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À partir d’avant-hierLeCollagiste Channel Vimeo


A journey into the encounter-clash between a body and its transformation into data.

video: Alessandro Amaducci
dance: Stella
choreography: Anna Maria Bruzzese


Remake Remodel

video and music: Alessandro Amaducci
By shaping visual memories of human figures and architectural structures that come from a distant past, a creature made of data tries, through necessary accidents, to rebuild a future world.


The composition called “404.3” reveals the ritual depth of the album and is one of the most unusual pieces of the entire longplay. A mysterious and meditative, but at the same time dark and stormy track, where through the fragments of a granular sound, like a lonely singing of a whale, a long and echoing part of an analog synthesizer erupts. This exciting composition allows you to disconnect from external stimuli and transfer to the abstract space of pure sound.’s first full-length album is out on June 5th.

Music and video by

Here is a source project made with TouchDesigner

It’s quite heavy to compute this video, so you may need something fast to run it on 30fps, like NVIDIA RTX 2080.
If you are not familiar with TouchDesigner, just download the latest build, sign up for free license and run the project.
The main container is locked and limited with 1080p but you are still free to tweak all parameters, make your own videos, or simply enjoy our piece without compression.


Touchdesigner Experiment creating infinite traveling landscapes with FBX animated characters and particles simulations

~ n o w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w ~

Find the full real-time application, the live stream and the contextual frame work here:

This real-time online installation deals with the examination of concepts focused on how to generate, describe and modulate the very moment of “now”. Embedded in a contextual framework spanning from 1972 (-48 years / longest year ever / World3 [The Limits to Growth / Club of Rome]), to 1996 (-24 years / It’s all coming back to me now / The Long Now Foundation), to 2020 (-/+ 0 years / real-time installation), to 2044 (+24 years / expected [by World3] peek death rates), this installation adopts this narrative to a durational, experimental sonic arrangement, using several small, digital and physical applications, that work together, feed and support each other to generate a constant audio stream lasting exactly one year. A 5 second long recording of the word now from Celine Dion’s 1996 hit “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” (money note at 5:09) is the main source of this sonic arrangement and is stretched in real-time to a duration of 31556952 seconds. This sonically magnifies the sound in between sounds and creates enormously slow oscillating harmonics.

The CTM Radio Lab is an initiative by Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Radio Art/Klangkunst and CTM Festival, in collaboration with ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst festival, Ö1 Kunstradio, Goethe-Institut, and The Wire magazine

Tags: now, celinedion, unity and real-time

Holymage Showreel

Holymage Showreel : Video design, Projection mapping, Immersives experiences.
Many thanks to all our partners, agencies and clients.
Music : Worakls / By the brooks - Album Orchestra
Thanks to Hungry music;

Tags: show, video, video-mapping, design, cheval, projection-mapping, spectacle, chantilly, history, culture, horse, holymage, immersive, histoire, immersif and experience


“Call For Dreams” takes part in official selection of Cannes Art Film Festival and will be streaming free here during May 21-22
Don’t miss ✨no registration. share.

In the scene: Oleg Levin, Olga Kurkulina, Mami Shimazaki
Music: Greenmachine

Le Catcheur, La Pute & Le Dealer - The After - Feat Mr Eleganz

Le Catcheur, La Pute & Le Dealer - The After - Feat Mr Eleganz.

The ultimate music video from Le Catcheur, La Pute & Le Dealer (The Wrestler, The Slut and The Dealer ) !
I made this music video with à part of the footage i used to play in live during our show.Seat belt, push up the volume and enjoy.

Tags: le catcheur la pute et le dealer, mr eleganz, le catcheur la pute le dealer, citizenjif, bass music, dubstep and electroclash

PASSAGE - Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of PASSAGE movie.

PASSAGE is an artistic short movie involving elements of dance and new technologies. The first of its kind, it has been shot with a special mixed reality technique developed specifically by THEORIZ studio. In this movie, we follow the journey of two individuals uploading their minds in surreal worlds and getting lost in the layers.

Watch the movie :

Creative Direction
David-Alexandre Chanel

Technique Direction
Jonathan Richer

Oob - Exocé Kasongo
Félicia Dotse

Art Direction
Julien Rivoire
Mathieu Courbier

Film Direction
Simon Pierrat

Camera operator
Joris Fleurot

Camera assistant
Pierre-Marie Charbonnier

R&D Direction
David-Alexandre Chanel

Tech lead
Benjamin Kuperberg

Creative engineers
Félix Cote
Alex Bourgeois
Olivier Meyer

Rodolphe Martin

Mathieu Courbier

Aude Jeanneau

Simon Pierrat

Color grading
Baptiste Noyé

PMGN - Thomas Blanc

Thanks to

Gwendoline Jacquemin
Maëva Moreau
Juliette Planche
Camille Roy
Denis Kuperberg
Fabrice Bounin
Paul Pagès
Julien Dragon
Alban Delacourt
Yves Richer
Sophie Rossi
Arnaud Douchet
Dominique Lassarat
Tom Duchêne
Baptise Moizard
Pôle Pixel

This video was shot using a new mixed reality technology developped by THEORIZ Studio.

