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Digital Grid is an interactive surface.
The grid detect human movement and react with physics simulation.
Digital grid is an experiment to create new digitaf space.

Music: Alwa by Odaka

Cast: Vision Nocturne

Atelierkonzert LUX und DEZIBEL Silvester 2019

After tremendous art projects last year it was a pleasure and a joy to entertain friends and audience for new years eve …

Cast: kurt laurenz theinert

Cyber Media TV Uses ATEM Constellation 8K for eSports Streaming

Par Zazil Media

Fremont, CA – January 15, 2020 – Blackmagic Design today announced that Cyber Media TV uses Blackmagic Design ATEM Constellation 8Ks and ATEM 1M/E Advanced Panels for eSports and steaming programs for gaming. Cyber Media TV uses both ATEM products, along with a number of other Blackmagic products, to stream 60 to 80 eSports programs each month. Cyber ...

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Xytech’s MediaPulse Selected For Streamline Employee Scheduling By Kre8 Media

Par Andres Benetar

  Kre8 Media, a Las Vegas-based outdoor advertising firm, which is perfect for the 2020 NAB Show taking place in Las Vegas, chooses MediaPulse to optimize the scheduling of its 200-plus employees. When Jamie Watkins left her position at Warner Brothers in Los Angeles to run operations at her husband’s growing outdoor advertising company, Kre8 ...

The post Xytech’s MediaPulse Selected For Streamline Employee Scheduling By Kre8 Media appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE.


Thankyou to all the Artists, Collaborators, and Clients who have made this magic happen.
When we first started this we had no idea where it would lead or what would be possible in this medium. Now a decade into the exploration of large-scale audio visual installation we are proud of the accomplishment and look forwards to where things lead from here. Thankyou for your continued support!

Cast: Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi

Earthsatz - teaser

Scruter la planète en référençant chacune de ses facettes, c’est chercher à l’épuiser, tout dire d'elle, désenchanter l’idée d’un ailleurs inconnu en la remplaçant par une vision rationnelle et immuable. Google Earth est un projet à la fois infini et imparfait : faire tenir le monde dans un smartphone, ce n’est pas seulement le regarder comme un objet d’étude scientifique, c’est aussi le compacter. L’image est peu précise, les volumes sont altérés, la ville est silencieuse, les voitures statiques, la vie inexistante. « Tenez le monde entier dans vos mains » : un drôle de slogan pour une étrange vision du monde.

Pourtant, le monde raconté par Google Earth reste intrigant. Les imperfections de ses formes, les défauts de ses textures et la froideur de cette représentation constitue les attributs d’un univers nouveau, hybride, relevant davantage de la fiction algorithmique. Earthsatz cherche à amplifier la poésie froide et angoissante générée par ce « monde de poche » où les pixels ont remplacé les particules.

L’enjeu est de parvenir à le contempler pour ce qu’il est : un univers fictif singeant le nôtre tout en développant sa propre autonomie. En scannant à notre tour une partie du monde généré par Google, et en jouant avec, nous tentons d’épuiser l’épuisement afin d’amplifier ses caractéristiques fantastiques. Earthsatz propose alors une balade dans ce troisième monde dont les aspects fictionnels, artificiels et irrationnels sont célébrés.

Cast: Dylan Cote

Tags: 3D scan

What is MIDI 2.0, and why does it matter?

Par Dan Cole
MIDI 2.0 makes a first appearance

With Roland’s new 88-key controller announced this week, a lot of attention has been directed its compatibility with MIDI 2.0. This makes it the first company to have developed such functionality. For gear buyers, it might seem confusing – so today DJTT contributor Dan Cole tackles the future of MIDI. What is MIDI 2.0, and […]

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『dyebirth_(ダイバースアンダースコア)』シリーズは、作品『dyebirth』のアプローチする「生命の存在感」を多角的に観察するプロジェクト。「observation [観測]」の名を冠した本作では、描き出される模様を自律滴下機構の動きに任せて4Kカメラで撮影。それらをリアルタイムに空間へ投影し体験化することで、肉眼での観察では捉えきれなかった、儚さ、濁り、劣化、混沌といった、現象の持つ感覚的な側面を最大化しています。

Cast: Shuhei Matsuyama

Denon DJ’s X1850 Mixer: an aesthetic refresh and that’s about it

Par Dan White
Denon DJ X1850 mixer NAMM 2020

We’re happy that Denon DJ is updating their Prime series players to add a few more features and a new look. At the same time, they’re also updating their flagship mixer, now the X1850 Prime. There’s very little different versus the X1800 Prime, as we’ll cover in this article. X1850 DJ Mixer Gear: X1850 Prime […]

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video, music: Alessandro Amaducci
fashion design: Adriana Delfino+Andrea Massaioli
dancer: Sara Capello
location: MosaicoDanzaBlackBox

Dance with speed and light.

Cast: Alessandro Amaducci

aeter at LUNA FESTIVAL 2019

concept, visuals & lighting design: László Zsolt Bordos
sound: Ondrej Skala / JTNB
wysiwyg programming & light control: Gábor Bálint
artist’s assistant: Weronika Tylec
technical support: Faber Audiovisuals
Faber team: Jasper Reijgers, Peter van der Giezen, Niels de Lange, Pablo Dijkman, Marco Nijdam
Luna team: Marinus Groen, Wiebe Kootstra, Rob Hogenkamp, Marcel Bakker
curated by: Andrea Möller
video recording: Jeroen Schrage
photo: Pieter Postma

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

Tags: light sculpture, light & mapping, Luna festival 2019, 3d mapping 2019, bordos artworks, dematerialise and extending 3d mapping

Mindscape Studio Showreel 2019

If you will combine passion with skills you’ll get us, an ambitious group of bright minds eager to give life to all your ideas, projects and plans.
We are specialized in bringing people together through ultimate technology such as video mapping, event and stage design and all sorts of interactive installations.


