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NDI only capturing some of my screen?

Par : Drivethruj
I just got a new ultrawide 21x9 3440x1440 monitor i'm capturing from that to a 1920x1080 screen and it's only capturing a small chunk from it to OBS. What can I do?

NC1 Studio Input Module and Tricaster 860

Par : aaronriggs
General connectivity question here....

My control room is setup with a Tricaster 860 AE2. I'm needing to mix a five camera show that will be produced a few buildings away, yet all buildings are networked together.

If I get a NC1, can my 5 cameras connect to it locally, convert the signals to NDI, and then appear as sources on my TC 860?

AND, if yes... then the NC1 is equivalent to having five Connect Sparks... that right?

Thanks for helping me understand!

NDI Virtual Input not working with NVIDIA GeForce TRX 2070

NDI Virtual Input will detect my INVIDIA card but does not allow me to choose it. Has anyone seen this problem? When I go to NDI Virtual Input there is no dropdown option for my other screens (INVIDIA), only my Intel Graphics card. I tried driver updates to my GE Force INVIDIA card but still no luck. It had been working before. Even when I right click the NDI Tools icon/program and try to choose the correct graphics processor (It does show up there), it will not engage it.

NUGEN Launches “Staying Home, Staying Creative” Initiative

Company Hosts Online Resource Webpage and Delivers Temporary Licenses for Work-from-Home Customers LEEDS, UK, APRIL 20, 2020 – In response to the rapidly changing needs of the industry, NUGEN Audio has launched a digital initiative to support the audio and production community through the COVID pandemic. Aptly dubbed “Staying Home, Staying Creative,” the program is ...

The post NUGEN Launches “Staying Home, Staying Creative” Initiative appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE. Broadcast Engineering News.


Par : brook286
Hi there,
Using Gotomeeting V10.8.0 and NDI 4.5 or 3.8, I can't get goto to see the NDI input. Anyone have any luck?

NewTek NDI Video Monitor 3.2 Problem

Par : propice
the video displayed in the monitor is zoomed/cropped.
It is still ok with version 3.1

Skype NDI OUTPUT, black screen help


I've got the desktop version of Skype and have turned on NDI. When I am in a call I see 3 feeds from skype "local", "person speaking" and one other I forget the name of. Unfortunately they are all black when viewed in NDI studio monitor.

I've seen a number of reports on google of this, but most seem to end in "it fixed itself, I don't know what I did" rather than in a solution I can try. I did try making more than one call, starting and stopping skype and studio monitor, so far I get the same results every time.

Anyone know what is wrong?

P.S. are there any other video conferencing tools besides skype with NDI OUTPUT support built in?

NDI/Win10pro issues

Par : DiscoStew
Hi folks :)

I'm having issues with NDI on Win10 (professional) and Adobe CC. Let me first start by saying that my OS and Adobe CC are fully up to date. My system is an Intel i7-3770k w/16G ram.

Here's an overview of what I'm having as a problem and what I've done trying to resolve it.

what works:
1) NDI to NDI works without any problems. If I use Virtual Input and Studio Monitor (or any of the NDI tools) they seem to work with each other just fine.
2) NDI audio is recognized across my whole system as an audio input source.

what isn't working:
1) Windows camera (or Skype) will not recognize any camera feed from NDI.
2) Adobe Character Animator (aka "ChAn") will not access the camera feed. It says "Waiting for camera" which is adobe-speak for "I see you but I'm waiting for a signal from you." But it does hear the audio from the virtual device as does any app on my system.

Twice over the last 4 days I've been able to see the NDI camera in the ChAn camera input. I have not been able to understand why Ch would suddenly see it as I hadn't made any changes other than just left my Virtual input streaming an iPhone camera for half an hour. When it was working with Ch, none of my other apps would recognize the camera. But now today, ChAn doesn't even present the option for the Newtek video sources at all.

I've uninstalled then reinstalled NDI Tools but with no success.

