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2019 Fall Television And Streaming Series Rely On Blackmagic Design

Par Zazil Media

Fremont, CA – January 9, 2020 – Blackmagic Design today announced that the company’s production and post products are being used to complete many of the fall 2019 season’s new and returning television shows and streaming series, including “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” “The Modern Family” and “Madam Secretary.” “Arrow”, “Treadstone,” and “Young Sheldon” couldn’t be more different in ...

The post 2019 Fall Television And Streaming Series Rely On Blackmagic Design appeared first on NAB Show News | 2020 NAB Show Media Partner and Producer of NAB Show LIVE.

Roundup: PremiumBeat’s Top 10 Video Tutorials of 2019

Par Robbie Janney

2020 is here, so it's time to reflect on what we've learned in the past year. We've rounded up our favorite tutorials of 2019 so you can ...

aeter at LUNA FESTIVAL 2019

concept, visuals & lighting design: László Zsolt Bordos
sound: Ondrej Skala / JTNB
wysiwyg programming & light control: Gábor Bálint
artist’s assistant: Weronika Tylec
technical support: Faber Audiovisuals
Faber team: Jasper Reijgers, Peter van der Giezen, Niels de Lange, Pablo Dijkman, Marco Nijdam
Luna team: Marinus Groen, Wiebe Kootstra, Rob Hogenkamp, Marcel Bakker
curated by: Andrea Möller
video recording: Jeroen Schrage
photo: Pieter Postma

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

Tags: light sculpture, light & mapping, Luna festival 2019, 3d mapping 2019, bordos artworks, dematerialise and extending 3d mapping

Mindscape Studio Showreel 2019

If you will combine passion with skills you’ll get us, an ambitious group of bright minds eager to give life to all your ideas, projects and plans.
We are specialized in bringing people together through ultimate technology such as video mapping, event and stage design and all sorts of interactive installations.


Cast: Mindscape Studio

lysyntese at Fjord Oslo 2019

If Light has such an important role on our physical condition, then Art of Light might have a similarly important role on our non-physical condition. If light is so much important for our biologic existence, then Art of Light might be similarly important to our spiritual existence. The title, merged from two words: lys (light) and syntese (synthesis), reflects on the process of photosynthesis, willing to express that the artwork as a visual experience “carried by light” towards the audience, may be considered as a “spiritual photosynthesis”. Art of Light affects people in many non-physical ways: emotional, psychological, intellectual, hence light art is similarly important for our spiritual state as Light is for our biological state.

credits: visuals & lighting design: László Zsolt Bordos /// sound: Sarah Badr / FRKTL /// wysiwyg programming & light control: Gábor Bálint /// laser scanning: Kim Thunold / ANKO Maritime AS /// pointcloud 3d modelling: Dániel Szalkó /// technical support: Thomas Dragsnes / Konsertsystemer AS /// technical director: Martin Mathisen /// drone filming: Matias Braathen / Scream Media //// curated by: Anastasia Isachsen /// produced by: Frank Isachsen /// cover photo: Weronika Tylec

Cast: Bordos.ArtWorks / LaszloZsBordos

Tags: lysyntese, fjord oslo, city hall projection Oslo, bordos oslo, lights & mapping, 3d mapping 2019, video projection oslo, art of light and lights touching the sky

Saint Lukas I

An excerpt from my visuals at Saint Lukas Church on 14/12-19

Special Thanks to Saint Lukas Stiftelsen, Marc Stebbing, Hackstage and Ruth Landbo for making this happen..

Music - Tipper :)

Cast: Martin Stebbing

Roland Groovebox MC-101 live performance at Channel #21 (with Unity visualizer)

This is a video clip from my live performance at Channel #21, which was held on 4th Dec 2019, at Galaxy Gingakei, Shibuya. In this performance, I only used Roland Groovebox MC-101 – All sounds in this video come from this small box.

I also used the Unity game engine to present the visuals. See the Grubo project page for details of the visualizer:

Cast: Keijiro Takahashi


Max Cooper, Maotik (Mathieu Lesourd), 2017

Hyperform est une expérience audiovisuelle immersive explorant le rôle des dimensions spatiales dans la construction de notre réalité ainsi que pour la création de nouvelles réalités étrangères, alors que de nouveaux espaces et formes dimensionnelles se déploient autour de nous. Hyperform se situe à la frontière entre les mathématiques, les sciences et l’art audiovisuel.

