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Juladi interactive video installation

Elke Radtke aka Juladi performs since more than 10 years in almost 30 different countries. She specialices in analog handmade mirror visuals. Her style is very unique, she won the mapping festival VJ competition and she loves to VJ, make interactive video dance performances, mappings, still prints, audiovisual shows and interactive video installations.

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What do you should to know ordering projection mapping service

How to order projection 3d video mapping. Tipps for communications with Video Mapping company suppliers

This time we want to share a corporate experience of LIME ART GROUP with our readers. Occasionally, during the communication process with our clients interested in video mapping producing services we face certain problems. This article is aimed to provide you with several strategies for successful overcoming the barriers to search of optimal contractor for video projection shows. Truly, the first thing a client confronts with is a hunt for a trustworthy contractor. Imagine an X-mas eve somewhere in Austria. Event Agency is planning to organize an event containing video mapping projection on the central architectural building. Austria is a beautiful country and X-mas is being celebrated especially warm and sincerely. Let’s suppose that Event Agency has already found a Contractor with the help of their friends, partners or clients (as it’s been usually done in Austria). However, there could have been another path. Google, Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo could’ve probably provided them with results on the request, e.g.“video mapping”. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to deal with foreign contractor or vice versa.

We recommend the next resources for productive fishing around the responsible contractor:


Moreover, Lumen Video Mapping Magazine (btw our partners), publish interview with the most remarkable representatives of the industry. It’s worth of spending some spare time at their site as it can be a great source of discoveries and inspiration for the show you are planning: Let’s assume that the Event Agency is short of time as usual and needs a local contractor for 3D video mapping.

Importantly, the next criteria should be paid attention to:

  1. The Contactor should be a Registered Body. Your contractor should be registered as a legal person, so that you could sign a contract. There are many freelancers available in web, working illegally without paying any taxes and dumping the market. You won’t be able to make them responsible for unqualified performance.
  2. The folder “Projects” is very significant one. Firstly, it depicts the maturity of the company. Secondly, it gives an idea of a dominant style of Contractor (possible specializations include motion graphics, 3D animations and visual effects). In order not to waste time for watching every single project one can concentrate on the Show reel. Show reel is a special teaser, containing most prominent parts of video documented projects of a company. E.g. we have it too:
  3. Technical support is the most heavy criteria. It depends on the needs and demands of a Client. Various situations take place. Usually, Event Agency hires different companies for producing the video content and for technical support. There are many variations, therefore we won’t focus attention at all of them.
  4. Finally we’ve reached the chief criteria – Communication. Let’s concentrate on the communication between the Client and the Executor.

While writing the letter of inquiry about the detailed information regarding video mapping services, please ALWAYS include the next set of aspects. Such attitude will save tons of time for both sides.

1. Who and What? Introduce yourself or specify whom you represent. List the general information regarding the event.
2. When? (Put dates, including dates of equipment delivery, setting and testing). In case of the importing of certain equipment, keep in mind the possible shifts in time, which can be caused by custom clearance, documental registrations, etc.
3. Where? State your thoughts concerning the location, the architectural structure, and its facade. Attach frontal photos, sizes (height and width, SAD files with square and architectural elements are even more preferable). The Contractor will calculate the estimate of the project much faster and will create an accurate 3D model based on these schemes.
4. Any Tech support? Projectors, media servers, its quantity, etc. You should also attach detailed sizes of the building and calculate the distance between it and projector stands. The sizes of the building suppose variations in numbers of projectors and types of lenses.
5. What will be the format of a show? Do you need a single 10-30 minute-length show after which the audience will follow to another parts of entertaining program? Or do you require series of night-installations, held every evening, minimum for 7 days?
6. What duration do you need? 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. minutes?
7. Budget? If you have possibility to mention it, do it. E.g. some companies (and Lime Artgroup is one of them) prefer to outsource the projects, which range of expenses is too low. Sometimes the Client supposes that the cost of the show is only 3K euro, while sending the referential video of a show, content production of which costs minimum 40K with technical support of about 50K. In such cases Contractor is obliged to explain politely that the collaboration is impossible on such terms.
8. Video Preview. The practice convinces us that periodically potential clients in addition to portfolio, estimate and commercial proposition feel need in getting access to a Video Preview. No doubt, understanding of the way the show will go live is salient. However, the monitor, where you watch the Video Preveiws of a show, won’t provide with a realistic effect! There are numerous factors, influencing the final look of a show: interior illumination, contrast, point of view, etc. For instance, one can print a 3D model of a building and perform a scaled projection. Unfortunately, video preview created offhand will lack quality. Furthermore, it won’t satisfy a client or their clients. You should specify, that in order to create an excellent video preview, an Animator or even several of them will spend a bunch of time. Almost the same amount of time will be needed for creation of the whole project with estimated budget. Therefore, we strongly recommend to spend 10-12% of your budget on production of 1-minute video preview and to pay it directly on the day of order.
9. Got a huge budget? Planning mega-show? Just call a Contractor and deal for in-person meeting. During negotiation process you will be able to discuss mentioned-above points.
Our company provides specialized services in Video Mapping Show Production. You can address to us by filling the form on the site. We will produce a fascinating show by selves or recommend other reliable specialists. Maybe you will need ready-made products, Video Mapping Loops or Video Mapping Toolkits which can be found at  LIME ART GROUP VJ Loops Shop Ultimately, we are able to teach you how to create Video Mapping Shows by your own!