Sorry if this has sounded incoherent ramble, but I'm so frustrated trying to get this all to work.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


NDI on windows 10 laptop + iphone webcam set up question

Par : sungyul111
Hello, I have NDI Virtual Input on my Windows 10 laptop and NDI HX Camera app on my Iphone. The webcam connection works perfect on my laptop for Skype, Zoom, etc.

That said, I am not able to get the webcam to work on this laptop through work remote session. When I try to use Skype for Business in the remote session, it recognizes the video driver as Newtek Video but does not output video. Are there any ways to get this to work?

NDI Virtual Input Not Loading

Par : DJ3K
Per title, Virtual Input is not loading (no icon in the system tray). Have tried reinstalling Toolkit, have tried launching it manually, no luck. Anyone have this issue or any ideas how to troubleshoot?

NDI for webex

Par : dgbehrends

I could use some help getting an NDI stream from my Android phone into Webex on a windows 10 machine. I'm able to create a stream and can view it on my local network through my web browser but I can't get the video stream recognized in webex. I have the NDI extension for webex and it shows up as an option but when I select it I don't see anything. Perhaps I'm not creating the right stream format from my phone. I am using the app IP WEBCAM, from the google play store. I can see the stream when I go my local address in a web browser.

NDI over the internet?

I'm working on a project where I will bring in various video sources from different locations by NDI, composite them into a virtual set at my location and then send the composite back out to other locations by NDI. This is all over the public internet.

Is this possible (assuming enough bandwidth) using just access manager? I want to test it out but am having trouble because the networks I have access to right now are cable modems with NATs so the "true" IP address of the machines where access manager is running are not exposed on the internet. Will access manager work in this kind of setup? If so, how would the NATs/firewalls have to be setup? Is there any way to capture sources as NDI HX (iPhone app) to reduce the bandwidth requirements?

I don't mind using a commercial service and paying for it, but before I can get budget I need to do a proof of concept and I need to do it quickly. It didn't seem like any of the commercial NDI cloud services have a "download and try it" version. Does anyone know of a service I can get a trial for right away that would work?

Right now I have access to 10mbps up/300mbps down internet. I can upgrade to full 2gig up/down but again I would like to prove that this works (even at reduced quality) before paying for the upgrade.

It would also be nice if there was some way to output the video window from a video chat program such as teams, webex, skype...etc as NDI. This would be a last resort for getting the remote feed, however low the quality.

Problems with NewTek Connect (free) and Aja cards


I got the impression that NewTek Connect was supposed to work with Aja video input cards. I have a Aja Kona HDMI 4 input card on windows 10 and it does not seem to be recognized. My webcam shows up, but the Aja card with 1080p60 video sources connected does not.

Is there some way to fix this?

Also I find it very annoying that Connect seems to grab my entire screen and won't let me move it to a different monitor. My main monitor is a big 4k and it seems a waste to have connect grab all of it. I'd at least like to move it to my smaller 1920x1200 monitor but when I use the windows keys to do this the window stays 4k size. Is there some way to move/resize this window? All the normal windows methods seem to be disabled.


NDI HX Camera iOS app tally colors

I've discovered what the red and green tally light bands in the HX Camera app mean, but what is the blue tally band around the window telling me?
I see the blue band in Ecamm. In OBS the tally band displays red as program and green as preview.

No audio Mac to PC

Par : jgeduldig
I'm using NDI Tools 4.5 on a Mac and on a PC.

Running Scan Converter on the PC, I can hear audio on the Mac with Video Monitor.

The opposite does not work. Running Scan Converter on the Mac, I cannot hear audio on the PC with Studio Monitor. I've double checked all the audio settings.

support ultra wide(2560*1080)

Par : colaH
With OBS's NDi plugin, I can use 2560 * 1080.
However, the OBS itself generates stuttering and reduces the frame rate.

On the other hand, ndi tools' scan converters are not.
So I like the ndi scan converter.