Cast: Mindscape Studio

lysyntese at Fjord Oslo 2019

If Light has such an important role on our physical condition, then Art of Light might have a similarly important role on our non-physical condition. If light is so much important for our biologic existence, then Art of Light might be similarly important to our spiritual existence. The title, merged from two words: lys (light) and syntese (synthesis), reflects on the process of photosynthesis, willing to express that the artwork as a visual experience “carried by light” towards the audience, may be considered as a “spiritual photosynthesis”. Art of Light affects people in many non-physical ways: emotional, psychological, intellectual, hence light art is similarly important for our spiritual state as Light is for our biological state.

credits: visuals & lighting design: László Zsolt Bordos /// sound: Sarah Badr / FRKTL /// wysiwyg programming & light control: Gábor Bálint /// laser scanning: Kim Thunold / ANKO Maritime AS /// pointcloud 3d modelling: Dániel Szalkó /// technical support: Thomas Dragsnes / Konsertsystemer AS /// technical director: Martin Mathisen /// drone filming: Matias Braathen / Scream Media //// curated by: Anastasia Isachsen /// produced by: Frank Isachsen /// cover photo: Weronika Tylec

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

Tags: lysyntese, fjord oslo, city hall projection Oslo, bordos oslo, lights & mapping, 3d mapping 2019, video projection oslo, art of light and lights touching the sky

Roland Groovebox MC-101 live performance at Channel #21 (with Unity visualizer)

This is a video clip from my live performance at Channel #21, which was held on 4th Dec 2019, at Galaxy Gingakei, Shibuya. In this performance, I only used Roland Groovebox MC-101 – All sounds in this video come from this small box.

I also used the Unity game engine to present the visuals. See the Grubo project page for details of the visualizer:

Cast: Keijiro Takahashi

SATIS-Screen4All 2019 : Quels enjeux pour la 8K ?

Par Shadows

Alors que la 4K n’est pas encore généralisée, la 8K pourrait bien être la norme de demain.

Prise de vue, transmission des données, traitement et diffusion, les contraintes liées à un tel volume de données sont évidemment importantes. A l’occasion du SATIS-Screen4All 2019, une table ronde est revenue sur le sujet.
Etaient présents : Gary Guillier Marcellin, Bernard Fontaine, Olivier Chiabodo, Mathieu Bejot, Lazlo Chatelard. La modération était assurée par Stephan Faudeux.

L’article SATIS-Screen4All 2019 : Quels enjeux pour la 8K ? est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Las Vegas showcase 2019

See what you may have missed out on at our Las Vegas showcase this past month.

Sign up here or on our fan page to keep up to date with VYV news & training:

Cast: VYV

Tags: #video mapping, #vyv corp, #video projection, #vyv and #video

Eye of the Beholder - AV Improvisation

Audiovisual improvisation. All visuals are 100% generative content created with Resolume. Audio created with analogue hardware.

Cast: Mowgli

Tags: improvisation, electronics, resolume, jam, analogue, generative, audiovisual and vj

Polar Graphics takes a stand at ISE 2020

Par Page Melia PR

LONDON UK, 11 December 2019: Polar Graphics, a UK leading distributor for the broadcast, post and pro-AV industries, has taken a stand with one of its longest serving partners Bluefish444 for ISE, taking place at the Amsterdam RAI from 11-14 February 2020. Bluefish444 is a manufacturer of the professional video industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ...

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Wonder Woman 1984 : cap sur la nostalgie pour DC

Par Shadows

Wonder Woman est de retour. Exit l’époque sombre du premier conflit mondial, place à la nostalgie colorée des années 80. C’est d’ailleurs sur cet aspect que se concentre la bande-annonce, tout en esquissant la présence de deux adversaires : Max Lord et Cheetah. On notera par ailleurs le retour surprenant d’un personnage du premier opus : alors que les rumeurs d’un reboot complet de l’univers DC se font tenaces, la refonte ne semble donc pas à l’ordre du jour dans ce film, du moins pas au début de son scénario.

Réalisé par Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 sortira le 3 juin prochain. Double Negative, Framestore, Method Studios font partie des studios d’effets visuels impliqués dans le projet.

L’article Wonder Woman 1984 : cap sur la nostalgie pour DC est apparu en premier sur 3DVF.

Subtiv Live - Summer 2019

Selected footage from Cirque Magique, Natural Highs and Pukkelpop 2019.

Additional visuals by Blub and Trowflox. Additional video by Twan Brooks and Kathryn Cops.

Music by Kenji Kawai - Utai IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) > Buy

Celebrating a decade of mask.

> Software
VDMX (Vidvox), MadMapper (1024 Architecture), Ataaata (Subtiv).

> Hardware
Roland V02HD, Midi Fighter Twister & 3D, Novation Launch Control XL.

Cast: Subtiv

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho · Mutek Montreal 2019

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho Live at Mutek Montréal 2019, 20th Edition.
Motion 1, Les 7 Doigts.

Mask design by Mamifero ·
Photo by Rita Bucatini.
Live painting using Tagtool for iPad.

Visit for more live painting.

Cast: Rimiyoho