The Article is sponsored by LIME ART GROUP


video mapping


The post What do you should to know ordering projection mapping service appeared first on Video Mapping Blog.

video mapping

Pricing for Video Mapping projection show

How much does  Video Mapping Projection cost ?

We decided that it makes sense to write an article answering the question: “How much video mapping projection show costs?” since sometimes we get  a lot of requests to  create a video show for clients. Sometimes the cost of videos does not suit the customer’s requirements
For example, a clients wants to  get a mapping on buildings of 100 square meters for the budget of 5000 Euros. I thinks such  article will be useful, not only for our company, LIME ART GROUP, but also to other companies but also to other companies that  develop video show and also to their clients.  So, let’s make it clear.

Every year we analyze the market by  requesting different marketing agencies or by our own forces.  It is not a secret that any event company  making requests about costs from different video mapping companies about event info, about technical characteristics of the building, creative assignment for content development and technical  provision can easily estimate average price of such architecture mapping, since it is the main niche, in our opinion, and it makes up 80% of the whole market. We wrote in our previous article “How to  order Video Mapping – conditions that are necessary  to know” how and where to  request for development of our video mapping and we will go through each term and calculate how much it can cost.

Let’s imagine that are a Client (not intermediary), for example, line employee of a hotel, somewhere on the seacoast. You  are appointed to organize 3D video mapping show. You  start searching, you find international companies in the net or local providers through your own acquaintances and you send the info about the event, how many minutes of show you want to have, idea for the content, height and width of the building and several photos of the architecture.  As a result, a good video mapping company is that one which maximum in 2-3 days will  send you their  proposal in which they will show the price for development of the content, technical provision and additional conditions. It means that such company has got their own technical resources (projectors, media servers)  and employees who  for 2-3 days can draw not very big sketches (not in a video  format, images are enough), that can give you enough information to  approve or not to approve the project.  

But if a company spends more than 2 or 3 days to prepare such commercial proposal, then there are several options, either this company is extremely cool and overloaded with  projects, then you  can expect quite high price since it Brand, or  in the second scenarios the company has sent your request to  another video mapping company which  deals with  technical rental of the equipment and  expects the answers from the second company. In the second version, you  have to understand that  it can take longer than it was planned. Without any  doubts, big projects require a lot of different preparation and calculations, including logistics, insurances – nobody  will  easily send you 10 Barco Projectors  20 000 Lumen each to another country. In most cases, in very experienced video mapping companies, for a lot of years of competition and international projects participation, a new skill appeared. This skill with help of templates helps  to  create such  proposals very  quickly  by  substituting client’s name and changing the project name.

Requirements can be different, somewhere content matters, somewhere projection quality (more contrast or more projectors), but there is a myth that projectors rent makes up  approximately, 60-80% of the total budget. This is not true. There are agencies that  charge from USD$ 180,000 to 300,000 to  develop  10 minutes content for a building of average height, although the equipment makes up only USD$ 30,000 per day.

