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A Conversation with Lucian Read, Cinematographer of America Divided

Par Tanner Shinnick

We had the opportunity to chat with cinematographer Lucian Read about his work on America Divided, plus his thoughts on how to approach story as a DP.

Interview: Filmmaker America Young on Stunts, Directing, and Persistence

Par Paula Goldberg

From voice acting, to directing, to learning to love your work even on the bad days, America Young is here to tell you how it’s done. In ...

5 Tips to Ensure a Great DP and Director Relationship

Par Tanner Shinnick

Here are five ways DPs can create an excellent relationship with the director to strengthen morale on set and produce a better quality project.

Six Videography Tips for Shooting in Bright Sunlight

Par Jourdan Aldredge

In this roundup, check out some tips for keeping your cool and shooting quality footage in bright sunlight for your next video project.

Harness the Power of the Canon 5D Mark IV’s Built-in Intervalometer

Par Jourdan Aldredge

In this write-up, learn how you can create your own time-lapse videos using the in-camera settings for the Canon 5D Mark IV.

How to Soften Your Sharp 4K DSLR Video Footage

Par Lewis McGregor

Super sharp footage is great when you need it, and not so great when you don't. Here's how to soften it — during production and in post.

Lens Review: How To Shoot Anamorphic with The Atlas Orion Lenses

Par Todd Blankenship

Anamorphic lenses yield arguably the most inherently cinematic images. Now, thanks to Atlas Lens Co. and others, they're becoming more accessible.

Interview: How Filmmaker Jessica Sanders Brought a Tiny Person into a Big World

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Filmmaker Jessica Sanders chats about her short "End of the Line" and some of its amazing practical and digital VFX tricks.

The 5 Keys to Capturing Beautiful Landscape Footage

Par Jourdan Aldredge

In this article, we take a look at the keys to success when shooting beautiful landscape footage for your next film or video project.

Four Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGrid

Par Rachel Wilson

The popular camera-sharing community ShareGrid is expanding into all fifty states. Here's how you can make their equipment rental model work for you.

Why Dual Native ISO Should Be the New Industry Standard

Par Caleb Stephens

What does "Dual Native ISO" mean, what does it do for your shots, and why would its acceptance in the film and video industries matter?

Tips for Shooting Super High-Speed Footage with the Phantom Flex 4K

Par Logan Baker

Shooting with a high-speed camera? Here's how to prep your lights, camera, and storage to get the most out of the time you spend recording.

Roundup: 5 Budget Zoom Lenses for Beginning Filmmakers

Par Jourdan Aldredge

When you’re just starting out as a filmmaker, an affordable zoom lens can be your best friend. Here are our picks for the best lenses for beginners.

Documentary Filmmaking Tips for Shooting Subjects in Motion

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Here are five creative tips and tricks for documentary filmmakers looking to capture footage of their subjects in motion.

Understanding Image Noise in Your Film and Video Projects

Par Caleb Stephens

Nothing ruins a shot like noise. Knowing what causes it and how to recognize it can save you a lot of frustration — and some useless footage.

Which Camera Movement Should You Use — and When and Why?

Par Zach Ramelan

From expansive dolly moves to intimate handheld shots, there's a range of camera movements for every shot. But which one works best for the story?

8 Flight Tips to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic

Par Zach Ramelan

Drone footage is everywhere, so how do you capture cinematic shots to make your project stand out? Check out our favorite tips in this video tutorial.

Insights into the State of the Music Video Production Industry

Par Jourdan Aldredge

We examined the state of the music video production industry based on insights from a viral sensation director. Here's what we found out.

Panasonic Unveils Their New Mirrorless L-Mount Cameras

Par Jourdan Aldredge

The mirrorless camera wave continues to gain momentum as Panasonic reveals two new L-mount camera models forthcoming in 2019.

What to Keep in Mind When Creating Facebook Video Ads

Par Jourdan Aldredge

Creating a Facebook video ad campaign for yourself or a client? Here are five of the most important insights to keep in mind.

Cinematography Guide: The Effective Use of the Close-Up

Par John Francis McCullagh

Close-ups have a range of uses, from comedy to horror, but as a general rule, you should use them sparingly. Here are a few reasons why.

Roundup: Genre Filmmaking Tips and Tricks from the Filmmakers of Fantastic Fest

Par Jourdan Aldredge

We gathered some expert genre filmmaking advice from the filmmakers at this year's Fantastic Fest. Here's what they had to say.

5 Essential Rules for Working with a Second Camera Op

Par Jourdan Aldredge

When you bring a second camera operator onto your film or video shoot, be sure you communicate clearly about these five important elements.

SPACE KIT: Download 40+ Free Space Textures and Elements

Par Todd Blankenship

Want to create convincing space scenes with practically created elements and effects? Download these 40+ free space textures and elements and get to work.

Action Hits Toolkit: 70+ Free Action Compositing Elements

Par Todd Blankenship

With over 70 action compositing elements for your videos and motion graphics, the Action Hits Toolkit has everything you need for your next action sequence.

Demo Reel Tips: Use Smoke and Fog to Make Your Work Stand Out

Par Logan Baker

Atmosphere can be the difference between a boring shot and an incredible one. And colored smoke is about as atmospheric as it gets.