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NDI 4 Studio monitor recording creates new file randomly

Par Shilon
NDI 4 Studio monitor recording creates new file randomly..

Scan Converter Not Working

Par Tek_Soup
well it 1/2 works. It will send the webcam video and audio wich is a elgato camlink 4K, but it will not send the desktop? it shows up but is just blank. really strange, im thinking it has something to do with the intel/nvidia gpu settings. This is a laptop , I have changed settings so it should be mostly useing the nvidia gpu in the Nvidia control panel. win 10 1903 scan converter works fine on all my other computers, Version 4 NDI tools.

NDI 4 Virtual Input crashes when trying to launch.

Par davedude
NDI 4's Virtual Input crashes after launching. The icon appears on the toolbar until I wave the mouse over it and then it disappears.

Here is the Application Error from the Application event log.

It does this on ALL my computers.

NDI 3.8's Virtual Input worked fine before.

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 9/24/2019 7:58:51 PM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Faulting application name: NDI Virtual Input.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d7c8116
Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll, version: 10.0.18362.267, time stamp: 0x080a13f7
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x000000000006d33e
Faulting process id: 0x7c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d5733c6542c1c3
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\NewTek\NDI 4 Tools\Virtual Input\NDI Virtual Input.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll
Report Id: a8bb8a73-49d8-43d3-8702-a802b82bf865
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

NDI 4 with Premiere

Par fgolman
Did I recently read somewhere here in the forum that it's possible to use live files that are being recorded on an AE3 system, and growing, in Premiere with NDI 4 tools?

That would be amazing to be able to edit files that are still in production, rather than having to capture them in Premiere or copy a recorded file from the TriCaster upon completion.

Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications

Scan converter/studio monitor 4 will not display secondary output from laptop

Par SupernovaServer
My goal is to be able to have a graphics machine running powerpoint in presenter view, with the main powerpoint output sending via ndi (in 4k@60) into another computer running resolume (which can take in ndi sources natively).
Currently I am testing this on a Lenovo laptop connected to a 4k monitor or a 4k headless adapter to create the secondary 4k display.
At first, studio monitor was only receiving black. As per a forum recommendation, I set the newtek apps to run on the embedded intel graphics instead of the nvidia 106 0gpu. I was able to pass video at this point, but only the laptop monitor feed. No matter what I tried, the secondary desktop would not show up in the list to view in Studio Monitor.
I did all of this locally on one laptop so as to rule out networking issues, though I did check and the main laptop screen did pass to other computers fine.

Does anyone know how to make this work? If I could send 4k graphics via NDI it would be an amazing option to have on show site.


Premiere Pro Crashes with SPHQ Files and NDI 4

Par rlsafran
I installed NDI 4 this weekend on both of my editing systems. Premiere Pro 19.1.4 (5) and 17.?.? crash when I create a sequence using SPHQ recordings from either a 460 and TC1.

Has anyone else tried this yet?

Scan Converter Mac cursor tracking issue

Par kelbyadmin
We've run Scan Converter on both Windows and Mac computers (OS Mojave). The mouse tracking seems pretty accurate on the Windows machine, however the cursor tracking on the Mac is way off. Anyone else having this issue?

NDI 4 tools on Windows Server 2012 - missing DLL?

Par roddyp
I've got NDI 4 Tools installed on a Windows Server 2012 system, and when I try to start Test Patterns I get a series of three popups saying

"The program can't start because MF.dll is missing from your computer".

Surprisingly, the program does then start!

I also get the same errors when using our own app which uses the NDI SDK DLLs.

NDI Tools 3.8 and 4.0 Scan converter not working in 460 AE3

Par Claude_bou
Hi there,
The Scan converter from NDI Tools 3.8 and 4.0 are not working in the following configuration:
TC460 with AE3 latest build.
Anybody with this configuration have the same issue?

Scan Converter work fine with older NDI Tools version.
I would like to use some features of latest NDI build.

NDI Tools 4 Access Manager

Par SteveSpaw
We are unable to enter an IP address for remote source in any NDI tools 4 PC.
It worked perfect in 3.8 before upgrades.
If there was a previous address I can edit it, but I cannot create new entries.

This is a big deal.

Help? :question::question::question::stumped:


audio dropping out since NDI4...

Par rokestah
I have a TC410 all latest updates and AE3.
I have scan converter running on a pc and need to grab the desktop and audio for a broadcast on Monday but the audio is intermittent.
Been doing this for 2 years without issue and now this.

Why do I need to be a computer engineer to get all this stuff to work?

This happens from any pc with scan converter on to my TC410.
Works fine in studio monitor on any pc on our university network.

any ideas? don't wanna run cables when NDI is supposed to do this...

Recommended network topology

Par Meekel
What's the recommended network topology for NDI nowadays? We initially set our network up in a star topology, with our 2 x VMC1 on our core switch, with 20Gb connectivity to each node switch where we would have various other devices plugged in.

We believe it made sense at the time as almost all traffic was going to the VMC1's on the core switch.