When our colleagues made a request to  several  video mapping companies all  over the world we got the following results. If we roughly want to show market realies,  1 minute of mapping show (without technical supervision) will  cost from Euro 1500 to 3000. It seems to  us that  to calculate the price per minute (thousands per minute) is not correct. The biggest  prices that  came to  us were from Belgians: they asked Euro 320 000 per 10 minutes. Britains rank  the second , they  asked Euro 180 000 per 10 minutes Show. The lowest prices came from Belorussian company: they  asked 2000 EUR per 10 minutes. I want to say  that  the sum included not only the content development but also physical projection mapping setup on the stage/venue. Certainly, transfer and accommodation are paid separately.


Video Projectors Rental

Technical provision costs differently  depending on the country and projectors. Taking into accounts that  we want to see a picture with  high quality, let’s consider projectors with lighting of 20 000 Ansi Lumen. According to recent market research, the cheapest projectors for this level  can be rented at USD$300 a day, the most  expensive are rented at USD$ 5000 per one working day (including spare lamps). In most cases, it is necessary to  take a projector two  days before the event. The first  day is devoted to setting up all equipment, the second day is for “Show must  go on” procedure. Some companies start charging as soon as the projector leaves the warehouse. It means that  you have to include transfer, also. It  is necessary  to  understand that  there are companies which have millions of profit per day, they own a lot of projectors, additional equipment, media servers and their media technicians. They are ready  to  give their projectors for renting only  for weeks, only. It  is possible to  buy  such  equipment at a good price, after such rent. Also,  Big rental companies are not going to  give their equipment without their employee. The price of such  service depends on the country where you stay (accommodation costs) and the company itself but the average price is to  from 50 to 200 euro per day, per person + transfer and accommodation.  

So, let’s think that  for this mapping on the four floor hotel event it is enough  to  use 2 Video Projectors of 20K Lumens and let’s take the average price of such  projectors, approximately, 2000 euro. So, 2000 euro, 2 days and 2 projectors make up 8000 euro. If we fly, approximately, up to  3000 euro  for logistics and 2000 euro for a media technician.  Totally, 13 000 euro net.


Projection Mapping Content Production.

Again a lot of uncertainties since there are different requests as well as animations and techniques are different. For example, there are animation  studios that charge $200 per one second of 3D animation. In video mapping there also can be animation of personalitis, Character Animation but let’s take it simple and take as an example of animation of architecture itself including 3D displaces, extrusions, animation of archtectural elements and visual effects on layers.  As I wrote earlier, those 100 companies that  were requested gave us different charges but if we take middle average price it will be 2000 EUR  per minute. Ten minutes will be Euro 20 000. Summing technical supervision and content development will be 20000+13000. Adding there also accommodation, it will  be 35000 EUR.  This is the cost of of the project the average level of complexity and comprehensiveness. But it seems to  me that start-up companies can do it even  cheaper since it is more important to them to  declare their existence. Doing this they can dump the market without any  awareness that in future they  will bring up  those clients who  would not like to pay them more.

But I told you that it is not possible to  calculate video mapping like this. This is a service and one provider can charge one price and another provider can charge another price. But it is not only  price that  matters but also  quality, trust, reliability and understanding if something goes wrong your provider, video mapping company, will correct the situation without any losses.  There are a lot of pieces of simple animation in Victoria Secret Show. This animation is very simple  and can be made by any student of the first course for 100-300 dollars but due to the fact that there are necessary  people working and they  will never let you down the price is going up very quickly.

For every  client we are creating the personal quote and in most  cases we try  to  go into  business process since there are some situations when video event as itself is not needed, at all. If the client can invest 320 000 EUR it makes sense to invite local celebrities and organize several events. Or, to do nothing and buy a house somewhere in Greece :). But there is a dilemma of the whole life: if you  want to get  more, you have to give more, if you want to  get quality, you have to  pay more for that quality.  It is always necessary  to  investigate the situation – that  is what we do in LIME ART GROUP.

We offer the best solutions in the industry for media and shows on request. Now, we are not only dealing with video projection shows. We are transforming to ready made solutions, 3D animations for  video mapping, which get  new forms and shapes with the help of  talented artists and video mapping companies all over the world. In any case, write to us, we can either prepare video mapping show by ourselves, or advise our partners and specialists who can help you to prepare very nice impressive 3d mapping show at a good price and we can guarantee the quality of such production.


