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Civilizations are born evolve and die in an incessant cycle since man has memory of it. The repetition of gestures is repeated obsessively to the constant search for an escape route, which is to improve a company or take possession of it, in an increasingly fragile world dominated by the same alternations.
Bleed is the story of a portion of this oscillating time. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn distinguishing itself with its symbols and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion and unable to offer a real escape route.
The video is the result of the elaboration between drawing and traditional animation with artificial intelligence software. The drawing, used to define key frames, is related to a video stream from which the information about movement is drawn. The mechanism is able to recreate the missing frames by replicating design, style and colors according to the variations of the chosen video.
The digital sign, thanks to the help of applications and libraries, especially open source, is transformed into animation through a scheme, apparently simple, but technologically complex. the AI adapts the sign to the single frame, detecting rotations, situations, complex movements and faces. The algorithm goes beyond the simple tracking of pixels and where reference points or information are missing, the software reconstructs and draws them obtaining the graphic elements from the drawings to reconstruct the hatches and follow the original style.
The technique was chosen and designed to make the video quickly and to maintain the visual consistency of a single stretch.

Birth by passion and devotion, LUNAKID was created by Berlin based artist Konstantin Dellos. Originally
Dellos, a punk rocker fueled by whaling guitars and energetic drumming patterns, he found himself in
several bands, thus becoming very active on the music scene. Following the DIY principle from lessons
learned in dirty basements shows and mid sized festivals, Konstantin still follows this principle in his music
and craft today. Lunakid is a divine electronic being from a parallel world. A world which all people are
treated as divine beings. Upon arrival to our world, Lunakid witnessed the pains and hardships of our earth,
thus creating music that tells the story of the emotional journey that he has witnessed since arriving. These
emotions in return create songs about ones inner self, and ones quest for truthfulness and authenticity. To
experience Lunakid is to reset ones bond with man and ones bond with nature. This is the one true purpose
of Lunakid. Lunakid’s sound is a hybrid of future electronica, mixed with traditional ethnic and organic
elements. Completing the sound is a hint of drones, which gives the listener the mood of, depth, mysticism
, meditation and rejuvenation.

Cast: Igor Imhoff

Tags: experimental, AI, musicvideo, directing, electronicmusic, motiongraphics, dark ambient, electronica and 2d