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MAPIO update 2.3.4 changelog

Par : super

+scheduler feature and SMPTE support [PRO] +support multi-select and RGB level adjust for COLOR tool
+support of the groups in PixelMapping.
+support System hot keys.
+added command-line option “noerrorwindow”
+UI redesigned the network list window
+move master to another slave in network mode.
+OSC Output of Sync bus A/B channels
+support drag&drop into console a clip from deck or external file (auto creating the deck feature).
+increasing of speed loading/unloading media files
+loading preview is deferred now.
+increased the limit of clips in the deck to 128

*NDI up to 4.1
*FFMPEG up to 4.2.2
*Qt up to 5.12.6
*smooth loop playing
*fixed warping tool
*fixed wrong icons, fixed strobing on AMD GPU.
*check limits(max decks and max clips in deck) on add files by drag&drop, fixed crash on loading of projects with 6 decks.
*fixed HEVC related issues (start time > 0 and broken seek)
*fixed crash after closing pixel mapping window
*fixed DVX colormode. Fixed a clip’s preview disappearing.
*fixed full-screen output on the project starting.
*fixed hanging of slave video on loop
*fixed flashing kinect mask
*fixed non-smooth playback of MPG4/MPG2 on GPU.
*fixed crash on loading broken file.
*fixed amd + dx output
*fixed hanging or not finishing on init and release of the sources.
*auto-start sources in LITE version.
*fixed broken audio controlling from deck and mixer in some cases.
*changed logic of using the default audio device of the deck.
*fixed some GUI cosmetics
*fixed freezing after jump (in loop)
*fixed flickering of canvas.
*fixed the wrong text of slices center grip sometimes.
*fixed clips doubling and more when add a source for two or more slices
*fixed resetting of multi-display settings when load new empty project.
*fixed Slice’s counting after loading an empty project
*fixed FFMPEG-DS capture low FPS and Simple DS hang.
*rename “Quick DirectShow” to “DirectShow”
*fixed stream videos playing (with audio)
*fixed no changing mapping by network on the slave when GUI is hidden in taskbar.
*fixed drag&drop when drop on self item (fixed creating other deck)
*fixed the “Refresh” button now not disabled.
*disable auto-starting of ffmpeg capturing
*fixed size of the screen in capture menu
*fixed fullscreen opening via command-line option
*fixed the crash on ffmpeg seek for un-seekable media
*fixed crashes and hang on new AMD GPU.
*fixed ShaderToy sketch
*fixed the saving/loading of MIDI control map settings
*fixed crash the Mixer related
*fixed crash kinect mask related.
*changed in synchronization Frame2Frame. and added transfer latency to timecode.
*fixed crash on change the sensor matrix size.
*fixed issue with huge count of art-net nodes and permanent refreshing nodes list. now only manual way of refresh list.
*fix hang on exit sometime.
*fix OSC for gamma values.
*fixed starting on Win7.

And other improvements and bugs, crashes fixes.