I'm now wondering whether it's worth stacking our switches in a ring topology instead?

Scan Converter crashing!!

Par JCorreia
Recently I've got some problems with the scan converter because it only stays up like 5 seconds and then it shuts automatically with no error or crash note. I've done some research but it seems like no one is having the same issue, at least on Windows machines but I've seen some posts about it on mac.
Any suggestion?

BTW I'm using windows 10 version 1903.

NDI 4.0 and Panasonic HN-130 cameras

Par DStoneburner
I'm running NDI 3.8 on my TC 8000 and have no issues with my new Pansonic HN-130 cameras. If I update the NDI tools to 4, will that cause issues with my cameras? Just wondering if I have to wait for Panasonic to make a firmware update for compatibility. Thanks.

NDI to 12G OpenGear Card?

Par simond83
Does anyone make one? And vice versa, 12G to NDI?

There's a lot of boxes that do this, but i'd really like an OpenGear interface.

Previous verison of Tools still available?

Par SJ_TC_User
Is there any place to download an older version of NDI Tools? I see that the latest version of Scan Converter won't work or even install on a Windows 7 pc. Thanks!


Containing NDI in dedicated VLANs

Par agrosjea
Hello everyone,

With NDI 3.8

We are encountering on several projects an issue that can't be solved without Newtek's insight.
We work on multimedia installations that include many feeds : Dante audio, DMX, sensors... and are used to defining one VLAN per type of feed in order to manage our broadcast domains properly.

The following drawing shows a typical configuration that we use (note that we have most of the time 1x 10Gb adapter dedicated to NDI)

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ndi-drawing.png 
Views:	65 
Size:	33.6 KB 
ID:	146186

We do want to contain NDI in its own VLAN. This is for a reason : We do not want NDI automatic load-balance to take 100% of the Audio or ArtNET link, leaving nothing behind...
The general question is : how can we control NDI so that it will only use the adapters that we specify (as Dante does) ?

What we already tried :

- We already asked NewTek's support about this and they indicated that access manager could help... but it looks like this tool is not meant for that.
- We tried to understand how the network adapter is elected by playing with the metrics and other type of parameter... no way to understand clearly and that only solves partially the problem.
- We wrote ACL in our switches :
- first version was pretty drastic and was to deny NDI feeds (UDP 5960-5970) on any VLAN other than NDI. It turned to NDI receivers not receiving the feeds anymore : the teaming algorithm seems not resilient enough to consider using an alternate network interface if the connection fails on the selected interface. With these ACL enabled : only the machines that (for an unknown reason) slected the NDI NIC by "default" could receive the feeds.
- we also worked on the discovery itself by denying mDNS on all VLANs except NDI. In this situation, a tool like NDI Analysis tool now clearly lists only IPs in the NDI subnet. But when we do connect the feeds, the "magic" behind NDI makes the feed going again through any of the other VLAN that the sender and receiver have in common... Moreover, no way for us to disable mDNS as a long term solution...

We would like to know :
- For a sender/receiver, is there a secret menu/config-file/network-adapter-naming-convention to tell NDI SDK not to use one or several Network Adapters ?
- If not, is there an official recipe for ACL that we could apply to our network so that NDI is contained in one single VLAN without creating side-effects?
- Could someone share detail about how a complete NDI handshake works (ex : sequence diagram) ? We could maybe have a better understanding of where the sender and receiver agrees on a specific network link to transport a feed ?
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ndi-drawing.png 
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Size:	33.6 KB 
ID:	146186  

NDI Tool Studio Monitor & PTZoptics - Auto Focus issue

Par tbcnj
I purchased a single PTZoptics NDI camera to play with before we replace our entire video setup. Using the "NDI Tools for Windows" I've been able to get a good feel for the network setup and can consume/control the video through the Studio Monitor app. When I turn off auto focus in the Studio Monitor app, however, the camera goes to something of a 'default' focal length, and does not simply keep the current image in focus. I'm trying to determine if this is the Studio Monitor telling the camera to go to a default focal length, or if it is the camera itself sensing that AF is now off and going to a different focal length.

Can anyone shed light on this? Being able to use AF and then disable it in our production flow is very important, so if it is the camera then perhaps I'll have to look at an alternative.


NDI Tools 4 - Studio Monitor Switch Source via HTTP Request

Par FMPstudio
The Studio Monitor has a nice HTTP feature which allows switching ndi sources via Webbrowser. Is there a way to send external webrequests to the monitor? I'd like to controll the monitor from an external application like universe Show controll or Pandoras Widget Designer. They are able to connect via TCP or webrequest to other applications. For example:


Kind regards

Help recovering NDI4.0 Studio Monitor corrupted recording

Par rsilva
During the recording the laptop hard drive runs out of space. I was recording a direct feed from a Panasonic UN70 NDI-HX.

Is there any software that can help recover this file? I've already tried Stellar Video Repair with no sucess.


