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NC1 Studio IO browswe control

Par : user243
I know you can view the NC1 studio IO via browser for monitoring purpose, but is there a way to even control (full control) the unit via browser instead of KVM?

TC Camera iOS app

Par : Victorslab
I just downloaded the TC Camera iOS app and I upgraded my Tricaster mini AE3 to the latest version of software. When I go to select the TC Camera NDI input on my Tricaster I see a full screen with "To View NDI output from this camera app, assign it to a Switcher input on a NeTek TriCaster (may require a software update).

Again I am running the most current AE3 software on my Tricaster mini.

Can anyone please help?
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Previous version of libNDI for Mac

I need the previous version of libNDI for mac. Running the latest one with OBS for mac freezing ndi sources and needs them to be reconnected again. I was stupid not taking backup, and when installing Palakis NDI plugin for OBS it auto-install the latest ndiLib from
The last one working with obs was marked 2. November i think.
Someone able to help ?


Quick Tip / NDI camera App/Virtual Input

Par : Tek_Soup
I recently was messing around with the Steam Link Feature in steam. well it adds some audio drivers for speakers and sound card and mic to device manager. well dont do it, it will make your NDI camera App/Virtual Input in NDI Tools NOT work, took me a few days to figure that out. I have found that many side programs like Asus Sonic Radar and others will just totally screw it up. Must be some audio driver conflict. well have a great day.


Par : rlambert
I am about to take the plunge and buy four NDI cameras for my studio.

Several years ago I heard Dr. Cross from Newtek say that NDI-HX delivered the same quality of image as regular old FULL NDI except for two things:
1. NDI-HX used less bandwidth 20MB vs 140MB
2. the NDI-HX has more latency due to encoding long chains of data....this higher latency being the cost of keeping the image the same quality of FULL NDI.

All in all, he strongly implied that the images were identical.

Now that I am shopping for Cameras I see that some companies make a big deal that their signals and converters are FULL NDI. Other companies like PTZ Optics make a big deal that the images are pristine with NDI-HX

So here is my question.

For a small studio (4 cameras) with plenty of bandwidth (10GB dedicated ethernet) is there an advantage in going with "FULL NDI?"

If all of the cameras are NDI-HX the latency will be consistently higher, but, isn't that not a big deal if they are all the same latency?

Please help me with advice. I am ready to purchase these cameras now; but, can't seem to find a straight answer on this.

Thank you very much,


Scan converter crashes on Dell Lattitude E7240

Par : Niek
Hi there! My first post on this forum.

In my network I can get NDI scanconverter to work and be visible on all laptops except Dell E 7240. It crashes within a minute.
Any possible solutions?

Crash report: (translated from dutch)
Niek van Veelen <>
Mon Nov. 25 14:08 (2 days ago)
to me

Path to application with error: C: \ Program Files \ NewTek \ NDI 4 Tools \ Scan Converter \ Application.Network.ScanConverter2.x64.exe

Problem with signature
Name of problem event: APPCRASH
Application Name: Application.Network.ScanConverter2.x64.exe
Version of application:
Time stamp applies: 5dcea1ee
Name of error module: Application.Network.ScanConverter2.x64.exe
Version of error module:
Time stamp of error module: 5dcea1ee
Exception code: c0000005
Exception margin: 0000000000b99067
Operating system version: 10.0.18362.
Locale ID: 1043
Additional information 1: 3018
Additional information 2: 301875874e2412f789fc3943948d7ac1
Additional information 3: 6364
Additional information 4: 63647fee84aab9be37ffe5de3a249030

Additional information about the problem
Bucket ID: 7f4a4bd74bc954cc0da302771b58f780 (2135553358886926208)

NDI 4 Tools - Adobe CC Plugins - Character Animator not showing NDI as an option

Par : eeeniebean
Hello all,

I have Character Animator installed through Creative Cloud on Windows 10.

Downloaded Newtek NDI for Creative Cloud from

(and yes, I made sure to include the options for CC, I/O, etc. - screenshot attached)

The NDI option just will not show up under Live Output under Preferences in Character Animator.

I've looked around for that NewTek_NDI-Transmit.prm and can't find it anywhere, and I'm having no luck finding documentation of what the plugin should be.

I've uninstalled NewTek, rebooted, re-downloaded (making SURE the CC options were selected) and re-installed. Still no luck.

NDI is working - I can run the test broadcast, and I can even get the test broadcast to come in as a source on streamlabs OBS.... I just can't get Character Animator to give it as an option. Seems like it must be a problem with a missing plugin but I can't find it (or documentation for it). Help!

Specs: Character Animator 3.0

Windows 10

NDI loaded 11/24/19.

This Adobe forum thread seems to suggest that I just need to find NewTek_NDI_Transmit.prm.... I can't. Other folks in the same thread seem to be having the same issue.

