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VFX Master Michael Conelly Talks AR and VR Technology

Par Paula Goldberg

VFX world influencer Michael Conelly gave PremiumBeat an in-depth interview on the unlimited possibilities of AR and VR technology.

Industry Interview: “Leaving Neverland” Composer Chad Hobson

Par Paula Goldberg

We chatted with composer Chad Hobson for some insight into his process and influences — and what aspiring composers need to know.

Industry Insights: Turning Short Stories into Beautiful Feature Films

Par Lyndsay Knecht

Adapting short fiction for the big screen can be challenging. These writers and directors shared their ideas on what worked for them.

Industry Interview: Emmy-Nominated Composer Dominik Scherrer

Par Paula Goldberg

From mercurial detectives to mysterious widows, Dominik Scherrer has worked on projects of all types. We sat down to talk process, influences, and advice.

E3 2019: How Video Games Are Changing Cinematic Storytelling

Par Rubidium Wu

Video games are evolving right before our eyes, and the rate of change is accelerating — so what does that mean for cinematic storytelling?

Video Games vs. Feature Films: Why Adaptations Usually Fail

Par Lewis McGregor

While video games include cinematic storytelling, we have to wonder why they rarely translate into good movies. It seems to come down to delivery.

Capturing the Cinematic Moment: Creative Uses for a Color Meter

Par Rubidium Wu

Color has long been one of the primary tools filmmakers use to communicate aspects of their characters and the worlds they live in.

Industry Interview: Documentary Editor Aaron Wickenden

Par Paula Goldberg

Whether it's spending time with devil worshipers or the angelic Mr. Rogers, editor Aaron Wickenden always finds a haunting and lovely truth in his work.

5 Things Agencies Look for When Hiring Freelance Videographers

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Here are five insights into landing those lucrative freelance agency gigs — and the guide to holding onto them once you do.

SMPTE Hollywood Section to Explore the Future of Immersive VR at June Meeting

Par Artisans PR

LOS ANGELES —  The Hollywood Section of SMPTE®, the organization defining the future of storytelling, will explore the advent of fully immersive virtual reality at its monthly meeting, Wednesday, June 19, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles. Star Trek introduced science fiction fans to the “holodeck,” an imaginary virtual reality ...

Industry Interview: DJ Stipsen, DP of “What We Do in the Shadows”

Par Tanner Shinnick

PremiumBeat sat down with DJ Stipsen to discuss his unique approach to lighting the dark world of FX's "What We Do in the Shadows."

What the Marvel Cinematic Universe Means for the Future of Film

Par Jourdan Aldredge

What do all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters mean for filmmakers and the future development of the industry?

Industry Insights: Filming Documentary Subjects in Conflict Zones

Par Lyndsay Knecht

Michael Rowley's 2018 Telluride selection "Hurdle" dives headfirst into creating a documentary about Parkour in an occupied conflict zone.

The Sun is Also a Star: Film Composer Herdís Stefánsdóttir

Par Paula Goldberg

We sat down with international composer Herdís Stefánsdóttir for some insight into her influences, working process, and creative world.

New York vs. Los Angeles: Which City Is Better for Filmmakers?

Par Rubidium Wu

In which we discuss whether New York or Los Angeles is better for you as a filmmaker — and which is more suited for the kind of ...

Industry Interview: Miles Hankins — The Composer Behind “Long Shot”

Par Paula Goldberg

Miles Hankins offers insight into composing for film and television — as well as collaborating with musicians around the world.

Industry Interview: CW Costume Designer Catherine Ashton

Par Paula Goldberg

We had a conversation with costume designer Catherine Ashton about her approach to each character — from color to texture to how emotion influences style. 

Industry Interview: “Whiplash” Production Designer Melanie Jones

Par Paula Goldberg

Production Designer Melanie Jones discusses working low-budget on "Whiplash," the color palette of "La Llorona," and recreating the '80s with Mötley Crüe.

Interview: “My Dinner with Herve” Composer David Norland

Par Paula Goldberg

We spoke with composer David Norland for some insights into his recent work on "My Dinner with Herve" and how it fits into the range of projects ...

Industry Insights: How to Sustain a Career as a Filmmaker

Par Rubidium Wu

There is only one way to make money as a filmmaker and the vast majority of filmmakers don’t understand what it is. So, what is the answer?

7 Things Clients Look For in a Video Production Company

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Land new clients and earn their trust by making sure your video production company adheres to these 7 simple (yet crucial) practices.

The Four Most Dangerous and Avoidable Accidents on a Film Set

Par Rubidium Wu

Filmmaking is all about pushing limits; however, failure to consider risks can cause injuries. Here are the most important safety concerns to keep in mind.

The History and Power of Sound Design in the Film Industry

Par Lyndsay Knecht

The history of sound design involves innovations from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. At the 2019 Tribeca Film festival, we heard their stories.

The Universal Language of Music: Interview with Composer Jacob Yoffee

Par Paula Goldberg

Composer Jacob Yoffee may have grown up around the globe, but it’s been the universal language of music that has kept him grounded and connected.

Industry Insights: Behind the Scenes with Editor Nena Erb

Par Paula Goldberg

We went in-depth and behind the scenes with Nena Erb, the editor of Insecure, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Project Greenlight.

Director Carine Bijlsma Got Personal With D’Angelo For “Devil’s Pie”

Par Lyndsay Knecht

Dutch filmmaker Carine Bijlsma's patience and respect paid off for this 2019 Tribeca Film Festival documentary about the reclusive R&B artist D'Angelo.

The Cameras and Lenses Behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Phase Three

Par Jack Roberts

Dynamic lighting. Explosive energy. Here are the most popular cameras used throughout the entire Phase Three Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

These Tribeca Docs Will Renew Your Faith In The Power of The Camera

Par Lyndsay Knecht

Incredible portraits of image-makers premiered at Tribeca 2019, and some new documentaries on the schedule affirm the value of intimate storytelling.

Breaking News: Sony Announces Nothing — The a7sIII Saga Continues

Par Logan Baker

Sony stalls on the a7sIII announcement, so we'll all just keep waiting. However, the successor to the a6500 could be right around the corner.

Make Your Documentaries Matter with Awe-Inspiring Material

Par Paula Goldberg

We sat down with Joanie and Steve Wynn and Jeff Sandmann for some insight into making meaningful documentaries — and how to find motivation.