores the relationship between experimental electronic music, modernist and industrial architecture and light and visual art, and is brought to you by the team behind Krankbrother.

Krankbrother Director Danny Clancy says: “RE-TEXTURED at Tobacco Dock is our most ambitious show to date. It’s one of the few buildings in London that allows us to fulfill our ambitions across light, sound and visual art, it’s unique structures, rooms and history have inspired us to push the edge a little more.”


London, Various locations


Facebook / Instagram

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⁣Scenography made for @beyond_nights with @julesbouit & at @transbolyon⁣
⁣BEYOND [Dissidence] - 13/12/19⁣
⁣@terence_fixmer ⁣
⁣@angelkarel ⁣
⁣@is.tigkeit ⁣
⁣@morpheusproduction X @thatmeltedguy_ ⁣
⁣Picture @rob_le_rob⁣
⁣#scenography #scenographie #event #design #stagedesign #party #music #techno #technomusic #deep #mapping #light #lightray #structure #evenementiel #concert #dance #istigkeit #terencefixmer #angelkarel #lyon #clubtransbo #wood #woodstructure #led #millumin #neonlights (at Club Transbo)

3 Ways to Modify Your Lighting for a Cinematic Look

Almost any light can create a cinematic image if you modify it correctly. Here's an introduction to the three primary ways to modify your lighting.

Presteigne Broadcast Hire North Expands Hire Desk

Crawley, West Sussex, 25 February, 2020 – Presteigne Broadcast Hire, a leading dry hire and total multi-location production equipment provider, today announced the appointment of Jane Skinner as Senior Hire Desk Co-ordinator. Reporting to Presteigne North Hire Manager Roy Gaterell, Skinner is based at the company’s northern office in Warrington, equidistant between Manchester and Liverpool. Skinner ...

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One year more, Llum BCN Festival, has left us exhausted because of attending all the installations, but at the same time has left us amazed at the hard work of many artists that could transform their effort into beautiful light artwork pieces in the space.

On February 14th, 15th and 16th, artists transformed Poblenou in Barcelona into an experimentation between light, movement, and virtual reality, challenging the limits of our own perceptions. We found major names in the international scene such as United Visual Artists, Ouchhh, Luke Jerram, Antoni Varola, as well as artists from the national scene such as Monica Rikic, Anna Carreras, Diego Suarez, to mention just few of the twenty three artists participating in Llum BCN Festival 2020.

We will show you just few of all the installations that impacted us. We think it’s a good experience because it allows you to connect with Barcelona in another way, through light, digital technology and moving images being part of the cityscape without being at the service of its exploitation.

The installation “Fiat Lux” by Antoni Arola made us walk around in circles for a long time, in a contrast of a warm and cold environment composed by geometric sculptures made by lasers and smoke. It was like a theatre play, where we were the actors, as he desired.

The installation “Musica Universalis” by United Visual Artists, an imposing choreography of movement, light and sound that is inspired by the mechanics of celestial objects. We could perceive the light and the absence of light at the same time – it was surprising.

“Persopectiva” by SUMMALAB was an installation from “OFF LLum” inspired in the paintings of the artist Josef Albers. Pictorial pieces that play with the chromatic range to create a sense of depth. The students of the master of Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments at BAU University, had the opportunity to help in the process of construction and we could see awesome results.

Another installation that captivated us because of the approach of playing with light and materials to create compositions in the space was “Instantes cromáticos”by Maurici Ginés in OFF Llum BCN.

But these are just few of all the moments we enjoyed getting immersed in the space, perceiving light, sound and movement from different unique perspectives. We look forward to attending again next year.

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L’USB 3.0 de l’iPad Pro de 2015

L’iPad Pro de 2015, dans sa version 12,9 pouces, propose une fonction intéressante : c’est le premier appareil avec une prise Lightning compatible USB 3.0.

