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Production virtuelle, IA, XR, storytelling : La Realtime Conference de retour !

Par : Shadows

La Realtime Conference annonce une nouvelle session de conférences en ligne, les 8 et 9 juin. Au menu, des interventions ambitieuses sur des sujets variés :

• Virtual Production Region by Region: Europe
• Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | GANs
• Tools of Tomorrow: Real Time Live Demos
• Real-Time @ SIGGRAPH
• XR | 5G – How XR will be enabled in the Next Era of Computing
• The Ever Evolving Real-Time Cinematic
• Immersive Storytelling
• Future of Real-Time in Experimental Art & Education
• Location Based AR Visualization | Enhanced Location
• Vehicles and VR: The In-Car Entertainment Revolution Is Coming
• The New Storytelling Craft – Nonlinear, Dynamic, and RealTime

Comme nous vous l’avions expliqué, avec la dématérialisation de l’édition physique en raison du COVID-19, les précédentes conférences en ligne avaient été proposées gratuitement. Ce choix est ici reconduit, mais avec une variante : l’équipe organisatrice vous invite, lors de l’inscription et si vous le pouvez, à participer financièrement.

La page de l’évènement et son formulaire d’inscription (en bas) vous permettent donc de choisir vous-même le tarif : gratuit si vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de dépenser, et un montant à choisir dans la liste sinon. Notez qu’un rabais de 30% sur le tarif « théorique » est proposé pour les personnes lisant certains médias ou affiliées à certaines organisations (SIGGRAPH, VES, 3DVF, FXGuide sont notamment listés).
En clair : vous pouvez donc choisir le montant qui vous semble convenable, mais gardez en tête que l’organisation d’une telle conférence demande évidemment du temps et des ressources à l’équipe qui la met en place.

Enfin, vous trouverez ci-dessous un aperçu des conférences majeures, le programme complet étant disponible sur le site officiel. On remerciera d’ailleurs la RTC Conference d’avoir pensé à indiquer les horaires selon plusieurs fuseaux : une excellente idée qui permettra d’éviter les conversions.

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La RealTime Conference le 4 mai : Dennis Muren, USD, XR et bien plus au programme

Par : Shadows

Mise à jour du 4 mai : la conférence se tient comme prévu aujourd’hui en ligne.
Publication initiale le 30 avril 2020.

Après plusieurs conférences en ligne récemment, la RealTime Conference est de retour ! Le 4 mai seront proposées des conférences en collaboration avec la Visual Effects Society.

Au menu des présentations :
Dennis Muren, le vétéran des effets visuels d’ILM, évoquera Star Wars et les techniques innovantes qui ont marqué l’industrie (à 20h heure de Paris) ;
– Design & Manufacturing ;
– Real World in Real-Time : capture volumétrique, light fields, hologrammes ;
– USD & temps réel : comment l’Universal Scene Description de Pixar peut s’adapter aux pipelines temps réel ;
– XR pour le divertissement : conseils techniques et retours artistiques ;
– Keynote : IKEA et les graphismes temps réel.

Le programme détaillé est en ligne (fiez-vous aux heures CEST si vous êtes en France).

L’accès est gratuit, l’enregistrement obligatoire via cette page et avec le code RTC2020FREE

L’article La RealTime Conference le 4 mai : Dennis Muren, USD, XR et bien plus au programme est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Mediaproxy organizes compliance monitoring webinar program

Melbourne, Australia – 18 March 2020: Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, will host a series of webinars to connect with customers and prospects it would have otherwise met during the now cancelled NAB Show. The aim behind the online sessions is to allow people to hear about the latest version of the ...

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Par : Marco Savo

Bogotà, 13-23 February 2020

Bogotrax 2020 is a matrix. It is the multiple matrix of a mycelium. A constantly expanding network. Its flowers emerge whenever an encounter (between hyphae) happens.

That is the experiment: to interweave a network of partnerships where organizers and public, actors and spectators jointly participate in the production of social space.

Bogotrax Festival has been taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, for 10 years. From 2003 onward, during the month of February. Ten days of parties and workshops; talks, conferences, performances, activities in different locations, street parades, activities in different local prisons, exhibitions, graffiti, “raves”. 

All this for free. Collectives and artists from different countries supported the festival with their participation. 

The festival was never meant to promote brands nor it was funded by any institutions. The festival rebellious self-managing spirit led it to program the end of its first life cycle. Bogotrax restarted itself with a relevant topic: “Only in case of emergency.”


Bogotà, Colombia



Facebook / Twitter

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MUCA / Conference of Music and Audiovisual Culture

Par : Marco Savo

Murcia, May 28 – 30 2020

In recent years we are witnessing a true technological revolution with a global impact in all areas of society, from the various forms of entertainment to education. The technology, in constant change and transformation, marks a rapid pace that shapes our way of seeing the world, a profound reflection on new ways of apprehending reality becoming necessary.

It is undeniable: the music has a leading role in the AV world. This is not a mute revolution. This becomes obvious if we consider the importance of music on mobile devices and communication technologies.