Shot in Studio Pagès
Video equipment provided by Compose it Prod
Crane provided by Locacine
Lighting equipment provided by Fa musique and Transpalux
Beamers provided by Panasonic, Alabama-media and Les grands Ateliers
Computers, performer tracking technology, Beamers provided by THEORIZ Studio


Fa Musique
Studio Pagès
Lumières & associé
Les grands Ateliers
Compose it Prod
Lumières numériques


Tags: passage, theoriz, mixed reality, mr, vr, ar, behind the scenes, making of, digital, art, movies, tracking, unity, real time, film, augmenta, augmented and mixed

Le Radeau

“Collaborations Confites ”
Mai 2020

Photographies // Vanda Spengler
Vidéo et musique // Julien Appert

DJ Pone “1978” - Official Music Video

DJ Pone’s “1978” official music video.
Directed by François Ferracci & Thibault de Carvalho aka Tibz & Ferratche

You can see the creative process here:

Cinematographer: Maurizio Tiella

Cast: Dj Pone
Sonor, Geko, Gash, Gringe, Salim, Mofo, Blasé, Boogie Vice, Panagol, Kirby, Grain

Gaspar, Louis, Matt, Stan, Adèle, Nélio, Paul, Issac, Camilo

Produced by Quad & Wizz
Producers: François Brun, Amanda Stubbs and Karen Barel

1st Assistant Camera: Marine Roinsard
2nd Assistant Camera: Emile Cardiegue
2nd Assistant Camera (tests): Ella Dancette
1st Assistant Director: Virgile Olive
Location Manager: Louis Arnoux
Location: Kelly Verny, Lucas Stephanik
Gaffer: Thomas Veyssière
Gaffer Assistant: Lida Sahakian
Key Grip: Bruno Dransart
Grip: Alexandre Gandibleu
Makeup: Marie Guillon
On-set VFX supervisor: Agathe Ricard

AD, Storyboards, Editing, VFX Supervision: Tibz & Ferratche

Studio VFX: Fix Studio
Lead 3D: Ewald Aloeboetoe
Composting: Tibz, Ferratche, Benjamen Laborde, Thibault Martegani, Anne Georges, Marilou Villaumey, Ewald Aloeboetoe
3D Artists: Jean Hubert, Arturo Monceau

Coloring: Gabriel Porier
VFX Producer: Cédric Herbet
VFX Coordinators: Pauline Bouyer, Agathe Ricart
Planning: Stéphanie Hilbert
On-set Photographer: Emilie Desir

Special Thanks:
Julie Bellegarde, Michel Fajardo, Maryanne Demange, Kidzy, Isakin, Fred Gehant, Nataly Aveillan, Léo Souffrice.

Big up to Arthur Maillard, and most of all to Mimo aka the plug.



La crise actuelle laisse des milliers d’artistes du spectacle vivant dans l’incapacité de pouvoir produire des œuvres. Ce film a été pensé et réalisé à la maison, en réaction à cette situation.
Nous voulions parler de notre confinement, du rapport au corps qui a disparu de nos routines quotidiennes, mais aussi partager notre frustration due au manque total d’interactions physiques essentielles à notre métier de danseur.
Un témoignage dansé tourné vers une destination inconnue!


The current crisis leaves thousands of performing artists unable to produce works. This film was thought and made at home, in reaction to this situation.
We wanted to talk about our containment, the relationship with the body that has disappeared from our daily routines, but also to share our frustration due to the total lack of physical interactions essential to our profession as a dancer.
A dance testimony turned towards an unknown destination !

Creation and realisation :
Fabien Prioville & Azusa Prioville Seyama

#destinationinconnue #tetro #danse #fabienprioville #azusaseyama

Showreel Sito Ruiz

Realización, Edición, Video Mapping, VFX, & Motion Graphics

Music Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy

KOALA | Unreal Engine capabilities teaser

When you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, do you flee? Or do you stand up and fight?

Watch “Koala”, our short film made in the Unreal Engine 4 to tease the capabilities of projects made with real-time engines.