The article is sponsored by LIME ART GROUP

video mapping


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video mapping

Best video projection mapping decor for wedding

Looking to create a bold and unique wedding décor element for your big day? Transform your wedding venue with the help of projection mapping also known as video mapping or video projection mapping. Take your guests on a journey to any city or landscape in the world. Create decorations or memorable instances with special effects on walls, floors, objects or literally anything you like. Unlike traditional décor which leaves with limited décor options and a static décor through the evening, video mapping allows you to transport your venue at the click of a button.


The Basics.

Projection mapping uses high-resolution content to seamlessly project onto walls and ceiling of virtually any event space, transforming the venue into an entirely different and unique environment.  This technology is not limited to flat surfaces or walls, you can project on irregular shapes and turn them into displays. You can even use video mapping on your wedding cake to make that special moment even spectacular. You can buy some pre-made high quality content here, which goes perfectly with any wedding cake.


Mapping essentially means that a complex array of software programs and media servers are used to control the pixels of a projector to match the object you want to project on.


Customize the venue

Video projection mapping allows you to create any effect immediately and affordable. A couple can create visuals journeys which no stat wedding décor could ever achieve.Changing scenes at will, unlike traditional decorations. Virtually create anything you like and I mean anything. Each couple is unique and projection mapping allows you to express exactly that. Once you have the venue mapped with projectors, your guest can enjoy different themes through the day at the push of a button. Every couple can create a unique and expressive environment. Create awe-inspiring visuals journeys for the entire evening. The best part, your guests will remember the day forever.


Content is key.

Once you have the venue and hardware requirements nailed down. Content is what you need to transform the venue, every video mapping show naturally needs content. You can either hire a studio or an artist to create content completely or pick up some of our high-quality video loops that are perfect for your wedding cake and add your own style. Hope you have a fabulous wedding!


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Best video projection mapping decor for wedding - Video Mapping Blog: Projection Mapping News

Best video projection mapping decor for wedding news by Video Mapping Blog: Projection Mapping News & reviews. Best Postname projection mapping news

Dome Cloth – Video Mapping Loops Packs Vol.22 – ✅ LIME ART GROUP

Dome Cloth – Video Mapping Loops Packs Vol.22 – ✅ LIME ART GROUP

✅ Vj Loops Farm Marketplace –
✅ Green Screen Footage Stock –
✅ TV Skin Broadcast Design –
✅ Event Media Design –

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�LIME ART GROUP – is an Austria based Video Production & Event Visual Design company specialized on Video Art, Film-Production, Projection 3D Video Mapping and Stage Visuals.

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VVG – Geely Atlas mapping

Видеомэппинг на автомобиль Geely Atlas и сценические декорации 10×4м.

Geely Atlas car videomapping. Stage 10×4 m

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D-brane is the story of a creation outgrowing its creator. The performance is the culmination of dance, real time projection mapping and live audio synthesis. A software system was built specifically for this project allowing the dancer to have direct gestural interactions with the visuals and audio in real time. The dancer wears a tracking device and interacts with a suspended dodecahedron. The dodecahedron is also tracked and projected as it moves. An analog patch based audio synthesis sonifies the motions of the dancer using the live tracking data. HTC Vive tracking is used for motion tracking. All real time graphics, tracking and projection is done in Touchdesigner.


Performer: Kathryn Florez
Director: Harvey Moon
Story and Art Direction: Qianqian Ye
Sound Artist: Cullen Miller
Technical Support: Colin Parsons

Video Production:
Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman
Editor/ Assistant Director: Ian Colon

Equipment and space – Obscura Digital

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Opera Touch Launch

This is a short review of Opera Touch browser launch event, which we were responsible for. Enjoy!

The software company Opera invited MOOV to design and the launch event of the new OperaTouch browser. The presentation took place on the 25th of April 2018 in the presence of invited guests, but it was also live-streamed to reach out to the global audience online. With large venue Epson projectors and the Watchout system, we created a stunning multimedia show for a lifelike stage experience. We covered the whole stage with projectors and conceptualized as well as produced the video mapping content. All animations were tailored for the new OperaTouch identity and smooth flow – the new browser feature. A special red light installation was synchronized with everything which was happening on stage.