Sur les iPad précédents, ainsi que sur l’iPad Pro 9,7 pouces de la même génération (sorti quelques mois plus tard), le Lightning se limite à l’USB 2.0. Le point technique assez particulier, c’est que le SoC d’Apple (A9X) ne gère pas l’USB 3.0, contrairement aux versions suivantes. On trouve donc dans l’iPad un contrôleur USB 3.0 en PCI-Express, un Fresco FL1100. C’est la même puce que dans les anciennes stations Thunderbolt ainsi que dans le Mac Pro de 2013. C’est un contrôleur assez standard, capable d’atteindre des performances correctes même si une intégration dans un SoC ou un chipset améliore souvent les choses.

Attention, l’USB 3.0 dans les appareils iOS en Lightning reste limité. Vous n’en profiterez pas avec les câbles de liaison vers un ordinateur, d’abord. Les câbles Lightning vers USB classique sont uniquement USB 2.0, et avec l’iPad Pro, le Lightning vers USB-C est dans le même cas. Je n’ai pas pu tester avec des appareils plus récents (iPhone XR, XS, 11, etc.) ni avec un iPad Pro de seconde génération (les 10,5 pouces), mais c’est a priori le cas aussi. Si vous avez une capture pour me contredire, ça m’intéresse.

480 Mb/s (USB 2.0) en Lightning vers USB-C

En fait, ça fonctionne uniquement avec les périphériques compatibles avec l’USB 3.0 du Lightning, soit deux produits chez Apple. Il en existe sûrement des compatibles chez d’autres constructeurs, mais je n’ai pas testé.

Premièrement, et je n’en ai pas sous la main, l’adaptateur Lightning vers carte SD. Il existe deux versions : l’USB 2.0 (A1441, courte) et l’USB 3.0 (A1595, plus long). Il y a une comparaison là.

Ensuite, testé ici, l’adaptateur Lightning vers USB. Il existe aussi deux versions, qui se différencient facilement. La première, A1440, propose uniquement un port USB (2.0) femelle. C’est la version de base, et elle pose pas mal de soucis avec les clés USB, disques durs, etc. En effet, le connecteur fournit assez peu d’énergie et donc vous aurez souvent un message indiquant que ça ne fonctionne pas. La solution passe par un hub USB alimenté, mais ce n’est pas très pratique.

Les deux adaptateurs

Le premier

Le second

La seconde porte un marquage (à la limite de l’illisible chez moi) avec le nom A1619. l’adaptateur se reconnaît facilement : il possède une prise Lightning femelle en plus de l’USB femelle. Il fonctionne en USB 3.0 et va avoir le même comportement que le premier si vous ne branchez pas l’ensemble à un chargeur : un message d’erreur.

Parfois en anglais, parfois en français, les joies d’iOS

Et les performances ?

J’ai placé un gros fichiers (1,26 Go) sur une clé USB raîde et je l’ai transféré sur l’iPad, dans trois cas : avec l’adaptateur USB 2.0 sur un iPad Pro 12,9 pouces, avec l’adaptateur USB 3.0 sur le même iPad et avec l’adaptateur USB 3.0 sur l’iPad Pro 9,7 pouces. Dans le premier cas, il faut 1 minutes et 25 secondes (~15 Mo/s, pas très rapide). Dans le second cas, il faut seulement ~9 secondes pour le même transfert, soit ~139 Mo/s. C’est plutôt rapide. Et avec l’iPad Pro 9,7 pouces (USB 2.0), on reste… en USB 2.0. Donc 1 minutes et 23 secondes (~15 Mo/s). Le gain est donc substantiel.

Les clés USB apparaissent dans l’application Fichiers

En pratique, il faut prendre en compte qu’il faut rester près d’une prise, et que la version USB 3.0 est un peu plus onéreuse : la version USB 2.0 vaut ~35 €, la version USB 3.0 vaut officiellement 45 € (mais souvent 40 €).

Video Tutorial: How to Create Cinematic One-Light Setups

Don't let the limitations and constraints of the filmmaking process deter you. You can still get a great-looking, cinematic image with a single light.

