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A Six-Step Method to Cut Down Your Interview Videos

Editors face an overwhelming task of reducing hours of interview footage into just minutes for the final cut. Eliminate that stress with these six steps.

Painting with Sound: Save Your Bad Shots with Good Sound Design

This video tutorial explores some crucial techniques used to heighten production value — replacing your audio with more dynamic, cinematic sounds.

The Best 6K+ Video Cameras for Filmmakers

Ready to step up from 4K? Check out this roundup of the best 6K (and beyond) cameras for filmmakers. While it’s been awhile since I’ve been able ...

Setting Up a Live Performance Stream: Budget to Professional

Looking to get in on live-streaming? Here are a few ways to get this job done. See how to set up a live performance stream professionally and ...

Roundtable Interview: Creating Successful YouTube Videos

Creating a successful YouTube channel is the easiest thing ever, and it’s the hardest thing ever. Here are some insights from four YouTubers who are making it ...

Discover the Fascinating World of Silent Movie Props

Dealing with annoying audio quirks? Check out these inventive and practical silent film props that keep sound mixers happy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Tagline for Your Film or Video Project

Finishing your film or video project is always an accomplishment, but the work doesn’t stop there. Here’s how to write a tagline that will attract viewers. A ...

How to Use Film Noir in Your Next Video Production

What is Film Noir and how can you use its cinematic tropes in your modern productions today? Let's take a little journey through Noir history.

10 Practical Tips for Creating Sci-Fi HUDs in After Effects

In this tutorial, we’re going to look at some compositing tips for sci-fi Heads Up Displays in After Effects. Tutorial includes free project files!

How Shutdowns Can Actually Create a New Age of Filmmaking Opportunity

Movies have been declared dead, now long live the new age of post-lockdown filmmaking possibilities. Here are three current trends.

How to Create 3D Shapes with Newton 3’s 2D Physic Simulator

Although Newton 3 is a 2D physics simulator and only accepts 2D shapes and text, there's a small workaround to incorporate 3D shapes. Let's take a look.

Hack the Canon R5 for Nearly Unlimited 4K Recording

Here’s how you can use an Atomos Ninja V to “hack” a Canon R5 for nearly unlimited 4K video recording. Watch the tutorial for these easy-to-follow steps.

Capturing Cinematic Shots of Yourself, By Yourself

Here's your all-in-one cinematic guide to filming yourself with no crew, no help, and just you as a one-person band. Let's take a look.

Sony Goes Small With New a7C Full-Frame Digital Camera

Sony doubles down on compactness with the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame digital camera — the Sony a7C. While most camera manufacturers remain intent on winning the ...

Traverse the Unknown: Matthew Libatíque’s Innovative Cinematography

Let's take a dive into the creative, experimental, and highly subjective cinematography of renowned DP Matthew Libatíque.

Upgrade Your Production with These Overlooked, but Essential Roles

Let's highlight some important roles within a production crew that are often overlooked, yet essential to making professional, high-quality content.

Instagram Reels, Finally a TikTok Competitor?

Instagram has sashayed into the scrollable video space with Reels. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for TikTok?

The Large-Format, Wide-Angle Cinematography of Wally Pfister

Let’s break down the high-concept, blockbuster cinematography of Academy Award winner Wally Pfister. To talk about acclaimed cinematographer Wally Pfister is to talk about his long-running creative ...

How Your Choice of Podcast Music Can Make or Break Your Success

So, you’re ready to start a brand new podcast. You’ve got the idea, the team, you already recorded an episode. Now to the one key ingredient – ...

5 Reasons Why the URSA Mini Pro G2 Is a Documentary Workhorse

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 is a versatile camera, good for nearly any workflow. Let's take a close look at the camera in a documentary environment.

How to Render and Export in After Effects

When you're just getting started in After Effects, the program can be daunting. Here's a quick guide to exporting your project.

A Detailed Guide to Capturing Video Game Footage on a PC

Learn the basics of video game capture and start creating video game content. Check out what you need — a computer, free software, a video capture device.

How Reed Morano’s Cinematography Turns the Camera into a Character

Explore the dark, beautiful, and personal cinematography of DP-turned-director Reed Morano and how filmmakers can turn their cameras into characters.

How to Sync Video with Professional Audio in Final Cut Pro X

With the explosion of the DSLR camera revolution, the workflow of separately recording professional audio has become very common—due to the relatively poor sound recording capabilities of ...

New to After Effects? Here Are 10 Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe After Effects is a versatile piece of software. Here are ten useful keyboard shortcuts you'll need to get started with this app.

Is the New Zoom H8 Right for Your Film and Video Projects? Yup.

Explore how the new Zoom H8 audio recorder can work for your filmmaking and video production needs, with an intro to the product, its specs, and use ...

How to Composite Shots Together to Pull Off HDR

Let's look at how to successfully pull off the HDR look by shooting multiple clips, then piecing them together in post-production.

Basic Screen Replacements (with Reflections) in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial, we'll take a look at one of the most common VFX techniques — the screen replacement. Let's see how it's done in After Effects.

How to Create and Change a Solid Color Layer in After Effects

Learn about the many interesting and effective ways you can work with Solid Color Layers in After Effects. If you’re a seasoned editor or designer still feeling ...