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Unlock the Power of Macros with These Gaming Keyboards

Par Alejandro Medellin

Keyboards with dedicated macro keys can streamline your editing workflow, so consider these worthy keyboard options and save time on your next edit.

Why and How to Transcribe Your Podcast Episodes

Par Chuck Crosswhite

After recording and publishing your podcast, you should definitely look into transcribing it to help with its visibility and SEO. Here's how.

The Most Practical Livestreaming Microphones on the Market

Par Logan Baker

Here are five of the best, most affordable microphones for anyone interested in recording high-quality audio for livestreaming.

7 Tutorials on Improving Your Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Par Logan Baker

Looking for ways to improve your editing game when you have extra time on your hands? Dive into these seven awesome Final Cut Pro X tutorials.

Why Hindenburg Is the Best Podcast Editing Software

Par Alejandro Medellin

For an intuitive experience try Hindenburg Journalist, the audio editing software built for radio and used by podcasters around the world.

Free Final Cut Pro X Plugins to Improve Your Video Edits

Par Robbie Janney

Expand your video editing toolkit with 12 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins to boost your editing workflow and improve your final product.

10 Must-Have Final Cut Pro X Plugins

Par Logan Baker

Get more from FCPX! We've scoured the web and rounded up some excellent Final Cut Pro X plugins!

Tell a Better Story with Effective Podcast Sound Mixing

Par Robbie Janney

Improve the soundscape of your podcasts and enhance your production value with a few simple — and effective — sound design tricks.

Every Podcast Editing and Recording Software, Ranked

Par Alejandro Medellin

Want to record and edit a podcast? You'll need a Digital Audio Workstation, but with so many options, you'll have to shop around first.

Fix It in Post — Four Ways to Save Your Film in Post-Production 

Par Zach Ramelan

Relying on any aspect of post-production to repair your project is a bad idea. But there is a right way to "fix it in post." Here's what ...

Where to Host Your Podcast in 2020

Par Robbie Janney

As a new podcast creator, you've got a lot of options on places to host your podcast. Let's find out which one is right for you.

The Best Microphone Setups for Every Type of Podcaster

Par Chuck Crosswhite

Tips to help anyone looking to start a podcast by covering audio basics, studio setups, microphone reviews, and input for different styles of podcasts.

4 Simple Ways to Add Text and Titles in Final Cut Pro X

Par Logan Baker

Using four easy-to-learn methods, discover the tools and shortcuts for adding titles, captions, and animated titles to your FCPX video clips.

Improve The Overall Quality of Your Videos with A Discrete Sound Card

Par Alejandro Medellin

Listening to the purest form of the recording is essential when you're editing audio. For the best sound, upgrade to a sound card.

7 of the Most Inventive Uses of Green Screen in Movies

Par Logan Baker

There's no shortage of movies that use visual effects, but only a few have been totally cutting-edge and crazy when it comes to green screen.

Academy Award-Nominated Editor Jin-mo Yang Shares His Secrets

Par Robbie Janney

Editor Jin-mo Yang shares with us why he still uses Final Cut Pro 7 and his approach to editing the multi-genre, Golden Globe-winning film Parasite.

5 Tips for Getting Started Working with Audio in Audacity

Par Alejandro Medellin

Audacity is a free audio recording and editing application with an easy-to-use interface. Here are a few tips on getting started.

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film & Video Trailers

Par Robbie Janney

Download this collection of high-quality free sound effects for your films and videos! We've curated this collection of free SFX to give your trailers MAXIMUM impact!

How to Chroma Key in Adobe Premiere Pro

Par Robbie Janney

In this write-up, we'll show you how to chroma-key your video footage in Premiere Pro without sending your clips to After Effects.

How to Easily Fix Media Pending Error (After Render) in Adobe Premiere Pro

Par Todd Blankenship

Are you seeing a random single frame of the "Media Pending" error screen on your Premiere timeline? Here are some really quick ways to fix the problem.

A Shortage in NAND Flash Memory Could Raise SSD Prices

Par Alejandro Medellin

With the possibility of an increase in price in SSDs due to the incident at the NAND manufacturing plant, the time to buy an SSD is now.

How to Key Green Screen Footage in After Effects

Par Charles Yeager

When you're ready to key your green screen footage, After Effects will be your go-to. Learn how to use After Effects green screen tools for a seamless ...

Blue Screen Vs. Green Screen: Which One Do You Need?

Par Charles Yeager

You've heard of green screens and their cousin, the blue screen. But what's difference? Compare blue screen vs green screen to decide which one you need.

Filmmaking Challenge: How to Create Foley for Stock Footage

Par Robbie Janney

Do you have a video clip, but it doesn't have any accompanying audio? In this challenge, we explore how you can create your own foley effects.

Step up Your Audio: 3 Tips to Improve Your Projects

Par Anthony Najera

In this tutorial, we take a look at three important considerations to keep in mind to improve the audio for your next video project.

Tips for Lighting Different Skin Tones in the Same Shot

Par Rubidium Wu

Lighting talent is hard enough, but when you have to take into account different skin tones, you need a thorough understanding of how to control light.

Capturing Sound with the New 32-Bit Floating Audio

Par Rubidium Wu

Cameras that shoot RAW are more forgiving for new shooters. This new audio format — a 32-bit floating point — promises to do the same for sound ...

7 Top-Notch Tutorials for Learning the Basics of Filmmaking

Par Jourdan Aldredge

From building a crew to shooting and editing a video, here's everything you need to know to begin your filmmaking career.

Creating Scenes with Audio: Make Your Setting Appear Silent

Par Lewis McGregor

In this writeup, we'll discuss how to make a scene completely silent, as well as how to reintroduce specific sounds into your scene.

Shooting Video Interviews with Two People at Once

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Plan accordingly, know the usual problems, and be ready to adjust on the fly: A guide to handling two people at once for sit-down video interviews.