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⁣Recent R&D tests with Array experimenting with reflections. Enjoying a foray into the use of singular colour. #visualart #minimalism #lightdesign #installationart #reflection #darrenjohnston #mrlupin #millumin . New Array work coming soon ! Array research with @mrlupin

New Larger Cases From NANUK

  NANUK, with more than 35 years designing and developing world-class waterproof protective cases for valuable gear, announced the addition of two (2), new and large-size cases to their product line-up here at the 2020 NAB Show. The addition of the NANUK 968, and NANUK 970 brings their case count to 30 in total with ...

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Light Move Festival

Next edition expected September.

Light Move Festival is now in its 10th year in Łódź, Poland. It started back in 2010 with the idea of changing the way the city of Łódź is viewed, but painting its buildings with colourful light. Now it is a well-developed festival of light putting Poland on the map, which includes installations, projections, spatial light shows, 2D/3D mapping, and conferences.

All photos courtesy of LMF

Light.Move.Festival. combines sound, color, light and movement. In 9th edition in 2019 it developed into an international, anticipated event with a recognizable brand promoting Łódź as an innovative, multicultural, friendly and open city. Its ever-growing popularity contributes to the formation of a positive image of the city and gives reason to visit Łódź in late autumn, outside the tourist season. In 2019 alone, the festival gathered 850,000 guests, and all its previous editions – over 4 million!

On Instagram, #lightmovefestival, has an impressive rate of publication, where you can really see the success of the festival and its colourful installations and 3D mapping of buildings.

For more information:

Website | Facebook |Instagram

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Learning Curve: How to Properly Use the Leko Light

Leko lights are a great way to capture natural-looking pockets of sunlight, or to cast light where no other light will go.

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⁣We took a city icon, a vintage Ikarus bus, and positioned it on a prominent spot in Sofia. A 360° projection mapping installation created a unique spectacle for thousands of spectators.⁣
⁣#projectionmapping #publicart #installationart #lightart #3dmapping #immersiveart #lightinstallation #artandtechnology #3dmappingshow #modernart #abstractart #visualart #digitalart #outdoorinspiration #ikarus #millumin #gsgdaily #instaart #everyday #art_daily #sofia #phormatik #jokermedia #24_7production (at Sofia, Bulgaria)

Black News Channel Launches with Brightline LED Fixtures

Bridgeville, Penn. – March 12, 2020 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, today announced Black News Channel, which launched on Feb. 10 and is the nation’s only African American news network, features a dynamic news set lit with Brightline L1.2 and L1.4 SeriesONE LED soft light fixtures. Based in Tallahassee, Fla., ...

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⁣This installation we are doing with @janebeta7 at the @upfbarcelona pays tribute to all the women who worked in the textile factory Ca l'Aranyó since its opening in 1877. .⁣
⁣#llumbcn #llumbcn20 #videomapping #frame #videodesign #visualist #generativeart #millumin #madmapper #nightphotography #lightskin #lightworker #lighthouse (at Master Universitario en Artes Digitales UPF-IDEC)

Passifolia — Lightscape / Soundscape

Passifolia — Lightscape / Soundscape
Passifolia is a collective experience, made-to-mesure for La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and made up of 16 interactive modules organically set up in space.

Spout Recorder de Lightjams

Enregistrez des vidéos en temps réel à partir de toutes les applications compatibles Spout.

Lightjams Spout Recorder est un utilitaire gratuit et indispensable à mettre dans sa boite à outils vidéo. Il créer des fichiers vidéo dans différents formats en capturant la sortie vidéo de Spout de tout logiciel compatible (HeavyM, Resolume, Simmetri, ModuloPi, TouchDesigner, Processing, Notch, Grand VJ, Avolites, Sparck et tant d’autres.). Le recoder utilise FFMPG avec le codec H264, multi encapsuleur en MOV, AVI, WMV et MP4 sans perte suivant les réglages.

Lightjams Spout Recorder
Lightjams Spout Recorder
Lightjams Spout Recorder

Spout Recorder de Lightjams est un billet de LeCollagiste VJ.
LeCollagiste VJ - Mag du LeCollagiste, actu sur la culture VJING, Vidéo Mapping, info video et high tech.