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Is the GH5 V-Log Firmware Upgrade Worth the Price Tag For A Budget Filmmaker?

Par Lewis McGregor

 If you already own a GH5, is the V-Log activation code worth your money? We break down its value for the filmmaker on a budget. GH5 V-Log ...

Breaking News: DJI Mavic 2 Will Be Announced Very Soon

Par Logan Baker

DJI is expected to announce the impending release of their latest entry into the Mavic drone line, the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Top image ...

Lens Review: How To Shoot Anamorphic with The Atlas Orion Lenses

Par Todd Blankenship

Anamorphic lenses yield arguably the most inherently cinematic images. Now, thanks to Atlas Lens Co. and others, they're becoming more accessible.

What Else Can You Do with Your 360° and VR Video Footage?

Par Charles Yeager

Do you dislike 360 and VR video? In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to get creative with some alternative uses for these formats.

Nikon Releases Their First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Par Logan Baker

Nikon has just unveiled its long-rumored first foray into the mirrorless camera game with the brand-new Z7 and Z6 models.

Four Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGrid

Par Rachel Wilson

The popular camera-sharing community ShareGrid is expanding into all fifty states. Here's how you can make their equipment rental model work for you.

Roundup: 5 Budget Zoom Lenses for Beginning Filmmakers

Par Jourdan Aldredge

When you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, an affordable zoom lens can be your best friend. Here are our picks for the best lenses for beginners.

Breaking: Aputure Releases Their New Line of Light-Shaping Accessories

Par Robbie Janney

Aputure has released 5 new accessories that will elevate your lighting game to a whole new level. Here's what you need to know.

This DIY Roger Deakins-Style Ring Light Costs Less Than $150

Par Todd Blankenship

Filmmaker extraordinaire Roger Deakins often uses homemade ring lights. Here's how to take a page from his playbook and build one yourself — for cheap.

The Blackmagic eGPU: The Graphics Upgrade Your Mac Needs

Par Robbie Janney

The Blackmagic eGPU is a new external graphics processor made exclusively for Mac. Here's what we think it can do for you.

7 DIY Filmmaking Hacks: Creating New Lights to Building Your Own Hi-Hat

Par Logan Baker

In this video tutorial, we've rounded up seven quick-and-easy camera and lighting builds to expand your filmmaking arsenal.

Hands-On Gear Review: The Versatile DJI Ronin-S Gimbal

Par Robbie Janney

This gimbal is one of the most intuitive stabilizers on the market, and it could definitely benefit your production. Read on for our full review.

Videography Tips: What to Look for in a Good Shoulder Mount

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Interested in a shoulder mount for your camera for more mobility on your next project? Here’s what to look for when you start shopping.

What Is a Fast Lens, and What Goes into Designing One?

Par Todd Blankenship

So the "faster" your lens, the more light it can capture, but what is it that really determines a lens's maximum aperture?

How Documentary Filmmakers Make Synthetic Light Look Natural

Par Lyndsay Knecht

On low-budget documentary shoots, protecting the environment means careful use of natural light. But what if timing ruins a moment the crew can't recreate?

Unlock the Potential of Your Canon 5D Mark IV with These Tips

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Are you a photographer or videographer in the market for a Canon 5D Mark IV? Here's everything you need to know in order to maximize your investment.

Samsung Galaxy S10 : VR, IA, 4G et photos à l’honneur avec l’Exynos 9820

Par Bastien L
Samsung Galaxy S10 : VR, IA, 4G et photos à l’honneur avec l’Exynos 9820

Pour son futur Galaxy S10, Samsung a décidé de miser sur une puce nouvelle génération. C’est un Exynos 9820 qui assurera la performance sur le prochain fleuron technologique du constructeur coréen.

Cet article Samsung Galaxy S10 : VR, IA, 4G et photos à l’honneur avec l’Exynos 9820 a été publié sur Réalité

Hands-On Review: The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Par Lewis McGregor

In our latest hands-on video gear review, we cover everything you want to know about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a New Camera

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Ready for an upgrade? Here are five important things to think about before you spend the money to invest in a new camera.

Hands-On Review: G-Technology’s G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD

Par John Rodriguez

Extra space for photos and videos is always a plus — so is accessing them in a hurry. We took a look at the G-Drive Mobile Pro ...

New Filmmaker Tips For Using The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Par Lewis McGregor

If you're a new filmmaker taking your new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K out on its first shoot, here are a few settings and tips you need ...

Video Gear: Is the Fuji X-T3 a Viable Option for Filmmakers?

Par Tanner Shinnick

As filmmakers increasingly turn to quality over quantity of features, the Fuji X-T3 is starting to attract some attention.

The Most Exciting Camera Rumors of 2019

Par Jack Roberts

Another new year, another new round of juicy camera conjectures. Here’s your officially unofficial 2019 camera rumor roundup!

Industry Trends: The Most Popular Gear Rentals of 2018

Par Logan Baker

ShareGrid just released their end-of-year report detailing the most popular gear rentals of 2018. Let's take a look at the most-used pieces of equipment.

The Cameras and Lenses Behind 2019’s Oscar-Nominated Films

Par Jack Roberts

A look at the cameras and gear used to capture all of the 2019 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture and Best Cinematography.

Roundup: The Best Portable Hard Drives for Video Editing

Par Robbie Janney

Running out of space on your hard drive? Here are some of the best-in-class options that keep up with an editor's workflow requirements.