Production team:
Executive producer and set designer: Piotr Majewski
Production Director: Magda Szarata
Producer: Natalia Bartnik
Production Manager: Diana Spiczak-Brzezińska
Assistant production Manager: Natasza Wysocka

Graphics&animations team:
Head of Studio: Michał Wróblewicz
Art Director: Szymon Kabała
3D Artist: Michał Martynów
3D Artist: Darek Sienkiewicz
2D Artist: Karolina Mikołajczuk

Music&Sound Designer: Adam Brzozowski

Multimedia team:
AV tech Lead: Sven Kubacki
AV Technicians: Piotr Kurzawa, Jan Szymkowiak

Video team:
Director: Kamil Przybylak
1st AD: Adrian Kowalski
Gimbal operator: Jan Wikarski
Camera assistent: Tomasz Góralczyk, Jacek Kopyść
Grip: Marcin Kołodziejczyk
Camera operators: Emanuel Jaksza, Jarosław Żarski, Jakub Sołtysiak
Backup: Łukasz Kosecki
Audio: Przemek Dzięgiel
Make-up and Cotumes: Joanna Kuchta, Joanna Murawska, Julia Ozdoba

Lights team:
Lights Operator: Robert Janiak
Lights technician: Adam Sobotka
Lights technician: Dariusz Kacprzyński
Lights technician: Krzysztof Niziołek

Greg(Grzegorz) Nelec

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What If (short edit) – White Night Melbourne 2018

It is a short edit of our 6 min long artwork created for White Night Melbourne 2018 on the Royal Exhibition Building.

Buildings came to life and transformed?
Mythical, Magical creatures were real?
There was a 5th dimension?
Spirituality and higher consciousness had a visual presence?
There was a portal to another more perfect world?

Creative theme: David Atkins / White Night Melbourne
Creative concept: István Dávid, Csaba Világosi, Viktor Vicsek
Art Director: Csaba Világosi
Technical supervisor: Viktor Vicsek
3d modeling: Dániel Szalkó
Producer: István Dávid
3d animators:
Kornélia Csikós
Katalin Katona
Viktor Vicsek
Csaba Világosi
Ivó Kovács
András Nagy aka XYZ
Balázs Szőcs
Character animation: Bálint Benkovits
Music: AMB
Sound design: Fine Cut Bodies
Projectors and technical execution: Electric Canvas

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Light Phenomena

Light Phenomena Mapping Show

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iOTA _ Live Data Sculpture Installation

Direction_Design_Animation: Ouchhh (
Sound Design: Audiofil

In mathematics, the inclusion map of one space into another is denoted by the lowercase iota. Light is the single element which can be perceived by the eye. Iota is a led installation inspired by light physics and a research to find the origin of geometry. Corresponding to the focus of the observer, the nature of light and its different phenomena can be seen beyond the perceptivity of the human mind and attempts to translate them into a unified, non-spatial form.

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3D mapping – Viva Vivaldi – Venise

3D mapping Indoor Show
Venise / Italia
Concept and Content : Abstrak –
Client : Emotional Experience

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The Midnight Special (FULL VERSION)

Studio ENESS transformed an old-school bus to take you on a trippy journey to stillness for their latest art installation, The Midnight Special.

Commissioned by Strawberry Fields Festival

Design and production: ENESS

Visuals: Hyper Reelist (Jobe Williams)

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Video Mapping @ Science & Fiction Festival 2016 München

For this Installation we teamed up with our friends from motomoto and Janosch kartschall from
Audiodesign again from red dawn audio
Soundsystem was provided by schieferton
Equipment was provided by Limelight veranstaltungtechnik

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mayer+empl . P2a . interactive light sculpture . munich . 2017

interactive light sculpture
Schwabinger Tor | München | April 2017
mayer+empl project 2017_088

architectural space intervention

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mayer+empl . a62 . interactive light sculpture . munich . 2017

interactive light sculpture
München | April 2017
mayer+empl project 2017_090

julian metzger

architectural space intervention

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mayer+empl . bx2d_ES16 . interactive audiovisual installation . berlin . 2017

interactive audiovisual installation
Eylauer Straße | Berlin | August 2017
mayer+empl project 2017_097

architectural space intervention

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mayer+empl . LED . interactive light sculpture . munich . 2017

interactive light sculpture
r3103 | München | Oktober 2017
mayer+empl project 2017_100

architectural space intervention

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3D Video Mapping // 360° Panoramaprojektion Dormero Hotel