Scan converter not showing up

Par dharris
I've reinstalled NDI tools 4 and on a different computer or tricaster, the machine with the scan converter running does not show up. If I use the NDIAnalysis tool, nothing is there. But, if I run a test pattern from the same machine, that shows up and works. The computer is using and nvidia NVS300 card. Is there something in it's settings that need to be changed? I feel I've tried about everything.


Adding more information.

Using TCPView on the computer, I see when starting up Test Patterns, ports 5353, 5960 and 5961 are being used.
When I start up Scan Converter, TCPView shows port 52595 is temporarily active but nothing establishes and the entries disappear after 2-3 seconds

This unit is running Windows 10 and the firewall is turned off and is on a university domain with remote management. But other computers on the same network are working ok.

NDIHX ios app features?

Par AndersM

I recently bought the Newtek NDI ios app for the second time hoping the new version would be more versatile, but it seems like it has the same limitations as the first one.

With only three fixed resolutions and one fixed frame rate it is very limiting in real production. Other competing apps have all selectable frame rates(including PAL frame rates) and resolutions.
The lack of manual white balance is also limiting.

Any plans to add features to the ios app?


Studio Monitor source discovery

Par jgeduldig
Studio monitor shows available sources in its menu. Sources inside the same segment I believe are discovered via a multicast network protocol (mDNS). For sources in other segments -- these are sources that I must add their IP addresses into Access Manager -- does Studio Monitor bypass discovery via mDNS since it already has access to their IP addresses via Access Manager?

NDI Studio KVM with Touchscreen seems to be buggy

Par FMPstudio
While playing around with the KVM feature i found out, that touches are not pretty well recognized. I tried with different touchscreens and there is a big latency between touch input and execution on the remote system. For example when just draving a rectangle with the mouse selection on the desktop. It works almost fluently while using the mouse as input device. But when touching the screen and doing the same thing it's very laggy.

Another thing is, that scrolling gestures are not beeing recognized. Does anyone else experience similar issues?

NDI Studio Monitor Hardware Requirements

Par davdue
I am considering using the studio monitor tool to put a TV at the back of our church sanctuary for people on the stage to reference. It us just far enough away from our presentation computer that we can't use HDMI directly plus we would have to upgrade our HDMI splitters and buy HDMI to Cat5 transmitter receivers. If I can use NDI for this then it would be much easier and economical. I was thinking of using a PC stick for this but I don't know if it will meet the requirements for to run the Studio Monitor application. I am thinking of something like this one: Windows 10 Computer Stick. Would this work? I would really like to use a Raspberry Pi but I can't find anyone that has gotten that to work.

NDI Bitrate madness and jitter

Par nomski
Hi All! Hopefully someone here can help with this as we're really keen to embrace NDI for a number of distribution needs when we're broadcasting local sports and events. Essentially the issue is extensive jitter while viewing NDI feeds on our network. After a LOT of testing I think I’ve narrowed it down to only being present when the source PC is connected via a 10Gb port.

If the PC is connected in this way and NDI analysis is run, the average bitrate for the source has been spiking at upwards of 1250Mbps! Whenever that happens (unsurprisingly) the laptops viewing the feed stutter. At times we're getting a stutter at a rate of once every second or two making it pretty unusable even as a confidence monitor.

The issue was originally discovered through vMix but I've used scan converter to rule out vMix as the issue and we're having the same symptoms. If we switch to the 1Gb port on the PC the issue is immediately resolved but I'm concerned with that as I don't want to start to get near the limit of the 1Gb port with all the traffic that goes in and out of that port.

The switch is a Mikrotik CRS328-24P-4S+RM and the port on the PC is a PCIe ASUS XG-C100C. I really can't think of anything else to try and the problem is so repeatable it must be something to do with the 10Gb element.

Is there anything that we can try to resolve this as we would really like to remain on the 10Gb port for maximum headroom as we use a variety of IP based kit and don’t want the 1Gb limit to start to impact on our capabilities.


NDI android app no more available?

Par Nachesko
Hello guys, just a quick question, i´ve searched the forums but cannot fine any info. In the official page it´s only the ios app, and the playstore also show no results. Any info on when and if the app will be back?
We were using it with an osmo and ubnt ap´s to switch from that camera to a sony camera via sdi, with wirecast and now switching to obs

Newbie Question: NDI for OBS on the Mac

Par seth@sethgo
Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

saw a video tutorial of how powerful NDI is as a bridge between Zoom conferencing and OBS on the Mac.

Downloaded all the tools from your site, but really and truly need a simple one pager--install this, click that, activate the other thing.

Been a mac user since 1983 (!) but I'm flummoxed about what I'm not seeing.

Thanks to anyone who can point me to the right place.

Appreciate it!

seth godin

NC! Studio IO browswe control

Par user243
I know you can view the NC1 studio IO via browser for monitoring purpose, but is there a way to even control (full control) the unit via browser instead of KVM?

NC1 Studio IO browswe control

Par user243
I know you can view the NC1 studio IO via browser for monitoring purpose, but is there a way to even control (full control) the unit via browser instead of KVM?