But the ndi scan converter also seems to have problems
The monitor has a resolution of 2560 * 1080
Streaming seems to be output at a resolution of about 1920 * 810.

I want to know if the scan converter is not currently supported, or if the scan converter is supported but there are other problems in my environment.
Also, I would like to know if there is a way to force resolution setting even if an older version is installed.
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NDI HX works on Wireless not on Wired

Par : cmpenney
I'm using the NDIHX camera app on a iPhone 8. If the phone and my laptop are both on my wireless network then the Studio Monitor App will locate and display the feed from my phone. However if I plug my laptop into my network with an Ethernet cable I'm no longer able to see the phone. My desktop that is always connected to Ethernet is also not able to see the phone in studio Monitor.

I've tried switching ports. Turning off cellular data on the phone. disabling the firewall. Nothing seems to work. Anyone have any thoughts on why I would be able to see the phone if both devices are on the wireless but not if one is plugged directly into the wired network?

Adobe Media Encoder doesn't recognize NDI 4.5 monitor recorded files

Par : fgolman
As the subject says, I'm getting media offline for the recorded files. It IS recognized properly by Premiere internally, and I can encode edited programs within. Just not to export project to Media Encoder.

Any thoughts?

Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications

Screen Sharing Stopped And I Don't Know How To Start It Again

Par : Brotuulaan
I installed NDI Tools a couple of weeks ago, and it started screen sharing from the host computer immediately. I didn't have to go through any setup of any kind—I just opened Monitor on the other computer, and the host was listed as a source for me to pick which screen to show. I used it this way multiple times since installing it without an issue.

But yesterday, I opened up everything so I could use it for a recording we were going to do on the receiving computer, and Monitor didn't list the host computer as a source anymore. I've opened all sorts of bits and restarted all the network devices, but it's still not showing up.

Why the heck did it start working at the start but now it's not showing my device screens? And how do I start it up again? The PDF that came with the suite isn't helpful at all. It seems more like an advertising packet than a user manual.

MacBook Pro 16" - NDI issues

Hi ALL!!

Does anyone had and bad or good experience using NDI 4.1\4.5 on the new MacBook pro 16"?

I have 2 Windows machines and NDI works flawless. Internal and external... Resolume, OSC, Adobe, Vmix.....

In me new MacBook pro I have a lot of strange issues.

And well... that's not a low specs issue.
I9, 32GB ram, 5500m Pro 8GB GPU....

Crashes, NDI monitor work strange (NewTek NDI monitor & Sienna NDI Monitor), On Resolume Arena - when I have a high detail output I'm getting a lot of Pixelisataion.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks, Daniel.

NDI HX Camera Disrupts Audio When Active In OBS Studio (Windows)

Par : Brotuulaan
I downloaded the HX Camera app and installed the NDI Integration plugin by Palakis in the hopes that I oculd use my iPhone as a second view for doing video guitar lessons, but I was quite disappointed to find that while I get the video signal, I can't use it because activating/unhiding the NDI input on-screen causes the audio to go bubbly and jittery. I posted about it in this plugin's discussion on the OBS forum (people are carrying on other dialogue but skipped over my question), and here's how I wrote it over there:


"Installed it today but can't use it because any time it's active, it disrupts the audio feed from my other sources—regardless of any audio setting I've found.

If I turn off the NDI feed from my phone, it leaves a static shot of the last frame on the screen and the audio works fine.

If I hide the NDI source, the audio works fine.

But if the feed is live and the source is visible, all other audio just becomes a bubbly, jittery mess. This is regardless of the BDI audio being enabled or what video format I'm using to stream/record."


Oh, and I should add that the meter looks fine, and the monitor output is fine as well. It's just the encoding stage where the issues crop up whenever NDI is active.

Very disappointing, given how close it is to functioning and hoe unusual the disfunction is.


Incompatibility between NDI Tools and Jack Audio Connection Kit ?

