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V-Nova and NETINT Technologies collaborate to enhance transcoding quality and speed with MPEG-5 LCEVC

• V-Nova and NETINT enhance Codensity™ T408 Video Transcoders with MPEG-5 LCEVC • V-Nova LCEVC enhancement provides significant quality and density uplift for NETINT modules • Represents the first step in roadmap to integrate LCEVC onto NETINT’s next-gen chips due in 2021 London, UK / Vancouver, Canada – 4 August 2020 – V-Nova, a leading ...

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NDI support in Nimble Streamer

Par : Softvelum
NDI is now supported in Nimble Streamer, a software media server by Softvelum.
Nimble Streamer can be used as an efficient bridge between live production environments and global Internet.

NDI input
Nimble Streamer takes NDI input and handles it for further processing.
  • Get NDI from local network, decode it and make multiple renditions if needed.
  • Encode content into H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8, VP9 with supported encoding libraries.
  • Re-package into other live protocols like SRT, RIST RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH , Icecast etc
  • Record with DVR and play via HLS and MPEG-DASH.

NDI output
Nimble Streamer can take any live stream input and create output NDI stream.
  • It takes input via supported protocols like SRT, RIST, RTMP, MPEG-TS etc.
  • Transcode and send the content via NDI into local network.

NDI monitoring console tool
Along with implementing NDI in Nimble Streamer, we've made a console tool for diagnosing NDI streams.
It shows the list of active NDI streams in your network and provides detailed information about video and audio frames.

More details are shown on Nimble NDI digest page and in setup technical article.
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NDI ScanConverter for Linux

Par : livepad
New from Sienna:

NDI® ScanConverter for Linux. Supports Ubuntu, CentOS and more.
- Deliver NDI Monitoring output from Davinci Resolve, AutoDesk Flame and more
- Works On-Prem or in the Cloud for remote edit workflows using SiennaLink.

More info:

Pricing and Demonstrations from Approved Sienna Systems Integrators

Basic Screen Replacements (with Reflections) in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial, we'll take a look at one of the most common VFX techniques — the screen replacement. Let's see how it's done in After Effects.

NDI Virtual Input Lag

Par : TPS Chris

I was soo excited to hear that this would help us bridge the gap between OBS and Zoom! I installed it and got it up and running and while I'm able to see everything great right after opening, a few minutes into our zoom meetings the input will lag to the point where it'll just stay frozen. I love the application and the idea of what it should do, just not certain why I am experiencing this. I've been searching everywhere trying to find if anyone else has had this issue, but haven't come across it. Perhaps someone here can help troubleshoot?

Running on:
2019 Macbook Pro running Catalina
2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

OBS - 25.0.8

Zoom - 5.0.4

Berlin's First Smart City Quarter Powered by Panasonic

Nearly CO2-free heating for 90 households The showcase for social, digital & connected, green & sustainable living has commenced in Central Europe Panasonic's global smart cities portfolio extended with this European Lighthouse project In place to continue surpassing competi...

DejaSoft launches DejaEdit Version 3 –

Par : RadianceC

DejaEdit Version 3 takes file synchronizing to a new level with enhanced user experience, additional security features and improved workflow management For Immediate Release, 28 May 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden – Dynamic tech start-up DejaSoft has launched Version 3 of its cutting-edge media file synchronising software tool –  DejaEdit. An essential application vital for film productions, DejaEdit ...

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Numark introduces new Serato controllers: Mixtrack Platinum FX & Pro FX

Numark is making quarantine for DJs a bit more exciting today, launching two brand-new Serato DJ controllers: the Mixtrack Platinum FX and Mixtrack Pro FX. Built to appeal to both beginner and advanced DJs alike, these controllers sit an affordable price point for anyone looking to learn, or as an upgrade for advanced DJs using Serato […]

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EVS rachète Axon et concrétise la plus importante acquisition de son histoire

La société belge EVS va débourser 10,5 millions d’euros en cash et par endettement, et ajoutera jusqu’à 2,5 millions d’euros selon les prochains résultats d’Axon (earn-out). La marque Axon (CA 2019 : 17,5M€) sera absorbée par EVS au cours des prochaines semaines et son portefeuille de produits sera intégré dans l’offre globale EVS. « L’objectif est de reprendre tous les collaborateurs d’Axon et d’investir davantage dans leur technologie et leur expertise », indique EVS dans un communiqué.

EVS est le spécialiste des technologies vidéo en direct pour les producteurs, diffuseurs

Grâce à l’intégration du portefeuille de produits (Neuron, Cerebrum, Synapse) de son cousin néerlandais Axon, EVS offrira à ses clients une infrastructure de production pour les tournages vidéo en direct très complète, une gestion optimisée des ressources, une plus grande évolutivité et un déploiement plus rapide sur les lieux de tournage lors des opérations en direct à distance (remote production). Les clients d’EVS pourront également mettre en œuvre des solutions clés en main pour faire migrer en douceur leur infrastructure vers l’IP et la production à distance.