Can anyone tell me what the plugin for Character Animator is called and where it should be located? Is it the same NewTek_NDI_Transmit.prm? If so - what to do if it's not coming through on the installer?

My next step is to install Premiere just to test out if I can get an NDI output from there. Beyond that I was going to try it on Mac Instead.
Happy to provide any other info or screenshots that might be helpful.
Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NDIInstallshowingchecks.JPG 
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ID:	146321
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Name:	NDIInstallshowingchecks.JPG 
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Size:	39.4 KB 
ID:	146321  

NDI Tools silent installer component switches


We need to execute a silent installation of Newtek NDI Tools and select only "NDI|HXI Drivers" component . I checked the /silent options of the installer and I find the /COMPONENT flag. But if I select /COMPONENT="NDI|HXI Drivers" the component options is not selected.

Do you know which component words is assigned to NDI|HXI Drivers?


NDI over VPN with two Fritz-Boxes


I have a problem with the connection of two computers via VPN to get there with NDI the camera from PC 1 to PC 2.

I'll describe the structure very briefly:

The first camera is connected to PC 1. The PC 1 (IP: is connected to the FritzBox 1 (IP: This is via VPN tunnel (manufactured by the FritzBox 1 to the other FritzBox 2) with another FritzBox 2 (IP: connected. At the FritzBox 2 is a PC 2 (IP: connected. On PC 2, another camera is installed. On PC 2 should then run the StreamLabs OBS software and I would like to receive there via NDI input the camera 1 synonymous on the StreamLabs - OBS. But I do not see the PC 1.

A connection from the tunnel between the two networks ( and respectively .0 at the end, is definitely available. Printers from both networks can be accessed from any PC. So the tunnel works fine.

How can I get it because that the camera 1 from the PC 1 via the FritzBox bin to PC 2 can send your data?

I wanted to get the screen of a remote computer or the camera on a remote computer on my streaming PC (PC 2).

Do I have to stop something? At the Fritz boxes or at the NDI plugins?

In the same network, so if I would infect the same computer s.die same FritzBox, then I immediately with my streaming PC PC 1 in the selection list and I can also directly to the camera, or access the streamed signal. That works ... but as soon as I have the VPN tunnel of the Fritz boxes in between, it is not more ...

Do I have to adjust in the Fritz boxes that something should be rerouted? Any ports or something?

And if so, how do I do that? Or can I enter the destination address of the NDI tool somewhere?

The following software is used:

PC 1:
OBS Studio in the latest version (24.0.3)
NDI 4 runtime
NDI 4.7.0 (Installed by Installer)

PC 2:
Streamlabs OBS (Version 0.18.5)
NDI 4 runtime
NDI 4.7.0 (Installed by Installer)

Fritz boxes (7490 and 7560) each have the latest version on board ...

Can someone help me please? Or is it not technically possible to show the camera or the stream via a VPN tunnel?

Thanks in advance.

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NDI Scan Converter disables G-SYNC in UWP fullscreen games

Par : colecodez
I have noticed an issue where G-SYNC gets disabled when I turn on NDI Scan Converter. It only affects UWP windows games in fullscreen which unfortunately includes the game I play most, Apex Legends.

To test this I had to enable the G-SYNC overlay in Nvidia Profile Inspector. As soon as I enable Scan Converter (from a stream deck macro), G-SYNC immediately disables. As soon as I kill Scan Converter, G-SYNC enables once again. I noticed that G-SYNC still works with Scan Converter if I play in borderless windowed mode but there is a noticeable stutter.

Just wanted to shed some light on the issue for devs and see if anyone might have found a workaround? Specs below.

ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 27" LED 144Hz 4k G-SYNC

Gaming PC:
2x RTX 2080 Ti's / i9-9900k

Encoding / Streaming PC:
GTX 1070 / i9-9900k

NDI 4.1 - changelog?

Keep seeing NDI Tools, SDK, have been updated to 4.1, but is there a changelog somewhere of what was updated or fixed between 4.0 -> 4.1?

What are the best specs for a Skype PC Laptop running Virtual Input?

Par : boyler
Hello all,

I've experienced a bit of a headache today testing 3 different machines with Skype + Virtual Input.

I'm running the NewTek PTZ camera, and using Virtual Input in Skype for the video feed. I am not using the Camera's audio input, and using a separate USB DAC solution.

I've tested two Lenovo Thinkpad's with 16GB of RAM and 2.2 GHZ quad core processors today, both running Windows 10. Both have struggled to broadcast the PTZ Camera while receiving a relatively high quality return feed from the Skype guest.

What I find troubling is that I can run Skype TX on a PC Laptop with less Speed and less RAM, and not have any problems.