Director: Anna Szustak
CG Supervisor: Rafał Kidziński
Art Director: Mateusz Sroka
TD Lead: Bartek Przybylski
TD Lead: Krzysztof Flisik
Executive Producer: Karol Żbikowski
Producer: Paweł Gajda
Head of Production: Magdalena Machalica
Head of CG: Bartłomiej Witulski

Team Producers: Ariana Jeż, Piotr Gochnio, Klaudia Sordyl

Production Coordinator: Maja Kuriata, Anna Stańczak, Adrianna Użycka

Music: Rafał Żak
Sound Design and Mix: Wojciech Chołaściński

Lead Previs Unit: Dominik Wawrzyniak
Previs Artist: Filip Gracki
Motion Capture TD: Grzegorz Mazur

Lead Shading Artist: Piotr Nowacki
Shading Artist: Piotr Orliński, Sebastian Deredas

Character Artist Lead: Sebastian Lautsch
Senior Character Artist: Szymon Kaszuba
Character Artist: Maciej Hrynyszyn, Amelia Baj

Character TD: Olga Bieńko

Character FX Artist: Bartosz Miraś, Kacper Żuliński

TD: Marta Nowak

Animation Artist: Krzysztof Faliński, Błażej Andrzejewski, Robert Urban, Franciszek Rzepka

Environment Artist: Paweł Adamajtis

Lead FX Artist Unit: Michał Firek
FX Artist: Filip Tarczewski

Lead Matte Paint Artist: Maciej Biniek
Matte Paint Artist: Adam Trędowski

DI Support: Michał Własiuk

Tags: film, platige, short, animation, image, unreal engine, action, ue4, fight, cg, koala and short animated film

Multiverse.pan - National Museum of China

In Novembre 2019, Multiverse was part of the prestigious ‘AS-Helix: Art and Science Integration in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’ exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing, the second most visited museum in the world. The exhibition examined the topic by showing more than 120 pieces by artists from across the world such as onformative, Refik Anadol Studio, teamLab, Tobias Gremmler, and many others.
On that occasion, Multiverse won the ‘Wu Guanzhong Art and Science Innovation Award’ assigned by Tsinghua University.

More info on

Tags: openframeworks, generative, glsl, shader, immersive, architecture, art, reflection and mirrors

Dance on Plants - Sunset (Feat. des hume)

A collaboration between Dance on Plants (Stephen Clarke) and Des Hume (Thom Kolb). Stephen creates the instrumentals for Thom, who writes and sings the vocals.

In keeping with this collaborative process and due to the restrictions presented by the recent pandemic, we decided to get Thom to perform the vocals on a webcam and send it to Stephen (who I live with) to perform.

We put the video on an iPad and went out to empty parking lots in the evening to make this social distancing friendly video.

Tags: music, electronic, pocket 4k, blackmagic, ipad, vancouver, social distancing, web cam, indie, fashion, quasar, des hume, performance, canada, music video and dance


Some experiments with Trace Skeleton by LingDong Huang (2020) .
Capturing in realtime the skeleton of a running cat from E. Muybridge “Plate 720 ‘Cat galloping” (1887), and exploring abstract movement visualisations.

Made with Processing using: TraceSkeleton by Lingdong Huang (2020)
“A new algorithm for retrieving topological skeleton as a set of polylines from binary images.”

Tags: processing, cat, running, movement, tracking, visualization, lines and points



Civilizations are born evolve and die in an incessant cycle since man has memory of it. The repetition of gestures is repeated obsessively to the constant search for an escape route, which is to improve a company or take possession of it, in an increasingly fragile world dominated by the same alternations.
Bleed is the story of a portion of this oscillating time. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn distinguishing itself with its symbols and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion and unable to offer a real escape route.
The video is the result of the elaboration between drawing and traditional animation with artificial intelligence software. The drawing, used to define key frames, is related to a video stream from which the information about movement is drawn. The mechanism is able to recreate the missing frames by replicating design, style and colors according to the variations of the chosen video.
The digital sign, thanks to the help of applications and libraries, especially open source, is transformed into animation through a scheme, apparently simple, but technologically complex. the AI adapts the sign to the single frame, detecting rotations, situations, complex movements and faces. The algorithm goes beyond the simple tracking of pixels and where reference points or information are missing, the software reconstructs and draws them obtaining the graphic elements from the drawings to reconstruct the hatches and follow the original style.
The technique was chosen and designed to make the video quickly and to maintain the visual consistency of a single stretch.