Ce voyage immersif sera lancé par des géométries simples, tant à l’audio qu’au visuel et évoluera vers un monde d’abstractions basé sur des modèles mathématiques hyperdimensionnels, existant au-delà de nos capacités de perceptions normales.


Hyperform is an immersive A/V experience, exploring the role of spatial dimensionality in constructing our reality, and its potential to create strange new realities, as higher dimensional forms and spaces unravel around us. Hyperform sits at the edge between mathematics, science, visual and audio arts.

The journey begins with the simplest spatial forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction using real mathematical models of hyperdimensional forms, which are believed to exist beyond our normal perceptual capacity.


yperform is an immersive A/V experience, exploring the role of spatial dimensionality in constructing our reality, and its potential to create strange new realities, as higher dimensional forms and spaces unravel around us. Hyperform sits at the edge between mathematics, science, visual and audio arts.

The journey begins with the simplest spatial forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction using real mathematical models of hyperdimensional forms, which are believed to exist beyond our normal perceptual capacity.


Ce projet a bénéficié du support du programme de création d'oeuvres de la SAT
This project received the support of the creation program of works from the SAT

Infos :

Cast: Society for Arts and Technology

Las Vegas showcase 2019

See what you may have missed out on at our Las Vegas showcase this past month.

Sign up here or on our fan page to keep up to date with VYV news & training:

Cast: VYV

Tags: #video mapping, #vyv corp, #video projection, #vyv and #video

Eye of the Beholder - AV Improvisation

Audiovisual improvisation. All visuals are 100% generative content created with Resolume. Audio created with analogue hardware.

Cast: Mowgli

Tags: improvisation, electronics, resolume, jam, analogue, generative, audiovisual and vj

Sviatovid @ Luma Festival

For the 2019 LUMA Festival, Sviatovid materialized in the extraordinary Binghamton United Presbyterian Church. In an homage to the striking 19th century architecture of the church, the students of the BARTKRESA academy created a 3:30 pre-show. The church spire, pipe organ, and stained glass all inspired by the musically-driven, animated looks.

Cast: BARTKRESA studio

Tags: Luma Festival 2019, Luma, Bart Kresa, Binghamton, New York, Film Scientist, BKS Studio, Dataton, Panasonic, Projection Mapping, Zeiss Otus, World Stage, Laser Projection, Raw and Blackmagic Production Camera 4K


R&D made with Notch VFX - Real time render
Track - AxH - Inokashira
You can download .dfx file of this project via

Cast: ArminWerx

Tags: Generative graphics, Arminxwerx, Notch VFX, NotchVFX, Notch, realtime, echo, instansing, new media art and mocap







Subtiv Live - Summer 2019

Selected footage from Cirque Magique, Natural Highs and Pukkelpop 2019.

Additional visuals by Blub and Trowflox. Additional video by Twan Brooks and Kathryn Cops.

Music by Kenji Kawai - Utai IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) > Buy

Celebrating a decade of mask.

> Software
VDMX (Vidvox), MadMapper (1024 Architecture), Ataaata (Subtiv).

> Hardware
Roland V02HD, Midi Fighter Twister & 3D, Novation Launch Control XL.

Cast: Subtiv

EMBODY (Kaartik + Deltaprocess)

Dance/Live act: Kàartik
Visual/Stage design: Deltaprocess
Music/Sound design: Alexey Grankowsky
Co-production: Contaminazioni Digitali, Invisible Cities Festival

Holographic-visionary performance, mixed with a blend of contemporary dance, physical theatre and performance art.
The story portrays a human embodiment of cosmic energies, earth elements and artcraft machines. Embody blurs the boundaries of dance and spatial arts highlighting their interdependent relationship. Choreography becomes the epicenter of an interdisciplinary installation with powerful video-mapping and light design. A journey between light and darkness, interpreting human body as a shell.