If I set the Windows performance settings to BEST, I can run a relatively smooth Skype session. The total CPU percentage runs between 40% - 75%. If I try to open another application or move windows around, forget about it - the Skype session goes haywire. Once there is lag or frame drops in the camera's feed, it is NEVER fixed again. The only solution is to start Skype again.

If I run a Skype session on a Macbook Pro with 16 GB Ram and 2.2 6-core processor, using Video Monitor and Skype's Screen Share feature, it runs flawlessly. (Despite the fact that screen share can only run at about 15 fps.) I'm wondering if I should try Boot Camp on the Macbook Pro.

So my question is - who runs Skype with Virtual Input on a PC laptop, and doesn't experience any of the outlined issues? What your specs?

Many thanks in advance.

Compressed Audio in NDI

Par : jainrajath
I was looking at NDI SDK for use in the internal pipeline in a project I'm working on. I had a couple of doubts regarding the audio:
1. Is there any support for transmitting compressed audio formats (like ac3) over NDI? Or does it only support raw frames?
2. How does it send the audio frames? Does it compress it internally or send it as is? If it compresses, is it lossless?

VLC Plugin

Par : jaskie
Hi everyone (it's my first post on this forum)!
Recent NDI Tools installations contains VLC plugin, which is working excellently. But there is no additional documentation on it, especially about its configuration and usage. Furthermore, I have found a licence file installed with plugin .dll, which contains GPL licence. If the plugin is really licensed on GPU, its source code should be offered, as the licence states.
Where can I find more info about the plugin, and (maybe) it's source code?
Kind regards,

Zoom Server NDI Return to Caller Audio Distorted – Clicks/Drops

Par : rlsafran
I use NDI Scan Converter and Virtual Input with VB Cable for Zoom servers. All audio record/playback sources are set to 48 KHz (44.1 doesn’t work either). The audio returned to a Zoom caller is severely distorted with clicks or drops. This has been happening since last year.

Instant Teleseminar’s return to caller is just as severe and a Skype return has less noticeable scratching sounds that occur above 6k intermittently.

I have Zoom engineering working on the issue but am not able to help them replicate it without using a TriCaster as NDI Test Patterns returns perfectly if Zoom “Use Original Audio” is enabled and the client’s mic is muted (I always enable “Use Original Audio”, but the Zoom distortion happens either way).

Instant Teleseminar returns perfect 1 K tone from the TriCaster, but music files (.wav or 48KHz) have the noise.

Anyone else using Zoom or ITS back to a TriCaster? I’ve tried it on four different Zoom server systems with NDI 3.8, 4.0 and 4.1 and it always occurs from both a 460 AE2/3 or a TC1 (where NDI Test Patterns returns perfectly to the caller).

Attached is an audio file demonstrating the audio distortion - clicking/drops. The noise between
0:21 – 0:23 is me handling the headset.

2019Dec-NDI Return Audio

Attached Files

NDI Discovery - mDNS or Discovery Server

Par : mitreklov

We have a large NDI network that contains a lot of devices, some Newtek some not, all producing a high number of NDI sources to a many monitoring and production destination end points.

We are experiencing some erratic discovery behaviour on some of the receive components such as source count varying with sources disappearing for some minutes at a time only to return after a period.
We have been advised that the default mDNS system can become overwhelmed with large numbers of devices all broadcasting mDNS info and that it might be worth adopting a discovery server on the network and using the access manager to direct the discovery system.
I should point out that the network is flat with no routing and all within one LAN. The network is dedicated to NDI transport only, no other traffic.

I understand the discovery server or service is a relatively new method that relies on version 4 NDI components.
The discovery server idea seems like a possible solution in our case, however it's implementation seems to be a Newtek big secret as I've not really been able to find any coherent explanation on setup and operation. Really the only info I've managed to find is contained in the SDK documentation along with the actual Discovery Service.exe

From what I can fathom it does not look complicated, but I do have the following questions, perhaps other forum members may be able enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have an explanation of how the discovery server works?

I assume only one instance of the Discovery server is required hosted somewhere accessible on the network.

Once the access manager is set to use a discovery server, do the mDNS broadcasts stop or work in tandem?

Some of the NDI components in the installation as yet do not support NDI V4 (updates in development), can the discovery server co-exist with the mDNS discovery method?

Will the devices still using mDNS be visible to senders and listeners even if they are set to use discovery server?

Does the discovery server listen and relay mDNS broadcast to discovery server clients?

Can you run the discovery server exe on a VMC1?

Is there a better way to do this?

Please forgive me for asking the obvious.

C++ Coder Needed for NDI Cam Control Application

Par : 090
Hi, gang!

So we recently developed a relatively rudimentary but pretty useful NDI camera control app for a customer in C++. It's actually v2 of an app we created 11 years ago that used VISCA to talk to Sony cameras.