Birth by passion and devotion, LUNAKID was created by Berlin based artist Konstantin Dellos. Originally
Dellos, a punk rocker fueled by whaling guitars and energetic drumming patterns, he found himself in
several bands, thus becoming very active on the music scene. Following the DIY principle from lessons
learned in dirty basements shows and mid sized festivals, Konstantin still follows this principle in his music
and craft today. Lunakid is a divine electronic being from a parallel world. A world which all people are
treated as divine beings. Upon arrival to our world, Lunakid witnessed the pains and hardships of our earth,
thus creating music that tells the story of the emotional journey that he has witnessed since arriving. These
emotions in return create songs about ones inner self, and ones quest for truthfulness and authenticity. To
experience Lunakid is to reset ones bond with man and ones bond with nature. This is the one true purpose
of Lunakid. Lunakid’s sound is a hybrid of future electronica, mixed with traditional ethnic and organic
elements. Completing the sound is a hint of drones, which gives the listener the mood of, depth, mysticism
, meditation and rejuvenation.

Cast: Igor Imhoff

Tags: experimental, AI, musicvideo, directing, electronicmusic, motiongraphics, dark ambient, electronica and 2d

Isolated Pixels - Projeto Falando pelas paredes

The Isolated Pixels are a projection mapping that happens every night during this quarentine. Working as an antenna of good vibes reception, where the pixels gather in a wall in the middle of Sao Paulo, Brazil to transmit positives messages, information and an artistic relief of the solitude in this isolation.
Co-created with Juliana Cretella @jucretella
Soundtrack: Adachi @ad4chi

Tags: ficaemcasa, fica em casa, stay home, stayhome, covid, covid 19, falandopelasparedes, quarentine, corona virus, corona, sao paulo and brazil

John Wick [A Mike Relm Remix]

No puppies were harmed in the making of this remix.

Hand printed PULP GUNDAM mashup t-shirts and slipmats:

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Remixed by Mike Relm
Assistant Editor: Jayden Wong


STAND HIGH PATROL (Rootystep / Pupajim / Mac Gyver / Merry)
Present “Jay’s Life” - Single
Available MP3/WAV on April 15, 2020 (Digital Release)
Artwork : From the music video directed by Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef
Video / Animation : Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef

Fr : Dubadub vibes and working class lyrics ! Stand High Patrol présente un nouveau single voicé par Pupajim et accompagné d’un clip de Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef. Suite à la sortie de “Along The River” et « In The Park », les dubadub musketeerz dévoilent « Jay’s Life », troisième extrait de leur prochain album « Our Own Way ». Le morceau est disponible en Wav & Mp3 sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement légal. Plus d'infos sur ce nouveau LP seront diffusées dans les mois à venir. Restez à l'affut !!

Eng : Dubadub vibes and working class lyrics ! Stand High Patrol is back with a new tune and a new music video directed by Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef. « Jay’s Life » is the third extract from « Our Own Way », the dubadub musketeerz’s forthcoming LP. This fresh single, voiced by Pupajim, is available in Wav & Mp3. Stay tuned for more infos about the album !!

Mixed by Claude Samnick Bidima, Rootystep & Mac Gyver @ Studio Bellarue 17
Composed by Pupajim – Vocal : Pupajim - Effects : Mac Gyver
Mastering : Kerwax

Buy / Listen : “Jay’s Life” :


(Rotoscopy, 2D animation, 3D animation, Video)

Directed By Charlie Mars & Kazy Usclef
Boxers : Vincent Garinet & Cédric Berthoud
Boxer Training : Teddy Songolo
Camera Operator : Axel Vanlerberghe
Assistant Director : Claude Samnick Bidima
Location Manager : François Pichon
Catering : Louise Nué
Thanks : Gérald Boulic & Pierrick Sorin


FB :


Lyrics :

Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey
Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey

Jay have been working in the factory, since he’s 20
Hammering assembly lines, while the sun doesnt shine
Jay goes to the pub to forget this, very bad day
friday the 5th of june, every day is not a pay day

At the bar, Jay watch mr president, at the TV
The president says to a guy finding a job it’s easy
Hello honey how was ur day today?
It was ok it was ok OK

Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey
Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey

Jay is on his own he has, difficulty to swallow
Bro you lost your job but it won’t do you any good to wallow
Thank you Bro but can you find me one ? well I don’t really know
How will I say that to Amy, my pokets are hollow
Jay is on his own he has, difficulty to swallow
Bro you lost your job but it won’t do you any good to wallow
Thank you Bro but can you find me one ? well I don’t really know
How will I say that to Amy, my pokets are hollow

Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey
Jay is working hard at the factory for the pay
Amy is at home with their child every single day
Today Jay just learned the closure of the factory
He doesnt know how ! to say that to his wifey

Cast: charlie mars

Tags: 2d, rotoscopie, 3d, animation, rotoscopy, music video, experimental, painting, drawing, music, dubadub and stand high patrol


Third video in the Holometabolism project.

Music by NIN - Your Touch.
Octane render.