This work is dedicated to our friend Ela, as she gave so much inspiration to all of us, and left -right at the end - when the particles of light abandon the shell and return to stardust.

Cast: deltaprocess

Tags: kaartik, holographic performance, deltaprocess, videomapping, mapping, body projection. and showtex lasertuille

Machine Hallucinations - NYC - Fluid Dreams

Machine Hallucinations - NYC - Fluid Dreams is a data painting drawn from over 100 million archival and contemporary photographs of New York City. Based a neural network trained on these images, the work offers an alternative cartography for data universes by exploring the relationship between the city and its inhabitants through a new dialectic of visual language and perception.

Edition : 5 + 1AP
Medium : AI Data Painting
Video Size : 3840 x 2160PX
Duration : 16 Minutes
Hardware will be provided by the artist. Please see recommended hardware below.

Cast: Refik Anadol


Sacred geometry is defined as a set of proportions, geometric manipulations and dimensions, as they can be observed in nature and directly transcribed in architectural works or more broadly artistic creations. The human being has been searching for centuries to understand the laws of organization of nature and is inspired by them to add coherence and harmony to his creations. The crystals, the flowers, the fruits, the animals, all these natural elements thus serve as a model for the sacred geometry. Formerly used for the elaboration of religious buildings, this geometry is used here to lay the foundations of a monumental luminous work. His laws, directly inspired by the careful observation of nature, are fertile ground for this artistic research. Indeed, the subliminal pagan evocations here brought to light invite the viewer to serenity and well-being through contemplation.

Cast: Francois Moncarey - MySquare

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho · Mutek Montreal 2019

Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho Live at Mutek Montréal 2019, 20th Edition.
Motion 1, Les 7 Doigts.

Mask design by Mamifero ·
Photo by Rita Bucatini.
Live painting using Tagtool for iPad.

Visit for more live painting.

Cast: Rimiyoho

CHILDREN OF THE VOID : Short Film by Strangeloop Studios

Children of the Void is a glimpse into an alternate universe where telepathic children have taken over a small town in America, upsetting the established order which sees the town as threat to civilization.

Illustration & Character Design by 
McKay Felt

illustration Key Frames by
McKay Felt
Evan Shechet

Coloring by
Alex Dascalu Nelson

3D Animation by
Alec Maassen
Aron Johnson
david Gao
Ian Valentine
Nicholas Juister

Additional 3D Modeling by
Taylor Shechet

Score by
David Wexler
Gavin Gamboa

Performing Musicians
Micah Nelson
Jake Bloch
Emily Call

Music Studio Production by
Hen House

Sound Design by
Jonathan Chau

Additional Studio Support
Elan Oatway
Audrey Lane

Produced by Nick Maresh

Executive Produced by
Ian Simon

Written and Directed by

Special Thanks to 
Lewis Kunstler
Harlan Steinberger
Randi Steinberger
Matthew Smith

Cast: Strangeloop Studios

Pause Originals - Cyberpunk Shaihaiching by Lei Alucard

Our ancestors have always believed in gods and demons throughout the time, they named them, remember their deeds and passed down the stories from one generation to another for thousands of years. Those mythical gods and demons could be created by the science and technology. They can divide humankind into good and evil.

Cast: Pause Fest and Lei_Alucard

Tags: pausefest, response, vfx, original and motion

PULSATIONS, Cathédrale De Laon

“Pulsations ”, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Laon

AV Exciters team :
Jeremie Bellot , Anne-sophie Acomat, Josselin Beaumont

AVextended team : Xavier Loebl

Lighting : Nicolas Woehl

Thanks to Cookies Production
Sound : Ena Eno

Cast: AVExciters

Crónica del Mira Festival 2019 · Más Live Cinema que nunca & 3 entrevistas de vídeo

Par volatil

El MIRA SON Estrella Galicia llegó a su 9ª edición del 5 al 9 de noviembre con algunas novedades, el festival celebró su última edición en Fabra i Coats, epicentro de MIRA desde que nació en 2011. Esta edición contó con más instalaciones inmersivas de lo habitual y sus actividades se extiendieron durante toda la semana y en otros espacios de Barcelona como Teatre Lliure, Auditori, Espacio Simon 100, Ideal y Sala Razzmatazz.