Within this context and following the trail of success of the previous editions, Congreso Internacional Música y Cultura Audiovisual MUCA VII will be held on 21, 22 and 23 January 2020 at the University of Murcia. Same aim of the event ahead: to encourage the knowledge exchange and dissemination among sound and AV professionals and researchers. To be achieved through analysis, reflection and criticism in music and culture of recent decades.


Music and film / Music and television / Music and advertising / Music and video games / Music and Internet / Prosumers and market / Analysis of music in audiovisual culture / Music and technology / Digitalization, globalization and new ways of marketing / Teaching music in audiovisual culture.

Congreso de Musica y Cultura Audiovisual

University of Murcia, Spain



Facebook / Twitter

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The 2020 HPA Tech Retreat: Celebrating 25 Years of Challenging, Informing, and Exploring

The HPA has unveiled portions of the program for the 2020 HPA Tech Retreat®, set for February 17-20, 2019. The HPA Tech Retreat, marking its 25th year in 2020, is the pre-eminent gathering of industry-leading thinkers and innovation-focused companies engaged in the creation, management, and dissemination of content. The 2020 Tech Retreat will be held at ...

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The past week, 5th – 9th November, MIRA FESTIVAL celebrated its 9th Edition and Audiovisual City were present to enjoy the program that featured audiovisual shows, 360-degree experiences in DOME format, installations, workshops and conferences.

This edition rethought the combination of art and technology as tools of protest, to turn thinking into action, and invited us to interfere in a personal transformation to trigger a change in the future. In addition to this ingenious theme, the festival opened a new stage at Fabra i Coats, dedicated to multidimensional sound: the 3D Sound Room by Estrella Galicia.

For the live AV shows, we want to highlight some well-known artists that MIRA festival brought this year. Thursday Sam Shepert (AKA Floating Points) played accompanied by the visuals of Hammill Industries. Friday’s Av highlight was CLARK feat. Evelyn Bencicova and her show of a wide gamma of textures along with his characteristic techno. Alessandro Cortini also produced some emotional content through electronic sounds, with his warm and human visuals. On Saturday Biosphere performed a series of recordings and improvisations captured outdoors on the island of Senja, and Vessel and Pedro Maia presented the dualities of the human condition. But these are just some of the many artists who participated in this edition.

Some of the artists that surprised us at Audiovisual City were, on Friday, the Nihiloxica band, with their intercultural experiment, fusing the indigenous Bugandina percussion with dark European club music. Also, on Saturday, the duet of 700 Bliss, with who you clearly see a relationship with the theme of the festival, sounds and words are embodied in suffering and social alignment in an unfair world. And finally, Curl, on Saturday, where we could see an unexpected turn in the style of the band, showing a previous experimental work. The originality and strength of these artists left us astonished.

We show you some of the magical moments that we captured at the festival.

Main Stage
Robert Lippok and Lucas Gutierrez present Non-Face (DOME)
Robert Lippok and Lucas Gutierrez present Non-Face (DOME)
700 Bliss (Live AV)
700 Bliss (Live AV)
Curl (Live AV)
Curl (Live AV)
Rally (Live AV)
Rally (Live AV)
Beatrice Dillon (Live)
Beatrice Dillon (Live)
Biosphere (Live AV)
Floating Points (Live AV)
Dualismo, Carlos Saez
Dualismo, Carlos Saez
Dualismo, Carlos Saez
Dualismo, Carlos Saez
Curl (Live AV)
Alessandro Cortini (Live AV)
BREACH ACT I, Rick Farin
BREACH ACT I, Rick Farin
BREACH ACT I, Rick Farin

MIRA Festival

Barcelona, Spain


Mira Festival

See on the map

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Conférence IBSIC version 2 au Video Mapping Festival de Lille 2019

Le Vidéo Mapping Festival propose pour sa deuxième session la conférence IBSIC pour Image Beyond the Screen International Conference dédié à la filière VidéoMapping. Conférences, rencontres, études de cas, projections, écriture, technologie, formation, production, diffusion ou modèle économique seront au programme de cette deuxième édition. Du 28 au 30 mars 2019 à Arenberg Creative Mine. Le vendredi 29 mars sera aussi la soirée d’ouverture du Video Mapping Festival #2 et proposera un parcours de 25 VidéoMapping sur une boucle de 3,5 km.

Inscriptions à la conférence IBSIC jusqu’au 8 mars 2019, le programme complet en ligne.

IBSIC 2019
IBSIC 2019

Conférence IBSIC version 2 au Video Mapping Festival de Lille 2019 est un billet de LeCollagiste VJ.
LeCollagiste VJ - Mag du LeCollagiste, actu sur la culture VJING, Vidéo Mapping, info video et high tech.

HASBRO and Oculus Bring Popular Gaming Brands to Oculus GO

Par : lumenadmin

PAWTUCKET, RI – MAY 2, 2018 – Announced yesterday at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, Hasbro Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) is working with Oculus to bring Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for Boggle, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly to people with Oculus Go, for the first time. The VR games will be accessible in the Oculus Store wherever Oculus Rooms […]

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