The „Whitelounge“ at Dormero Hotel Stuttgart is an ideal template for a site-specific 360° 3D projection mapping by TNL. The 28-channel surround sound transforms the visual experience into a holistic experience. Flames, water and other natural elements appear within reach – the observer has the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

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Video installation – mapping pool

Video installation at a party in swiming pool
Dream Laser 2016, PORRT NA VDNH

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3D Architecture Mapping /// Bordos.Artworks & Invited Artists (HU) /// Mapping Festival 2012

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva, May 19th, 2012

Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists
3D artists:  Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs, Daniel Szalko, Andras Miklos Balogh

Sound:  Alva Noto. Courtesy of Alva Noto  and  Budde Music / Schubert Music Publishing Kft
Tracks: Kristallgitter/ Autorec2002; Uni Dia, Uni Deform, Uni Mode/Unvrs2011
Label: Raster-Noton

Concept & Direction: Laszlo Zsolt Bordos / alias Bordos.ArtWorks
Video Edit: Fabien Jupille
Video Technician Master: Adrien Boulanger
Video by Fabien Jupille, Linda Cavaliero, Jérome Monnot, & Vania Jaikin Miyazaki.

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AVA @ Mapping Festival 2014

We travelled to Geneva on May/June 2014 to be a part of Mappathon at the Mapping Festival. We had the opportunity of meeting great people, working and learning new software directly from the developers as well as experiencing the latest trends and technologies with everything mapping related.
In the second half of the video you’ll see our very own TACO TRON, fully recyclable and made in site specially for the festival. Let us know what you think!

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Facebook Stalking (Projection Mapping Demo)

A new media exhibit piece designed to push the boundaries of digital identity. This piece was created with spatially augmented reality/projection mapping techniques, using software developed as part of a larger research project.

As a background, this was presented as a final project in a new media art class. A facebook friend request was sent to everyone in the class in order to research their digital identities. Without their knowledge a video of their facebook photos was constructed and a projection mapped mannequin head was used to comment on their photos. The photos are displayed in standard picture frames with a white background image (the photos are not being displayed by a television or active display surface). The talking mannequin head was created by mapping an animated texture onto a digital model of the mannequin head and then calibrating this digital model to the physical model using the software we developed.


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Manuel chantre – Mapping Festival Profile


Memorsion is a tridimensional audiovisual experience made up of twenty-two large cloth canvases assembled to create a unique maze of video projections. It appears as a labyrinth and pictures a fictive urban world. The audience is invited to enter this disturbing environment and meditate on urban architecture and cultural memory.

Video credit:
Camera: Jerome Monnot,Vania Jaikin Miyazaki
Video assistants: Camille Dedieu, Linda Cavaliero
Editing: Jerome Monnot
Music: Manuel Chantre

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Cinema 4D Vertex mapping and texturing

Video Tutorial: Cinema 4D R12
Vertex mapping is used to texture object even without uv mapping. (Narrated in Japanese)


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VVVV Mapping

some video mapping i made for “open school day” in Aix en Provence .
structure by Elioe

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JAGUAR XJ / video mapping installation

This project was the first video mapping installation on a car in Azerbaijan! We are grateful for the opportunity to have created a project with one of the world’s finest British car manufacturers: JAGUAR! This installation was shown at the opening ceremony of the new showroom, “Crystal Motors”.
Thanks to “SS Production” for organizing this event.

project authors:
Javid Guliyev
Orkhan Huseynov

Organized by “SS Production”

Anar Qurbanov
Anfisa Bessonova
Artur Abdullayev

31.01.13 / Crystal Motors Opening / Baku / Az

Web –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Vimeo –


+1 713 822 9370

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Com va la vida, Video Mapping TV3

Realtime 3D content that matches its support
aka augmented reality by video projection

Made using Smode Studio by Albin Rosa
Music : Booka Shade’s Charlotte remix

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MWM and Resolume – 3D Video Mapping Demo

In this demo I model a basic pyramid in Cinema 4D and then export the object as an OBJ into MWM. Then with Resolume via Syphon mix video footage onto the UV mapped pyramid all in realtime.

Project files can be downloaded on my website:

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