Este año tuvimos esa sensación nostálgica de despedida, no del festival, sabemos que seguirá vivo en otro espacio, pero sí del edificio Fabra i Coats. Es difícil imaginarse el Mira en otro lugar. Por eso decidimos profundizar un poco más y hacer entrevistas a algunos artistas visuales: Anna Diaz de Hamill Industries, Pedro Maia y Antoni Arola. Queremos hacer una mención especial al MIRA Dome by adidas Originals, un formato al que tenemos un cariño especial por su dificultar y su capacidad de transportar al espectador a otra dimensión. En esta edición destacamos “Realness”, un proyecto audiovisual inmersivo en 360º creado por la artista digital Sandrine Deumier y la compositora Myriam Bleau.

Empezaremos nuestra crónica hablando de los shows audiovisuales. A diferencia de otros años, en los que predominaron contenidos más digitales, 3d, o incluso el glitch, este año el estilo que más abundó fue el Live Cinema, imágenes figurativas, de estilo cinematográfico y súper nítidas con mucho storytelling y mensaje. Destacamos en esta línea los shows audiovisuales de Alessandro Cortini, que presentaba su nuevo disco VOLUME MASSIMO con unas visuales ultra producidas, a máxima calidad y con una dirección de arte y de fotografía sublimes.

Roly Porter + MFO, el show combinó imágenes cinematográficas misteriosas y mágicas que parecían sacadas de un bosque encantado, con juegos de luces en distintos puntos del público y una voz en directo cautivadora. El show de Biosphere pasó directamente a nuestro TOP 1 por su maravillosa combinación de Live Cinema en estado puro ya que el directo combinaba imágenes con audio, juego de luces desde el escenario y desde diferentes puntos de la pista.

Las imágenes figurativas tuvieron presencia también en las visuales de Hamil Industries, que nos sorprendieron con una cámara en directo que grababa a Floating Points y a ellos mismos, así como a los efectos visuales de las burbujas grabadas también en directo para convertirlo en audio y proyectarlo a tiempo real con Ableton Live. Casi nada. En esta entrevista nos lo cuentan mejor.

Flipamos con las visuales de Dan Tombs para Blanckmass, muchos colores, strobo y el equilibrio perfecto de gráfica y vídeo. Pedro Maia se sincronizó con Vessel de manera excelente, ya son muchos años y muchos bolos juntos y eso se nota en el escenario, máxima compenetración entre los dos. También nos cautivaron las visuales de Leeza Pritychenko junto a Batu. 3D elegante, sublime uso del color y mucha intensidad. Reiner Kohlberg hizo las visuales de Kali Malone y se decantó por el uso de gráfica y ruido solo en blanco y negro como viene haciendo en sus últimos proyectos. Interesantes también las múltiples pantallas de Weirdcore para compañar la música de Smerz, contenidos visuales de estilo publicitario que se subdividían y se movían siguiendo las melodías de la música. Evelyn Bencicova acompañó en el escenario a Clark con visuales misteriosas, casi de película de terror, a un ritmo suave y pausado, ideal para ese estilo de música.

Y ahora le toca a las instalaciones. Los lásers siempre cautivan, «Dualimismo» de Carlos Saez nos sorprendió con una colaboración inesperada, ni más ni menos que Arca, con un teclado y un láser en un ojo.

Queremos felicitar desde aquí a los estudiantes de máster y licenciados de la escuela ELISAVA por su instalación «Alice» y su representación del infinito.

Y nuestra instalación preferida, «Un hilo de 11W», un láser que recorría todo el festival de la mano de Antoni Arola al que quisimos entrevistar para saber más.

Hasta aquí nuestra crónica del Mira Festival 2019. Estamos ansiosos por saber dónde tendrá lugar la 10ª edición y queremos celebrar con todo el equipo del festival esta década maravillosa de artes visuales y música experimental.

La entrada Crónica del Mira Festival 2019 · Más Live Cinema que nunca & 3 entrevistas de vídeo aparece primero en Vjspain Comunidad Audiovisual, Mapping, Vj, Diseño Interactivo.