Les acquisitions sont rares pour EVS. La plus récente concernait Scalable Video System GmbH (SVS) au début de 2015, qui est aujourd’hui le mélangeur Dvyi dans le portefeuille d’EVS. Précédement, EVS avait acquis Open Cube Solutions (toolkit MXF) au début de 2010.


NDI Integration with Reaper DAW via Reastream

Par : livepad
Sienna NDI Processing Engine now has a pair of new modules which provide bidirectional, low latency integration between NDI and the Reaper DAW, using the Reastream protocol. A bit like DANTE or AES67, but much simpler, Sienna's NDI/Reastream support allows blocks of up to 8 channels of audio to travel between the NDI world and the Reaper DAW (and back again). On-prem this is a great, simple alternative to the complexity of Dante / AES67, but the real win is for Cloud based production, where DANTE and AES67 can't pass between instances because they are generally multicast. Reastream breaks down the barrier and allows NDI Based cloud production with NDI to offload the audio mixing role to another dedicated audio - specific machine, then merge the mixed audio back with the video.

New to NDI - Need Instructions

I’m trying to stream with Livestream Studio and testing NDI sources On my network. I notice the NDI Tools package is different for Mac and PC. And I have no idea what each of the Tool apps do. Like the Scan Converter and the Monitor. Which app actually sends video/audio to the host computer so LSS can see it? Why can’t I get audio from the Mac laptop? Is there an instruction guide available?

Ndi 4.5

Par : kanep
NDI Tools 4.5 has been released for Windows and Macintosh. Updated NDI Analysis and SDK, the Unreal Engine NDI SDK is now available.

Here is a (very) partial list of improvements from the SDK docs. This release is under the hood improvements, NDI Tools operate as they did before.

* Significant improvement to UDP sender that should dramatically improve the performance on many systems and networks. This should reduce the CPU time, and also get far better network efficiency.

* At 1080p60 the number of channels of decoding possible on Windows should increase when you have a larger number of cores available.

* Lower latency in all forms of HX decoding. This is at least 2 frames better in almost all cases and in many it will be better than that.

* Vastly improved startup discovery performance on Windows.

* Quite a large improvement to codec quality.

* Fix for problem with right clicking when using Scan Converter and KVM.

* NDI now uses predictable port numbers in all cases so that fire-wall rules can be properly built.
- Each connection uses TCP ports 5960 and up.
- Each mTCP or UDP receiver use port 6960 and up.
- Each mTCP or UDP sender use port 7960 and up.

Facebook NDI Users Group

Par : joly
For those that might like such things.

Not-affiliated with Newtek, public, 4.4k users.

Plugin for Unity 3D (Mac/Windows)

Par : PhilippeC

We released a plugin for Unity that is cross-platform.
It allows the user to share the image from a Unity camera to NDI (or Syphon/Spout if you're on the same machine). It can be used with OpenGL and Metal engine.
Download and info here --->

We hope you'd enjoy it !
Best. Philippe

Small School Video Distribution System

Good day,
I am in need of a system and I am in need of your thoughts as to whether NDI can assist me.

I have the opportunity to transform my school video playout into something much more dynamic than our present simple video playout system over 19 apple tvs. This is sent out over 4 banks of mini macs to two different "channels". There is only playback capability and people have to run around to the 19 apple tvs when an update of material is put out. I abhor this system and refuse to use it.

I have and want to use CasparCG for play with Vimesh's simple playout program for CasparCG. By no stretch of the imagination is Vimesh's playout simple: it gives a lively feel to the output when you have immediate and on the spot control over what's on all those tvs! In the past, this system has proven to be dynamic enough to keep students engaged in the programming and content of what goes on the tvs.
In trying to use CasparCG, I am unable to get the assists I need to get a distribution tool up and going; my experience is old so forgive me: the ms streaming media server is what I would have had them re-install on our server. Lacking that, I have tried to multicast with UDP.
Our system doesn't seem to be able to do this at the distances I'm working with. Or is configured wrong. Again, assists are something I plan to assertively seek in the next few months. UDP, without a distribution system, isn't going to work.

Before I invest in bucks for all these apple tvs for ndi tools, does anyone know if this will work without a distribution server? And if not, you got one to suggest? I'll even build a linux box for it, at this juncture, as I believe I am on my on on the Engineering side. Got bucks to buy but need to buy wisely.

Your thoughts since you've read this far?

iCaster help

Par : bosk
Hey working on a TC-1 Build# 7-1-19223
just downloaded the iCaster for my iPad, I'm connected using the correct IP, the default layout with the macros work.

My issue now is no video comes through, none of the inputs or outputs at any quality level show up.
I have tried my own layout and still getting the same results of no video showing.