Par : abo
I want to use JACK (Jack Audio connection Kit) in order to access remote audio sources.
But it is not working as expected.

System : Windows 10 version 1909 up to date
NDI Tools for windows last version (4.5 ?)
JACK Audio Connection Kit version 1.9.11 windows build

Studio Monitor and Scan Converter crash immediatly when launched with similar message in Windows Application Event Viewer.

Nom de l’application défaillante Application.Network.StudioMonitor.x64.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x5e7b19dd
Nom du module défaillant : ntdll.dll, version : 10.0.18362.719, horodatage : 0x64d10ee0
Code d’exception : 0xc0000026
Décalage d’erreur : 0x00000000000fbf98
ID du processus défaillant : 0x209c
Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d60cf7eb44d619
Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI 4 Tools\Studio Monitor\Application.Network.StudioMonitor.x64.exe
Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
ID de rapport : 4c71de22-6720-460c-a552-449798641a26
Nom complet du package défaillant :
ID de l’application relative au package défaillant :

I tried simplified installations with reduced/selected tools.
Even with only scan converter and/or studio monitor the application crashes.
Even if JACK is not running Studio Monitor and Scan Converter crash.

As soon as JACK is uninstalled, NDI Tools work properly ! ! ! meaning that there is a kind of incompatibility between NDI Tools and JACK.

For information, vMix Desktop Capture works perfectly with JACK running.

I reproduced this easily on two different Pcs.

Do you have any idea why this happens ?

Many thanks for your help

NDI 4.5 - VLC Plugin not installing on Win10 workstations

Par : Tesla
I recently started using NDI 4.5 Tools and have found that the latest tools download does not seem to install the VLC Plugin (it was selected in the list for the installer) on Win 10 PCs (tried 2 different machines as a 'fresh' install). All the other 4.5 Tool apps install and work fine. Has anyone else got this issue?

NDI HX Camera iPhone to Zoom macOS

Par : andrewrich
I'd love to use NDI HX Camera to make my iPhone 11 a remote camera for Zoom on macOS, as described in the press release linked from this More article. I installed the NDI Tools and the NDI HX Driver but the NDI camera doesn't show up as an available video source in Zoom (or anywhere else on my Mac).

I didn't see any manual or FAQ or instructions for using these tools. Could someone please point me to some information about how to get this working as described in the company press release?


NDIHx on Mac. No Video just audio

Par : CRay
Im Setting up NDI_HX on a Mac and Iphone. I can only get audio no video. What could be the problem?
I have tried two different phones a macbook and Mac Desktop.


Par : Marco Savo

Deadline: 31.05.2020

Event: Gdansk, 4 – 5 September 2020

Are you a creator of generative art and would like to present your art project to a wider audience?

You are invited to participate in the Open Call for In Progress 2020 Immateriality.

You can submit your audiovisual projects incorporating generative art. Projects should use real-time audio and video tools.

Among the submitted propositions, the jury will select two finalists who will perform during one of the festival days. As a reward winners will receive a remuneration of PLN 1000 gross.


The post IN PROGRESS 2020 – OPEN CALL appeared first on Audiovisualcity.

NDI HX Camera (iPhone) with OBS (Mac OS 10.15.4)

Par : skr
I´ve just installed NDI HX Camera and want to use it as Input source for OBS Studio 24.06.

The only way I figured out to get the stream into OBS Studio is by launching NewTek NDI Video Monitor 3.1 (28) and then choose "Window" as source for OBS. That works fine so far, but I wonder, if there is a way to get the stream directly into OBS, without using Video Monitor?

"Secure" NDI Streams

Par : joshmarcik
Looking for a way to limit what a user can see in Access Manager/Studio Monitor.

Unicast addresses in Remote Sources work fine accordingly, but we have content security concerns where someone who may have access one day shouldn't have it the next day, and we cannot constantly change IP addresses to accommodate.

Anyone with similar needs and solutions?