Anyway... The customer is now asking for some enhancements and my main coder went a took another gig. Anybody feel like making some quick bread? Experience with NDI.Lib.x64 a must.


NDI Control Room - Decoders?

Par : pdxJoe

I'm working on building out a new master control room.

The current plan will have 12 4k@60p displays & 48 1080p60 displays.

I'm looking at how I would do this via NDI versus traditional video routers. Does anyone have case studies or examples to share?

what decoders are being used for this type of install?



NDI over MPLS network

Par : stevesarzi
there would be any problem using a MPLS network for NDI trasmission?
Thinking about remote production.

Thank you


Can I have the 2nd Virtual Input?

Par : masuibass
Hello all,

I am trying to use IP workflow with Zoom Meetings.

And also I want to use the Zoom feature of sharing the second camera input as screen sharing.

So that, I need the second Virtual Input.

Can I have that?

Mutsuo Masui

NDI HX Camera IOS app

Par : petjo10
I have two questions
1. Can I use NDI HX Camera IOS app with Iphone 11 and use the three rear cameras?
2. Why is there no 1080p mode?

Best Regards Peter

Scan Converter displays blank browser page

Par : b_armstro
Looking for some tips on getting Scan Converter to work properly.

I'm able to select a web browser window in scan converter, the browser page is available as a source in Tricaster, but when it's used as a source the browser is just a blank white page on the Tricaster.

The second problem is when I maximize the browser window, only a full black page is displayed. I can tell that NDI is still transmitting because I can see the mouse pointer when moved over the browser.

Any ideas? This is a new build Windows 10 dell transmitting to a Tricaster 410 Advanced.


4K Spark pro dissapering act

Par : Acknoh
Both of my Spark Pro's no longer showed up in my Input Settings. I haven't done anything different to last time I used them with the same session. Then I switch to a 4K session and they came back. I went back to 1080p session and they re appeared.

Anyone know whats going on?

Set Up:
TC1 (Build 4K-170428C, not sure what software version I have, it's never been updated)
Spark Pro
Panasonic 4K HC-X1
TP Link TL SG1016PE

NDI Tools and Adobe 2020?

Par : Triodin
Trying to install the NDI tools and Adobe CC plugin and I've got the whole master suite installed, but none of the NDI plugins are in any of the 2020 files.

Is there an update to the NDI Tools installer that works with Adobe CC 2020?

Methods for syncing mixer audio with single/multiple NDI feeds?

Par : chulester
I'm new to NDI and have found that my single NDI camera has feed latency between 200-500ms.
I think it is varying due to initial LAN switch and camera power-up.

Aside from manually adjusting for this (I'm using OBS Studio on Win10), are there any tried and true methods for "calibrating" for this?

I'm curious to know other handle this as more NDI feeds are added (if it impacts at all)? I suspect each feed would need separate tuning.

Do you leave the camera (PoE LAN switch) always on to avoid dealing with it? What about after a power loss?

Maco Communications to VIZ TRIO

Hey y'all. I'm hoping to understand how VIZ TRIO sees commands sent from a VMC. For example, I can send a 'page:take 1000' command via a macro and it will trigger VIZ TRIO and play that page. But, what and how is being sent to the VIZ on the backend?

NDI Tools 4/4.1 Video Monitor on Macbook - Video is quarter screen

Par : jeff_h
Since NDI Tools 4+, all sources only show up in the bottom left quarter quadrant of the Video Monitor display window. Doesn't appear to be any settings to change that in the app on a Macbook Pro 2017.
Am I missing something? Many thanks!
Update: forgot to mention that all of the new mac minis (everything, including the Macbook on Catalina, if that matters) show full video in their NDI Video Monitor windows... just seems to be the Macbook that does this quarter screen thing.

NDI Scan Converter Crash/Stopping mid boradcast

Par : jgome91
Scan Converter seems to just stop abruptly during my streams, giving me no error message or warning. I've had to close it out in task manager and reopen it to have it work for about 5 minutes and then stop again. I've disabled onboard graphics due to me having my GTX 1050ti and also set the program to run primarily on the 1050 in the windows settings. I've set exceptions in my firewall and even found that sometimes running chrome will cause it to freeze. idk what is going on here but its ruining my streams as of late. :(

Scan Converter won't change resolution

Par : Nardella
If I change the resolution of my windows 10 desktop the output of scan converter does not change, even if I restart the app, restart the PC and reinstall NDI Tools. What do I do?

Manual NDI Tools install without administrator rights

Par : editmix
I'm starting to use NDI at a large corporate media dept that has a TriCaster. I'm trying to utilize some of the corporate owned Windows 10 computers but the IT dept has very strict security limitations on what software is allowed to be installed. I've been able to install OBS as a portable application and it works great. Unfortunately I cannot install NDI tools since I don't have administration rights. Is there a way to do a portable or manual install of NDI?