My iPad is running 12.4.1 OS

Does this app still have support?

any tips would be greatly appreciated

NDI HX2 - First Desktop/Server Software using HX2

Par : livepad
Sienna ND Processing Engine now has an HX2 Distribution Amp module.
Feed in Full bandwidth NDI and it sends out NDI HX2 instead. Reduced network bandwidth and optional multicast.
A new tool in the box for distributing streams throughout your NDI Infrastructure.

DJM-V10: Pioneer DJ’s new 6-channel mixer looks like it was designed by a techno DJ

Par : Dan White
DJM-V10 mixer from Pioneer DJ

A new DJM-V10 mixer from Pioneer DJ has 6 channels, master isolators, four band EQ, per-channel compression knobs and sends for each channel. You could be forgiven for thinking that we’re listing features on an Allen & Heath DJ mixer. The new unit is expected to be present today at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, so […]

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The Rane Seventy: a new battle mixer designed to directly compete with the DJM-S9

Par : Dan White

InMusic is on a roll with product releases this NAMM. Rane DJ is the next brand inside of the company to roll something out: the Rane Seventy mixer.  Look, we know the spec sheet already leaked over the weekend and everyone knew this release was coming. What we didn’t know was that Rane teamed up […]

The post The Rane Seventy: a new battle mixer designed to directly compete with the DJM-S9 appeared first on DJ TechTools.

Denon DJ’s new Prime Go all-in-one standalone has a 4+ hour battery in it

Par : Dan White
Denon DJ's Prime Go

This morning Denon DJ have introduced two new pieces of hardware – the Prime 2 and Prime Go. While the Prime 2 is a pretty easy-to-understand piece of gear (think a two channel Prime 4), the Prime Go is a more advanced piece of hardware that deserves a much closer look. Keep reading for all […]

The post Denon DJ’s new Prime Go all-in-one standalone has a 4+ hour battery in it appeared first on DJ TechTools.

Denon DJ’s X1850 Mixer: an aesthetic refresh and that’s about it

Par : Dan White
Denon DJ X1850 mixer NAMM 2020

We’re happy that Denon DJ is updating their Prime series players to add a few more features and a new look. At the same time, they’re also updating their flagship mixer, now the X1850 Prime. There’s very little different versus the X1800 Prime, as we’ll cover in this article. X1850 DJ Mixer Gear: X1850 Prime […]

The post Denon DJ’s X1850 Mixer: an aesthetic refresh and that’s about it appeared first on DJ TechTools.

SC6000 + SC6000M Prime: Denon DJ Just Announced An Even Better Prime Player

Par : Dan White

Two new media players from Denon DJ take the best things about the Prime series media players and make them even better. Meet the SC6000 Prime and SC6000M Prime, two new units that have been just announced by Denon DJ moments ago. As we noted yesterday, it’s NAMM season. NAMM 2020 officially kicks off next […]

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DJ2GO2 Touch: Numark Updates Portable DJ Controller With Capacitive Jog Wheels

Par : Dan White
DJ2Go2 Touch - Numark's New Update

In the lead up to NAMM 2020 (which starts next week), we’re going to be covering a lot of new gear that’s set to hit the DJ market. Here’s the first one: Numark’s DJ2GO2 Touch, which is an incremental update of Numark’s hyper-portable pocket DJ controller. It’s largely the same as the last iteration, but […]

The post DJ2GO2 Touch: Numark Updates Portable DJ Controller With Capacitive Jog Wheels appeared first on DJ TechTools.

Sienna Presents NDI Access Manager for Linux

Par : livepad
Sienna Presents NDI v4.0 Access Manager for Linux
Translated into 11 languages, with pop up help for each field.
Most likely will be a free download.

Coming soon....

New NDI 4.0 version of NDI Monitor for iOS now available.

Par : livepad
Sienna released a new version of the NDI Monitor for iOS today.

The new app adds support for NDI4 sources (the previous version did not support NDI4 sources), NDI 4.0 discovery server, enhanced support for NDI Routing.

The biggest news is performance - the new version has much better performance, and now adds the option to enable full resolution NDI display - provided your device and your network connection can deliver that.

Its a great refresh for a unique and really useful app.

Currently still at the existing v1.0 price - but it will probably increase shortly - so if you don't already have it - there is a heads up.

NDI Analysis Tool

Par : JHUVideo

I noticed that there is now a tool called NDI analysis available. Could someone point me to some documentation about what it is and how to use it?


NewTek Holoset

It looks amazing.

I can't wait to create new content using Unreal Engine and NDI!!!

C'mon guys!! Please give us more information.

NDI Tool - Scan Converter - Window7

Par : Claude_bou
Is there any way to get an older version of NDI tools that will provide Scan Converter compatible with Win 7.
Thank you for your help.